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The item page’s main image is the same as your smart market widgets. There would also appear to be no actual way to see this item in action either. Please fix.


Thanks, yes I know about this, and I am waiting for update to be published. Hopefully CodeCanyon team will have it online soon.

Regards, Milan

Plugin files and links are now fixed.


Just purchased. I’ve been looking for a simple plugin to show my sites pages using this technique for ages! Well Done! I have one question. I do not want the pages to be ordered alphabetically, I want them ordered according to their menu order. How can I change this? Thanks!

Also, if I could exclude particular pages, by ID, that would be super useful.

sounds good. Thanks

Fantastic Job with the update! Rated 5-Stars. Thank You!

Thanks, and if you have any more suggestions, let me know.

Happy new year!

Just bought today, looks great! However, I am looking to exclude categories, any way to do this? Thanks!

Hello, and thanks for the purchase.

New version is coming out today or tomorrow (depends on how fast it gets approved) and it will allow you to exclude categories.

Regards, Milan

Great Thanks so much!


just tested the demo.

It seems really hard to click these tiny arrow/plus symbol. Is there a way to just click the whole text of the first item (the first item with the arrow/plus symbol left of it) so that it opens the other/deeper links?

Just a suggestion. ;)

When you click the text, you go to the archive for that item, you can’t use it for both. I will add additional styling for larger arrows.

Hello Just want to be sure that I can use that plugin to group and sub-group tags in any semantic way I wish, can you confirm? I actually use xili-tidy-tags, but since it doesn’t support drop down or that fancy effect you use it takes a huge amount of space!



plugin works with hierarchical taxonomies (like categories). I never used xili tidy tags, so I am not sure how it works exactly. But, I plan to add abstract widget that can be extended to support any hierarchy. In that case you need to provide functions for getting data for inner levels.

Regards, Milan

I wanted to publicly thank you for the recent awesome shortcode update! It works so well and is so much more flexible! Support has been awesome too.

I’m looking forward to using the 4th non-hierarchy based widget mentioned earlier for showing regular custom post type data to be able to benefit from the same space saving manner you’re currently employing in the other widgets.

If I could rate this item higher than 5 stars, I would. :-)

Thanks! But, non-hierarchy is already added to 2 widgets: you just need to enable it in the plugin settings, and all post types and taxonomies will appear in the widgets (WordPress Settings -> Smart Navigation).


I see. Excellent as usual. Please excuse / forgive my ignorance then. :-)

I would like to thank the team for helping me out to use this plugin. Your support was great ! And the plugin is just what I was looking for so long. Simple & easy to use. Btw, can this plugin used as sitemap page? what is the different with with free plugin like dagon design?thanks!!


Thanks! Theoretically, it can be used for basic sitemaps page, since you can add widgets with functions and shortcodes. I have added on the to-do list to write a tutorial for that.

I am not sure what free plugin you are referring to.


This is an unbelievably great plugin. Thanks for creating what many of us have been looking for. There is one serious bug I’m encountering. I have 20 categories. I want 4 to be shown and then “view more.” So you start with the first four click it and then 4 more appear with a total of 8 and “view more” appears. You click that and 4 appear – but it’s a repeat of the first four that were shown. If you click it again, then the remaining 16 items appear that you thought you would get when you first clicked it. Not sure why that is happening.

Apples Babies Candy Daddies Eggs Falafels Givers Havers Apples Babies Candy Daddies Show More

The second issue is that I’m finding that it can conflict with the very popular plugin Cevhershare. The specific issue is that I only use Cevehershare to make a sidebar slide in for a responsive appearance using the very popular sharethis social bookmarking javascript. If those are enabled, you run the risk of having the plugin not work and clicking on it yields|0|224

Perhaps you can take a look – thanks for such a great tool!

OK, I have checked, and it is indeed returning same elements on the first level. I am currently testing plugn locally, and I will have more info on this later. Also, new version is in work for the weekend, so whatever is wrong with it right now, it will be solved by than.


Good news. I have traced the issue, and it is caused by the WordPress terms function that was not applying limits as it should be, but it was possible to override that and make things work again. New version will be out over the weekend and this will be fixed.

Regards, Milan

Milan – thanks for the amazingly quick follow up and support… and explanation. This is really an awesome plugin and look forward to the fixes later.

Version 1.4 is released with new features and several bugs fixed.

Great update – thank you! This is really the holy grail of sidebar menus!

