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Hi GDragoN.

I have had the tracer scanning for 15 hours and there are lot of data in the : No Longer Loaded.

I just wanted to hear. : Once before i used tracer and clicked on the : Delete all records in No Longer Loaded. But somehow is damaged my-site and then i had to use the db backup.

It says these are no longer used but at the same time it did something and if i manually should go through all records then it would take months.

What is the best way to handle this ?

And would it be possible for you to make the plugin to sort all : No Longer Used records into their own folder representing the plugin, theme or whatever they came from. So it would be easier to know what would be OK to delete or what would not. For me it is hard to know what is right to delete and if this have to be like a roulette. Then it would be way to hard.

Collapsing the menu do nothing good. Is still the same.

OK, I will try to release update in the next 2-3 days.

Super. Thanks a lot.

Hi Milan There seems to be a memory problem with “Trace: Post Meta”. After pushing “Load data” the server is working for some minutes and then delivering a blank page. There are a lot entries in our wp-postmeta table.

Yes, and if you get empty page, usually there is a bug that causes that and it should be logged in server error logs.

ok, after 3 minutes the script is stopped by the server. Since there are thousands of entries in wp_postmeta this is not enough time to display all the entries. Maybe it would make sense to only display a certain amount of entries? The plugin WP Sweep works like this.

WP Sweep can’t do what my plugin does (no other plugin as far as I know can do what my plugin does).

I understand the problem you have, but on most servers that is not a problem since the way the code is written it should work. But, for some reason your server is locked from using some functions and that is way you have the issue.



purchased plugin but having a problem with Analyse tab. It remains blank after running tracer showing:

“Data analysis is currently running. Once it is done, you can see all the results. This process needs to run once after every tracer or quick scan. “

I have left it for a couple of hours and still the same.

Can you help please?

Thank you.

I’m not seeing anything in the error_log (root dir). There are quite a few plugins and themes as it is a test site although many are not enabld (22 plugins, 8 themes).

How best to proceed?

Depending on the type of error, it doesn’t have to be in the root folder, it all depends how PHP is configured to handle errors. You can enable WordPress debug mode and WordPress own debug log, that is best way to get all errors in one place (wp-content/debug.log):


The WP_DEBUG_LOG shows nothing relevant to Smart Options Optimizer that I can see, but I’m obviously no expert.

I’m afraid I will be asking for a refund as I cannot afford to spend any more time trying to get this working…


I just bought this plugin yesterday and it’s amazing, I finally cleaned this database :-)

Thank you for creating such plugins +5

Wish you all the best


Ever since i used this plugin and the clean plugin woocommerce and wc vendors pro stopped functioning properly – every sale made on the site is not recorded in commisions or shown into wc vendors pro – it woked perfectly before using your plugin. I just used your defaults/ I must have my site back to work as I have many vendors and none of them sees their selling . I am so sorry i purchased your products and used them as it ruined my life’s work. I have no way to fix it now. Please assist asap. Thank you

Hi GDragoN,

Nothing works as expected with your plugin. Full tracer has worked 6 hours and see just one admin page and no frontend page. Then I’ve waited 1 hour seeing the sentence “Data analysis is currently running. Once it is done, you can see all the results. This process needs to run once after every tracer or quick scan.“ Just like RealGlenn. I’ve never seen any results.

Next I’ve launched a quick scan, it’s running since 14 hours now… I’ve tried in both multisite and per site activation. I’m really enjoying your other plugin (cleanup) but unfortunatly I have to ask a refund for this one :(


I’ve nothing related to this plugin in any logs. I’ve also used wordpress debug log but I get nothing about this plugin. All timeouts are set to 300 seconds ! (in php.ini, php-fpm config and nginx config). I’ve asked for a refund, thanks for your understanding.

I’m using a custom cron, not the wordpress one. It could be the issue ?

Plugin is using cron to run quick scan, but custom cron is actually triggering WP cron, so it is OK. Without errors I can’t help you here, whatever it is, it is very obscure not to log errors and still fail to work.