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Hi Smart!

Sorry for being a timewaster, but just spent 3 hours on trying to change your widget in my test-footer. And I am going insane!

I can change the font-color etc. just fine by using this snippet: #footer-outer .widget .footer-list .snw-item-wrapper a {

But I find that there is no where on earth I can remove the bottom-border!

I think I have tried every CSS path combinations.

But I am sure that you can help me out in a second by telling me how to hit this one. I use the special css class “footer-list”, to make sure I will not change everything on the entire site :)

Thank a million in advance

Well, I checked, and my plugin is not adding borders to items at all, so this must be done by your theme and many themes add borders to widgets items.

ah ok – I had no clue that was even possible. THen I am sorry to have wasted your time :)

In my experience, 99% with any plugin styling are caused by themes that use intrusive styling.

Hi this is very nice script and it speed up my site for real,

is there any way to set this up to working with woocommerce attributes filter widget? i set it for some of my woo taxonomies with no luck! When i click on taxonomy is not filtering my product list but it redirect me to taxonomy page it self.

Best Regards and wish you a happy new year!


No, this is not possible, WooCommerce uses own filtering logic. My plugin can setup the navigation tree with any taxonomy, but it can’t use WooCommerce for filtering, my plugin is not designed for that.

Thanks, and happy new year! Milan

OK, I am starting to like your plug-in. I just have ONE HUUUUGE wish for you:

With my theme (any theme for WP) the user has the option to click on a category, in order to only display posts for this specific category. And thats ok. However, that is bad SEO, cos I cant edit the individual pages. Say if I have a category called “super-plug-ins”, I cannot create a landing-page called “Super-Plug-Ins”. Or actually I can! But it would not work with your menu!

So what I am asking is: Would it be possible to create some kind of URL-redirecting-tool, which could be implemented with your plug-in?

So that you would display all the usual categories, but when clicked, the user lands on the specific SEO-optimized landing-page I created myself?

Do you understand what I mean?

Or perhaps an ordinairy URL-redirect-plug-in could do the trick. But I would be happier and more confident if I could do this using your superb and supported plug-in.



This can’t be done directly. But, I provide a bonus widget that doesn’t have data source, and it can be programmed with custom data to show, including customized URL’s and everything else. So, you can use that extra widget and write handler to feed it data you want to use. There is an example provided in developer guide. But, you will need to write handler functions to pull data you want to show.

Other way to do this is too hook in the WordPress own categories handling functions to change URL’s.


PS, I have tried and tried…

First level (main-menu-point) is same size as sub-menu-points, which screws up the design. Normal-wise you are able to set different fontsize and thickness for sub-level menus.

How do I A: Make more space between main-point and sub-points (is that whats called first child?) B: How to change size on level-1. I think I have tried all…

Thank you so so so so much!


Oh, ps, suddenly the menu creates some white-boxes on the vertical menu. And I cant track the CSS values…

The ways CSS works, it can be isolated, so styles from theme and plugins are parsed by browser and joined, and in many cases theme CSS can have higher priority depending on the theme, to override styles plugin tries to set. So, there is no way to make it to always work, theme plays a big part in the end result.

Hmmm – but it does seem that the main-menu point (category_0) does not have its own class at all? In order for me to create a larger bottom-padding. When I try and locate, it wraps the whole box…

Each level has own class, and you can use that, you can use CSS pseudo elements for position too.

Is it possible to create a hierarchical Make Model Year filter widget for WooCommerce products with three drop down lists where when the Make is selected only the Models for that Make display, and when the Model is selected, only the available Years display?


No, this is not plugin for creating filters, it is for creating navigation hierarchy. It is possible to create custom hierarchy using a custom data widget, but you would need to write code for that to handle what data you need.

Regards Milan

Have I missed something, or is it not possible to load the current category as OPEN?

Like I have styled it now like the current menu-point has WHITE background. But I think it would be more intuitive that the current page’s menu-point was loaded open.

