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Great script… Just what I need… well.. almost…

if this had the feature to have more than 1 notification window so I could add several with different content over my website or even page and you then refer to them by id, example: [zalki_class id=3]

each and every notification needs it’s own independent settings, possibly add support for on hover or how far down the user scrolls the page, say after 800px make it pop up, instead of just click and timer.

also, does shortcodes work within this plugin? can i use my theme’s shortcodes inside the zalki_class[/zalki_class] ?

if you can implement or promise to implement these features in the future, I will definitely buy the plugin this instant. bookmarked for now… features to think about in the future: - also it would be nice to add your own custom css to the box, for advanced users, inside the plugin settings.

- possibility to use own custom icons instead of just the ones that comes with the plugin.

I will try make it in the next version and will send you message when it already done

do you agree that they’re useful/good suggestions? which ones i mentioned are you planning on attempting to implement?

Suggestions is good. I will try make it all :)

Nice. Just viewed in iPad did not see x or anyway to close window.?


Nice plugin. I am also waiting so I can add shortcodes etc.

New version already available

I do not suppose I will add nothing new than what is stated above. So far for me it is not useful due to the fact that every time someone goes to a new article once again shows his message. As the reader will show that more than once and add the same to be upset and never come back. Waiting for the new version.

New version already available

Just purchased :) Great Zalki-Lab that you did a WordPress version, and good luck with the sales.

Very Thank you :)I’m working on a new version which will add unlimited number of windows. When i finish,i will send you message

Great : ) I will install the plugin an testdrive.

New version already available

any update news?

Yes. Description and video preview updated

So does it support the use of shortcodes now? It’s not very clear if it does or not.

Hi. Sorry I forgot to add this feature :) Supports for use shortcodes already done. Today I will send this for update

already updated

Hi, is it possible to deactivate the sound effect? Great Plugin!

Hello. Thank You :) It isn’t possible to deactivete sound effect by user interface. I will add this function in next version. Thx for idea.
Btw you can manually disable by editing code

Hello, if I put words like Ä, Ü, Ö in the Main Content or Hidden Content it looks like ?? ?? ?? But ä, ü, ö looks ok Sorry I’m from Germany :)

Very strange.Now I will try

Yes, I found the problem, I have corrected it. After the test, I will update the plugin. Sorry for this :(

already sent for approval

Hello. Thanks a lot. One little thing I love to see is an option to hide the V O X, because I only need X. This Plugin is fantastic. The Mate Hover Plugin also looks great. Did you plan a Mate Hover WP Plugin?

1.Hello.Plugin already Updated. Encoding bug fixed. Sound on/off added.
2.I’ll add the hide/show option in the next version
3.Mate Hover will be wordpress version

Brilliant, Thank you!

hi there.

really like this. Just wondered if you had planned on implementing a pop up on scroll feature as mentioned by pleiadene above?

would be great! Also icon control too & css tweaks.

Really like this and your Mate Hover plugin.

Hello. I will try :)

hmmm is there some way to fix that it glitches in chrome or just wait for chrome to update their flash player? a pain in the ass to ask the visitors/clients/customers to do the fix.

Great work and a big thank you!

You are welcome :)


Great plugin, I have some plans and after all I need to buy this..

Can we add contact form with 4-5 box inside of this notifications?

If yes it’s great for me…


Hello.Yes you can


I bought this great plug in thanks,

I just ask you a question, I don’t have any sample page to copy the link on it. So I have a main page and ?t’s like one page web.

Where can I add this code on my website?


You saw home menu, but I can’t use this as like page, it’s custom link page. The other’s also work when you press one of them. But I need on main page :(

You can put there were supported shortcodes. You have posts ? Send to my email screenshot what you have

I haven’t got any post.. I am looking for some shortcodes

Waaah this is awesome! bookmarked!

pre-sale question. hi, seems intresting, does this plugin is able to open after x pageviews, and/or after a specified amount of time? thanks.

Hello. After a specified amount of time. On the page that hosts the shortcode

Hi, bought this plugin and love it.

One bug though — I can switch the sound off from the plugin settings area, but on the main site there is a sound bar at the bottom of the page, for every page of the site — even where there are no notys.

Could you help me remove the sound bar please.



Hello. Try to disable the plugin: Widjetkit. And post the result on my email

Some script is automaticly adding player to audio elements. Probobly this plugin:

is there a way to notify a specific user? based on user id or even better all members of say a buddypress group?

Yes every time. Nice idea. I will try add this feature. When I will do this feature, I’ll send you a message

good stuff – have it running on a buddypress site – great plugin… someone commented on sound – i like the sound, but i guess some users would like it switched on/off – real trick would be to allow users to set a few variables as in notifications preferences >> Sound On/Off. If u are snowed under would help code this

Are the notifications responsive?

Sorry No