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Hi Zalki-Lab :)

Great job!

One question, can I choose display the notification on All Pages, on Selected Page, etc.?

Thanks a lot.

Hello. Notifications will be displayed where you add shortcode

Hi again :)

I upload and activate the plugin correctly.

But when I’m going to add my firts notification I can’t because it can´t find the page. And it’s correct, there is no page about your pluging.


Something is blocking my script. To find out the cause of the error I need to access

Answer my email and talk about this remote access, ok?

I sent you a reply


looks very interesting!

1. We would need the possibility to link a unique message to a unique user.

So e.g. if ‘User A’ logs in, a message only dedicated for ‘User A’ pops up.

2. Also being able to send unique notifications to specified groups would be very helpful.

Is it possible in a future update to embed this functionality?

Thanks! ;)

Hello. I will try

has the chrome bug been fixed? asking my visitors to go into chrome settings to disable the chrome flash is a bit much, most can’t be bothered.

how come this uses flash anyways? where is the flash elements? could not be done with html5 and css3 + jquery/javascript?

No. It is flash

damn… i can’t use it then… i know i said i would buy it but with the chrome bug and incompability with ios, it’s not useful for me… sorry

i will see if i can find a usage for it in another project… so i may still be able to buy it later… but I pride myself on supporting on devices and browsers.

hmmm, this plugin is pretty misleading.

i assumed this is a growl style plugin.

the problem is that you cannot even put this on the home page.

i want to have notifications popping up all the time on my home page and selected inner pages but this plugin does not make that possible.

is this possible?

It’s possible. You can add anywhere where you can use the shortcode

Can I only show the notification one time for the user? When the user close the notification and they return to same page or reload the page its shows again.

It’s show again

The plugin already updated. you can use the cookie

I don’t see “scroll event” sample. I wonder if this can make pop up appear when scrolling down? Thanks Nhan

Scroll event added to version 1.3 but in the example it is not

Hi Fab Plugin, how to have the img full size in the notification window just like in the video?

silly me, found answer in video explanation, thanks!


you made this plugin in flash, so is it possoble to use Smart Notifications in mobile? Is there any chance for some kind complication?


Hello. This is no flash

I’m glad to hear that! So it sholud work well on mobile devices?

Hi, I installed the plugin succesfully and I have inserted/copypasted the shortcode into the page [zl_smart_code class=”2”] Button [/zl_smart_code] the text Button is showed on homepage but its doesn’t work?


Most important: what should I do when I want the notification to be showed when loading my homepage? (and not first when user has clicked on Button)

Regards, Soren

sorry, wrote the wrong page – Look for “button” just before the images

ok – its works with the button. But again: Most important: what should I do when I want the notification to be showed when loading my homepage? (and not first when user has clicked on Button)

You must add the shortcode and turn on the Auto Show Timer:

Great plugin i will fallow it and i guess i come back to buy it very soon. Some option what i hope you will add in the plugin.

When people reloading the page that the notification not come back. sow he needs to save cookies.

Hello. Thanks, I have it’s in plans, but later

The plugin already updated. you can use the cookie

Is there a way to make it so this only shows up every 24 hours? A timer would really help as we could use this to inform people to upgrade their account each day.

Or is there a way where it will only show once?

When will that release?

I’m working on it

The plugin already updated. you can use the cookie

I need this plugin but does it works with “restrict content pro” plugin ?

I want to show my paid soccer tips updated for all visitors – including our members. So they all visitors will see my updated soccer tips.

Here my simple site

Waiting for your reply

I mean “restrict content pro” plugin installed now then I plan to use “smart-notification” plugin will work well ?

It should work fine, but why is your version of Wordpress uses jQuery 1.7.2 ?

I do not know how to fix it :( let me know. I will bookmark this plugin to buy later


Can we put the notifications where ever we want on our web site? For example one is right, one is left etc…


Hello. No, you can specify the location on the screen for all notifications

So you said no but also you said I an specify the location on the screen for all notifications.

I don’t understand your answer sorry..

In general settings, you can set the location for the notifications on the screen. Example: All notifications is left,or right etc…

Hi, is it possible to embed Google+ Follow button? Is it possible to add your plugin shortcode via hooks? Thank you

Hello. Google +, yes
What you mean via hooks?

I mean to include your shortcode at pages / posts template for not have to do it manually on every page, post.

I can’t confidently answer this question

Hello – the small icons – close, hidden text .. does not appear on my page

See attached

Any explanation?

Regards Julie

Hello this is problem for font-awesome. Can you give a link ?

Thanks – it is a closed site – du you have an email so I can send you log-in?

You can send me a message through my profile page


i really like your plugin. i m using to guide someone through my site.

i have an issue with the only sound option: can i just switch the sound file somewhere?

i was not able to find the option for font color in the actual content

great job, develop it further – lots of potential

Yes, but I do not want to past it here… I made a comment on your website under social.

Some script is automaticly adding player to audio elements

Probobly this plugin:
You can disable this plugin or sound

I will have a look into it… thank you for the help…

this plugin has come a long way in the last 4 months and it’s finally at a stage where I can buy it… well done! Hope the plugin will be updated more in the future :)

Thank you :)

Hello. I have some difficulties to get the scrolling mode to work… as I have a long form there is no way for me to scroll down… Is there something known along these lines?

I ll check it out – thank you for the quick reaction!

Had to come back to tell you that the scrolling works really well now… even with really long forms. I don’t know what you did but its great. Thanks once again.

You are welcome ;)