No, it is not. But, you can change display method, and one is to set current category as basic, and show only tree under current category.

Thanks. And no chance this will be added in the future?

+ what does “show description” mean? I cant see any difference. + When using “show parrent” I also cant see any change…

If your category has description set, it will display it. Show parent will add link to parent category on top if you are in the archive category that has parent.

I plan to add support for remember tree position and open element, but, it is complex thing to do, and as it stands, will require more than 90% of current data handling code rewritten, so I have no idea when I will have enough time to do it.


Hi, just purchased the plugin and though this was available, but not finding it easy.

I need a Date archive ONLY of a specific taxonomy.


My plugin can’t modify WordPress core features, and date archives are for posts only not taxonomies, and date archives can’t be controlled by taxonomy or taxonomy term.


Anyone notice their site slowing down a lot?

I setup the widget in the footer, and it seemed to load the page fine and not take much longer than usual. Then an hour later, I noticed the site is almost not even able to pull up a page it just sits there loading. One thing I remember is I played with the options for full hierarchy or selecting a category or letting the plugin autoselect depending on which category page.. I believe I tested that per category setting out, and after that it seems to take forever to load. Just curious what could be going on, or maybe I tried refreshing my site too much while spiders were hammering it. idk. I had messed with it for a few hrs since purchase and disabled till I can figure out the sudden slowness. Ofcourse Im trying to use this with some 20k categories in a taxonomy.


It makes no difference how many terms you have in taxonomy. Plugin runs limited query that returns only some of theme. And on top of that, some operations are cached as transient to speed up calculations for counts and child terms.

The only thing to confirm what is slow on the server and why is to check out the database MySQL query log where you can see time needed for some queries and if some of them are qualified as slow queries. If that relates in some way to my plugin, I could take a look at these queries and analyze what might be the issue.

But, if all works fine most of the time, and sometimes it freezes, it could be issue with the MySQL server or web server overload.

Regards, Milan

Hallo, I’m using Avada theme (Version: 3.8.4) and plugin does not works, specifically in the design field: arrows not displays, pharagraphing is broken. When I’m changing to Twenty Fifteen theme, plugin works properly. Can you help me or refund?

I think this two subject I mentioned above is vital for most of plugin users. So please inform me if this features will be available.

Can you make this option as a payed job? “stay open nav menu when user clicks some child menu item”

This is not something I can do just like that. I still have not figured out the way to do it without affecting performance. Once I do that, I will add it to plugin as standard feature. I can’t make promises on this, but I hope to have enough time to work on this later in the Summer.

Just purchased the plugin.

It’s great but there’s one problem I need your help with:

You need to click the triangle to open each menu but clicking the top-navigation menu item doesn’t open the menu.

I want the users to be able to click the text to open the menu. If I insert a ”#” link, it does nothing.

Surely there’s a simple solution to this?

Just checked your support forum for an answer to this. Seems this was asked 9 months ago (clickable parent link) but no solution has been given in the replies (only for AJAX sites which few people have).

Can you please help with this?

Each element in the list is a link to actual page or archive (even if it is top navigation level). So, user needs to click that link to open that page. And because of that we can’t have some other function happening on click, so there has to be some other way to trigger open/close of sub menu, and that is why sign before the link has to be used.

If you know a way to do both, I am willing to try and implement that, but so far no one has come up with better solution to do this.


Hi guys. I am so happy with your navigation widget. I just wonder if this can also be tweaked to display a breadcrumb in the sidepanel? Vs. vertical menu?


No, this can’t be done, the structure itself is rather complex, and it would requires quite a lot of changes.



This plugin have some predefined style or front end tools to edit this?

There are few styles included. If you need some different styling, you need to use CSS to style the widget.

I have attempted to sign up for support on your website several times but it will not take my purchase code for custom navigation plug in for wordpress??? I need some support desperately.

