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We just purchased your plugin and everything worked well for the first 5 notifications (although some conflict with visual composer, fyi, had to switch to classic editor).

However, now any new notifications I create (ids above 5, i.e. 6, 7, 8, 9) and load into pages return this error via chrome’s console: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method ‘play’ of undefined I’ve tried removing any elements that I thought may conflict, and tested on multiple pages but no luck. Also deleted and tried creating multiple new notifications, all have the same problem. It is visible because there is no styling of the notification window. It appears in the top right corner without any of the spacing/padding etc.

It is also interesting to note that a notification with for example an id of 9 placed on a page that also loads a notification with id 4 works perfectly. But the higher id notifications on their own do not work.

Do you have any suggestions for fixing this error?

Thank you! Caitlin

Hello. Can you show me a link?

Hello, I have emailed you through your profile page to give you access. Thank you!

Hi, recently purchased. Is there any chance multiple notifications can be added but with only one displayed at any one time and randomly? Thank you

Hi, if shortcode is set and placed in CUSTOM PAGE, notification works by displaying content. If notification is set to EVERYWHERE then notification appears on all pages but it is blank and does not display content? Can you advise how to fix this? Thank you

It’s impossible. Did you turned on the option:

yes , notification shows but not content. Content only shows if custom page and shortcode is used.

Can you show me a link ?

Hi and Congratulations for your work

I have two pre-sale questions.

1) Is it possible to add an image as notification and when someone clicks on this image to be displayed as a lightbox?

2) If there is any issue/conflict with my theme, do you provide support?

Good luck with sales!!!

1. it’s impossible, the plugin not include the lightbox
2. yes

plugin does not like usage of ’ in the title

Wow, I see. Thank you for the information. I will update it

You can send me a message via my profile page and I can send you new version before the update


just purchased seems the plugin does not work on my end tried on 3 browsers / safari, chrome, firefox

please help.

Sorry, but you can’t use on pages with exception

or is there option if plugin encounter SSL or https it will not load. is this possible?

Sorry no

1.There is possible to add wordpress locker content? 2.There is possible to add facebook share button? 3.How light is that plugin compared with others from codecanyon?

Left and right

Can be displayed simultaneously

Two different notifications?

You can use two different notifications, but in same angle


Can you tell me how to use Smart Notification Reload 2.2.1 by text with shortcode and without the button? With Smart Notification 1.3 everything works fine with the shortcode:


Hello, Do you turned on the “show mode” ?

Yes, but I can’t use this plugin like in version 1.3 anymore. I want that the notification only appears when i click on the text because i don’t like the button. In version 1.3 I use the shortcode and everything works well.

Oh I understand:
[zl_notify_reload label="1" who="div"]lorem ipsum dolor sit amet[/zl_notify_reload]

Is there a way to turn the beeping sound off?

Yes, look it on screenshot:

There’re conflicts with the Visua Composer?

I not have Visual Composer

Hello! thanks for great plugin. Is there way to popup notification in center and also with overlay when page loaded? Without clicking on expand

Hello, sorry but it’s impossible

I can’t install this plugin! I have a multisite configuration.

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home2/shortlet/public_html/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-upgrader.php on line 628 The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

Plugin install failed.

The plugin and license not supports the multisite!

Is there any conflict with visual composer?

I not have the visual composer

I have a wordpress template with visual composer, will be any conflicts with the visual composer?

I not have the visual composer

if I install the smart notifications plugin in my site, it will have any conflicts with the visual composer plugin?

I can’t test it, because I not have the visual composer plugin

Hi, We purchased your plugin Smart Notification Reload for word press , everything is working fine on my local development environment. But when i deployed plugin to our server where site is hosted , i am getting “406 (Not Acceptable)” for jquery.cookie.js file.


I’m interestingg by your plugin but please can you say me if I can I have a popup with login form inside ?

Something like that :

If you are member connecting here

login :

pass :

If you are not member join us : click here!

Thanks Stane

Very good plugin reliable, and very well.

thank you

I recommend

Thank you

Hello… How to have responsive notifications… Today this is a must…!

Hi, width in percent

Hi Zalki-Lab. Congratulations for your plugin. We have just installed the plugin and we are not able to make it works to show images or shortcodes from others plugins like: Revolution Slider or Testimonials Showcase – WordPress Plugin. Any idea? Thanks for your help.

Hello. Do you have any error?

Hi. No error, just not showing well the contents.

Can you giveme access or an screenshot?