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Good day, we would like to know how to enable language support, we are producing Chinese & Japanese content but we do not know how to make it. Thanks

push notification doesn’t support chinese or japanese. We need to push information in UTF-8. Thanks

Do you using the last version of the plugin?I’m testing right now and it’s works

You was right. I found the problem with Chinese language. Very soon it will be updated

Hello ! Before tu buy this plugin, I’d like to ensure that it’s compatible with a cache plugin (I use WP Super Cache).

Would you please let me know ?

Thank you in advance !

Best regards

Hello, maybe you can have a problem with this plugin. But I not sure on 100 percent

OK, is it possible that you test ? Or maybe I can get a refund if ever the plugin doesn’t work on my website?

Bought this plugin, and although it is very fast, it provides no options for centering, and does not handle all wordpress shortcodes including WooSlider (all the slide buttons are disabled). so basically no good for anything other notifications, which is ok if that’s what you want.

support was very prompt, but not interested in helping fix the problem or improving the product at all. very sad.

Your slider not working with dynamic content. But all shortcodes work perfect. Sorry but I can’t development the new slider special for you for free.I can vouch for my plugin but not for other

your page here on code canyon, says it supports shortcodes, which is why and i others would want buy your plugin.

i am not trying to do anything special other get an answer to why the plugin that you wrote is stopping another shortcode from working properly. i am not asking you to support another plugin.

wooslider is working 99% correctly inside your popup, so therefore is not dynamic content. all wooslider wants to do is allow some onclick events to happen inside your popup – i presume.

so to ask for your support in working out what your plugin is doing wrong is not unreasonable. please help, otherwise i will be seeking a refund from envato support and making a complaint.

If you believe that the problem in my plugin, I will not argue with you, if you want to refund you can contact to envato support

hi there, hv just purchased and installed the plugin, and there are two questions: 1. how to enable using chinese character? it doesn’t show correctly in the title of the notification 2. it doesn’t show well in the mobile phone, can i disable it in the mobile site? am in a hurry, hope to get yr response asap, thx;)

all other contents of my website are also chinese, so itshould not be related to my theme i guess? if so, where can i check it?

and here is the example, which i type chinese at first, but when i click save change, it can’t save the chinese character: [URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL]

can you give me the access ?

I think I found the problem. can you send me a letter through my profile page?

Hello Zalki-Lab,

this always peeked my interested! Here are some questions I have:

  • I see a custom image icon can be loaded – does it also use FontAwesome or alternative text-icons?
  • Can shortcode be used to populate the data?
  • Is it possible to set the modal to show in the center of browser, set a custom width and height, as well as have an overlay to darken the background information?

My intention would be to use it as a “notice” pop-up on visit for a new user, then disable with a cookie timer (if needed).

Thank You in advance!

2.I not quite understand what you mean
3. No

Hello Zalki-Lab,

thank you for the reply and information – much appreciated!

Hi Zalki-Lab,

Great plugin!

However, I want to customize the look of the popup window. I want to remove the icon and move the window title over to the left (see image below).

I have edited the CSS and have been able to remove icon and move title to left but I would like to create a small margin (padding?) between title and left side of window.

Can you tell me what part of the CSS I should edit to do this? I have tried but, so far, no success.

Many thanks,


Go to
go down to line # 262

    background-position: 3% 50%;

    background-repeat: no-repeat;

    width: 100%;

    height: 35px;

    position: absolute;

    top: 0;

    right: 0;

    /*text-align: center;*/
    text-align: left;


    line-height: 35px;

    font-style: italic;

    font-size: 14px;

    visibility: visible;


and change right:0; to right: -15px;

Great! Worked perfectly! Thank you very much for your time taken to help me. Much appreciated!


You are welcome. If you like it you can rate it =) Thanks


I installed the plugin on a custom developed theme and can’t get it to work (works however with other themes). Are you using any div names to show the notifications that we’ve might missed in the header area?



It’s happened because you have connected two copies of jQuery

Ah of course. Thank you!

You are welcome

Hi mate, Am i able to use visual composer page shortcodes in the text editor that is used for the plugin?

regards mate

Hello, sorry but I not have the Visual Composer

Hey! Is it possible to call the notifications when certain events happen? Eg. if a comment is made (by another user), it will send a smart notification to all users? I know it will involve custom code, but is there some kind of ‘JS Listener’ that is listening for notifications / actions, etc.?

Sorry no

Hi Before I buy this.

Can I create a modal popup to show on site entry IF the user doesnt have the sites cookie. As I only want it to show to those who enter the site and not not see it again should they go back to the page that contains it

Hello,If you not have the cookie you can’t do it


how i can use wp_is_mobile() function to disable plugin for mobile devices?

Hello, can you send me a letter through my profile page? And I will send you the screenshots how to do it

Hello i sort it out

i edited zalki_notify_reload.php to

if (!wp_is_mobile()) {


add_action( ‘init’, ‘zalki_notify_reload_init’ );

function zalki_notify_reload_init () { }

$zalki_notify_reload_init = new ZalkiNotifyReload();


Hi ,

We wanted to have a full screen responsive popup . We would be highly appreciate if you could respond to the following :

1.0 Can this popup work as a full screen popup ( can we change the width and height to our specifications) . i.e: we need to cover the whole screen or at least 90% of it . 2.0 Can we make the popup transparent ? 3.0 is it browser and mobile responsive ( is it responsive to the different (size) mobile devices . i.e: would the popup change to fit the screen based on the screen size .

Thanks in advance .

Hello, you can’t do it

Can I send notifications to a specific user?

We’re having an issue with getting the shortcode for LayerSlider to work. Any thoughts on why it’s not recognizing the shortcode?

Can you show me a link?

Can you control the position of the notification . for example bottom right, top left etc…???

Bottom Left. Bottom Right. Top Left. Top Right

What would it take to incorporate the revolution slider shortcode? The description on the plugin says shortcode support, but from the comments I see that it doesn’t support “dynamic content”. Please update the description to further describe the types of shortcodes that are supported. It’s a little misleading.

Again, the plugin is great, but since it doesn’t currently support the layer slider or revolution slider shortcodes we’d like to know what it’s going to take to incorporate those types of “dynamically” generated shortcodes.

I say you, the slider not supported dynamic content not the popup plugin.

I can not be responsible for other plugins

Certainly, I understand that you cannot be responsible for other plugins. I was just pointing out the language used for the description suggests otherwise.

Again, nice plugin. We found a workaround using iFramed content for the slider.

Can an individual show the message again after the message has been hidden from the timeout or closing manually?

You should to create two pop ups messages with different time interval

hello, I have a problem with the responsive version . the notification window is too big to close .

Hello, can you show me a link?

Pre sale question :

Can this notify if new post(s) is/are published while the user is reading with no of posts ?! Like facebook new feeds notification buttton

Best regards Ayman