This is API issue, I can’t do much until they fix it. You can ask here what you need in terms of support until the API is back online.

?Sounds good!

Issue I am having that I need to be able to have the custom navigation side bar menu to open in current pages.

Click link below to see example:

For example: Click on arrow to reveal sub links and click on annual reports link. When you go to annual reports the side navigation menu refreshes which is not what I want it to do. I simply want the navigation sub links to remain open on the pages rather than refresh and all sub links remain closed.

Make sense?

This can’t be done, and it is discussed few times already. Opening a tree to previous positions defeats the purpose of the plugin: performance optimization. To open each level of the tree requires multiple queries and that makes it slow.

Once I solve this problem, I will implement it, but right now it requires some advanced internal cache system to do it. To implement it as it is now, it will be killer for the performance, and I am not going to implement it until I make it right.


There are some bugs:

- Draft posts are counted as published. When you set categories that are empty or have only drafts in them to be visible, they need to show as “CategoryName (0)”.

- When you set “Display Method” to “Custom Term”, with “Parent Term On Top”, the whole sidebar is removed.

I also would like to have the parent category show a count of all posts of all children combined. So if there are 3 childcategories with 10, 5, and 25 posts, I would like the parent category show a count of 40. Now it doesn’t show anything at all.

Sorry, a small update. When no category is detected, widget will show the whole hierarchy.

I have tested this, and widget is displayed and all settings work correctly. I can’t reproduce the problem with sidebar being removed.

Can you provide me with URL where I can see this problem?

When I choose “Display Method: Custom Term”, and choose for “Custom Root Items Parent:” some category, the complete sidebar is removed. In that sidebar are also other widgets.

I cannot show you, because the site has been soft launched now, and your plugin cannot do what I want: to show parent and child cats in an open “tree” list with post counts behind the names/links, and show that tree on all pages within that tree. Like this:

- Main cat (40)
— Subcat A (10)
— Subcat B (5)
— Subcat C (25)

So right now, I cannot use your plugin to achieve this and I have removed it. I’ll probably use it on another site for another goal.

Sidebar can’t be removed by the widget, but widget can throw error that will stop page rendering and the rest of sidebar widgets are never displayed, so it can look like sidebar is gone.

If that happens, there must be the fatal error logged by the server. If you can get me PHP errors, I can look through them, to try and determine what is wrong. It is possible that plugin throws an error due to PHP version you use, and I will get to fix that as soon as I see actual error.


Hi there. Please could you tell me if it is possible to create a widget that displays a list of years, then once clicked, expands to show all posts from that year inside? There will only a few posts a year, so it won’t be a huge list. From the video it looks like it might, but would like to be sure before I purchase. Thanks! Great Plugin!


No, this can’t be done. Date archives widge drills down the dates: Years -> under is Months -> under is Days. It can’t display posts in the hierarchy.


Could it be modified to do that, with a little bit of guidance?

No, sorry. It would require major changes to do that.


salvix Purchased

Hello just bought and using your plugin with enfold theme for menu widget, is there any way i can make the items show on left? I am using left sidebar and it doesn’t look neat especially on dropdown.

The way the widget looks like is CSS controlled. You can adjust CSS to make changes you need. If you need to have arrows point the other way, you need to add different images or try CSS rotation attributes.

Hi. Is it not possible to showing full hierarchy while still having current category open?

No. Plugin displays one level at the time, with limits to the number of items shown.

Hi guys. I reported this bug long ago, but still its not fixed I see. In every theme I have tested this plug-in, your plug-in causes the font-size in the native widget-area (in the backend) to go like 200-300% bolder and bigger. AKA it screws up the backend-overview on widgets. And I have no idea why it should do so, but it is a common error which must also occur if you test it yourself. I have tried Atelier, Salient, WooPress, Xtheme and now The7 and it behaves the same on all themes. Pls advice :)

Any news on this issue? :)

I will check this out and let you know soon.