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Zalki-Lab, I have got one more question: I would like to style the button differently. However, with the button shortcode I cant seem to use the CSS class… Would you have any advice on customizing the button?

Hello. You can use like:
[zl_notify_reload label="1" style="background-color:#fec901;"]Button[/zl_notify_reload]

Yes this helped. Thanks again.

You are welcome

Hello Zalki-Lab,

this is a pre-sale question:

  • with this plug-in, would it be possible to display a “smart notification” on a page/post without it popping up and hovering over the rest of the rest of the page when it loads?, then have it expand like a lightbox when the icon is clicked?
  • Is it possible to display the additional icons and “hidden content” by default?
  • Is it responsive to mobile and tablets?
  • Does it support Multi-Language?
  • Are Font Awesome icons supported?

Thank You in advance!

1,2 no
3,4,5 yes

Thank You for the information!

You are welcome


I get duplicate alerts. one above the other …. Why? thanks


seems to work now, right … I’ll do some tests to check settings, maybe I did something wrong. thanks for answering

You are welcome

Hi Zalki-Lab,

Here’s my presale question:

Can I make this Smart notification, trigger from widgets.

This is what i mean:

I need some notification to appear on specific category pages, for this if I will create and put notification code in widget and configure its visibility option, then, will this work?

was waiting for your reply, now I have purchased the plugin.

Will try it out, in case if it doesn’t work…then will ask refund.

Hi Zalki,

I downloaded the plugin, installed and tried. But the shortcode are not working from widget :(

For the other wordpress plugin: “SyntaxHighlighter Evolved”, shortcode like this is working from widget:

— Seems, you need to integrate some function into this plugin to enable this functionality.

Do let me know, what to do next?

Hello, about refund you need contact to envato support

can you offer this kind of plugin to NON-WP / but we have wordpress installed in other directory

example: (html website)

then we embed the short-code to HTML pulling the data from /wpdirectory

is this possible?

if I understand you correctly, this is impossible


I’ve just purchased it and it looks great.

There’s one problem. I have set up two notifications, and they both use the same cookie settings which should make both of them only show once per day. The first notification only shows up once per day, but the second notification shows up all the time. Is there a way to sort this?



Can you turn off the PageSpeed Module?

Hi, is your email I’m not sure what the PageSpeed Module is

You can send me a letter through my profile page.
All your files displayed like:

it’s caching all files

Hello there! Very good plugin… i like it…

I am ready to buy it BUT.. is there any way to ajaxify this plugin? In sort: I like very must this plugin but i want to take an notification when i am watching a video in one specific page… Not to must reload the page to see any new notification!

Is that possible? If yes i will buy it right now!!!

Hello. Sorry, no

hello good plug in but there is a problem, I have a responsive web and I wonder if it is possible to upgrade any plugin, that allows you options to enable or disable the notification for mobile.

Hello, sorry but it’s impossible to turn off the notification for mobile

is there any chance in some future update?

Sorry but I don’t know how it possible to make it for all mobile devices

can we insert AWEBER opt-in form in the notification window?

Hello, what is it?

excellent support

Title font

Chinese use the ugly

I can add fonts?

Suitable for Chinese fonts

Hello. You should open :
go to line 50:

Head? You can hide the better? Oh


LKr Purchased

Hello! I purchased the plugin and it works great.

There is one issue though:

I have created 2 pop ups: 1) one of them has cookie turned off and 2) the other one has a cookie on as I’d like to show the second pop up only once. (The setting “Show notification only once” is ON and the “After how many days to show cookie again” is at 30000).

For some reason, the second pop up appears every time the user loads the page (with the pop up shortcode) – so the cookie thing does not work. How to fix this?? Thank you!!


LKr Purchased

Actually – nevermind – I think I figured it out. I cleared my cookies and it works OK now, I think.

Hey there, Is the plugin compatible with Multisite? I guess I should have found out before purchasing it, but if you could let me know, that would be ace!

Thanks Simon

Hello, sorry but it’s not compatible with Multisite and not supported by license

On a video notify can it also have a link below video to purchase product. Can a single notify have slide down panel to show additional content within same notify window?


how can I close the notification from another function (after a successful ajax action for example). I see there is a closenotify function in source but how can I trigger it from outside

Hello, you can’t close it outside


on my site the plugin working fine thank you

You are welcome

Cool plugin, just purched!

However, I have big problems to configure it; Where can I find a more detailed documentation?

Zalki, could you please help me with the plugin setup?

Thank you in advance, MT

Basicaly I’m changing the setup but the modifications are not appearing.

Can you give me more information about your problem? You can send me a letter via my profile

I have just sent a message via your profile.

Zalki, I don’t want to use the menu button, I would like to only have the title text, but on 2 or more lines, is it possible?

I still have not received a message from you. You can’t to hide the top menu. But you can to hide the drop down menu button

Hi pre-purchase questions. 1) Does this plugin support random notifications? 2) Also we use very aggressive caching. From what little we understand, we require jquery/javascript to still serve random notifications. Will this plugin avoid being cached? Thank you

Hello, it’s impossible

Can consider increasing




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