Only one issue remains for me. Go to the same site: and go into any category. The dropdown will work if you click more. But if you click any of the arrows which point down showing the subcategories, I get an “-1” appearing with no categories. This blog too also has an issue when you try to click on the menu from inner pages:

Also – when you enter “0” into the setting “show all available” it shows zero items for me and a show more link that doesn’t work.

My apologies if it’s anything else running on my pages, which I’ve cut down since the previous request.


I don’t see any isses with the navigation widgets on both pages, inner levels are displaying categories. Maybe you have some cache related issues sometimes. Or, some other issues to cause WordPress to return -1, and that for AJAX call usually means an error.

As for 0 value for levels, I will check what can be the problem and fix it for next version. For now, put some big number to force it to show everything on level.

Regards, Milan

Odd. It must be a cache issue. Now it’s working. Amazing support – I must admit, perhaps the best I’ve seen here. The 0 issue is almost a non-issue since most won’t use it and I just mentioned it after discovering it by accident. I love this plugin – it’s exactly what I was hoping for, timing is excellent and the functionality superb!!!

Thanks slinky! I have few more features planned, including widget number 4 (there is a roadmap on official website). If you have some suggestions, let me know.


Hello I have the same issue with “0” (or “o”). Any ideas how to fix it??? Nice plugin, thanks a lot.

Thanks for the purchase! This issue will be fixed in the next version (I hope over the weekend).


Is it possible to narrow down the category list by tag?

e.g. show posts in the category list that have a specified tag?



Not directly through the interface, but there are hooks allowing to modify filtered results.


Hi Milan,

I would want to do this in 6 main sections on my site. All set to a different Tag if the category was country (same across all)

That sounds like a big custom job? What would be involved? THanks

I am not sure to which widget (of 4 included) are you refereing and. what sort of results you want to show.



Does this widget also work on portfolio categories?





Can you please explain this further. Plugin works with any taxonomy, and that is for categories too. It makes no difference what is the name of the category or its purpose.


That should explain it. Thanks for the quick responds, you got yourself a new customer.



Let me know if you need any more info. You can see plugin in real use in the sidebar here: it is named Blog Archives.

Regards, Milan


Quick pre purchase question – will this work for ordering/creating menus with PRODUCT categories (woocommerce)


It works with every taxonomy and post type.

Amazing, so on my shop page I can chuck the widget and have awesome drop down categories? my client has like a gazillion child categories for every category..such a pain in the proverbials.

If you have issues with it, let me know, and I will test specifically with WooCommerce to fix it.

Hello Do you plan to includes tags taxonomys archives in your futures upgrades?



You can use them also, but you need to enable use of non-hierarchical taxonomies in the plugin Settings panel.

Regards, Milan

About Keep Drop Downs Open…

I have see this request in your forum, I sum to this request :) The normal behavior of wordpress is to reload always the page and with it the sidebar.

I think it’s not important to reload and remember entire tree parts but only the part with the item selected. This would be a great plus. Did not could be done pre-propulating the tree in php without the need of ajax ?


One partial solution could be implement as an option somethink like a breadcrum when you in the “Root Items to Show:” option widget select “Based on Current Term” in this manner you can descend in the tree easily. This can be done more o less with anothers plugins… but would it be great if it’s integrated.


As I said in the forum reply, to get the tree in the opened state will involve methods that will not be very practical to have: either pre-rendering everything on load (defeats the purpose of the plugin), or making multiple AJAX calls.

As for that other plugin that does that, I am not sure which plugin is that so I can’t comment on it.

Right now, I have no practical solution for this feature, but I will be happy to implement it, once I get the idea what is viable.


Will this plugin allow me to list only one category, organized by year and month?

No. WordPress has no functions to prepare date archives filtered by taxonomies (category or anything else). I plan to write such filters and allow more advanced filtering for some of the widgets, but I have no ETA on that yet.


Can I use this plugin to display a menu that I created in Wordpress? Thanks!

Not right now, but I plan to add new widget to this plugin for that. Hopefully, it will be ready for 2.0 version.

Please let me know when you add this function. Thanks

sixseconds 20 days ago Can I use this plugin to display a menu that I created in Wordpress? Thanks!

GDragoN AUTHOR 20 days ago Not right now, but I plan to add new widget to this plugin for that. Hopefully, it will be ready for 2.0 version.

It will be announced when it is ready, you can follow me on CodeCanyon or on Twitter to get information on that.

New version 2.0 is released with the new widget for Menu navigation.