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Hi, would it be possible to update the script for Twitter? They retired API 1 and now it is 1.1

The plugin doesn’t show my # of followers on Twitter anymore. Thank you!

1) How can I place the title to the far left instead of in the middle? (with no icon in the header) 2) how can I change title italic font to normal font? 3) how can I change color of the “X” for closing the notification.

All this you can customize if you have knowledge of ?SS

yes I know – but could you please tell me which file(s) and parameter I have to change in the wp-editor; thanks.

It’s not wordpress version
Wordpress version


you can turn off the sound?

Hello. Now through option that is not possible, but I’m working on a new version where it will be possible

Hi! How do you control the length of the notifications and what they contain? Is there a admin panel or?


Is it possible for each pop-up notifications to display on screen in different positions instead of just one set location. can this be done ?

if you could let me know that would be much appreciated!

Kindest Regards

Adj09 :)

Hello, it’s impossible

When I add a notification, does it appear immediately in real time for the user? Or does user have to refresh page?

Yes, they will have to refresh the page

is it possible to make it appear realtime without straining the server when there’s a lot of visitors? I plan to use this on a static Amazon s3 site.

Sorry but I don’t understand what you mean

hello, nice plugin as soon as i install your plugin, i have some shirtcuts duplicated (see attachment) can you help me plz

Hello, Can you write me a message through my profile page and show me a link

hello as soon as i install smart not, i have a shortcude duplicated ( see attachment) can you help me plz [URL=][IMG=][/IMG][/URL]

Hello, I use ajax for refresh the smart notification, but duplicated when update.

Example: Update 30 seconds. Notification Auto Close 15 seconds. First Time open one. Second Time open two And next open one more notification, the window is full Notifications.


CODE: $.ajax({ type: “GET”, url: “includes/funciones/notificaciones.php”, enctype: ‘multipart/form-data’, data: ‘uid= <?php echo $_SESSION[‘usuarioID’]; ?>’, dataType: “json”, success: function(respuesta) {

                mainTitle: asunto,
                mainContent: mensaje,
                autoTimerZ: 'on',
                autoTimerZtime: '500',
                onlyOne: true

Already sent

Hello, Zalki, thanks for the update. tomorrow install in the site the plugin.

You are welcome, let me know if it’s works

Hi Zalki! The user jarscr is my developer, that´s why he doesn´t have the badge, please help us with the question. Thank you! :)

Hello, I’ve purchased it, but I have a problem with Safari (under Windows; I don’t know about Safari for Mac). Basically, javascript crashes when it tries to play audio, even in your samples.

Please fix it or, at least, do not play audio under Safari so that javascript does not crash.


No, I can’t hear the audio in safari for windows because this is not supported for this browser, but I don’t see any errors or crashes

I tried on several different PCs, and the javascript error is always there. You NEED to display the console (Developer’s Tools) to see the error, because Safari does not show any warnings. If you want, I can send you a screenshot.

I use Firebug Lite for Safari. Please send me the screenshot through my profile page