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I need multiple notifications. Once a user closes one notification it won’t show it again but it will still show all the other notifications until they are manually closed. Once a notification is manually closed it never shows again. Is this functionality currently possible?

You can use cookie in options


I would like to use this plugin in my WordPress Multisite but when i try to create a new notify, WordPress say: “You do not have sufficient privileges to access this page”.

Can you help me ?


Hello, multisite is not supported

Will this plugin be updated?

Hi, I just wanted to know if this plugin will be supported/updated in future? I see the last update was in 2014 according to the plugin info

Yes of course it will be supported.



Does it have push notifications for when users sign in and register their unit to my website?

Let me give an example. I just need to make sure before I ask my client to buy your plugin for me.

For example, a user registered on my website here on this link:

A push notification will be sent to that user. The push notification says: Registered Successfully. Welcome to bla bla bla.

Secondly, when a user tries to login to my website, a push notification will be sent to that user and says: Login successfully. Welcome to bla bla bla.

Does this make sense?

Please confirm. Thanks.

Hello, it is impossible

It’s been too long no update, is this plugin still work and compatible with wp 4.8.x?

Hi sorry for delay. Yes it works fine on 4.8. You can to see it on live preview