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Hi, I just want to report a bug. When including taxonomy archives widget via shortcode with Display Method = “Select custom term” and “Show parent term on top” and many excluded terms, the website shows the PHP-Error:

Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function snw_get_term_children() in [...]wp-content\plugins\smart-navigation-widgets\core\data.php on line 29

Hallo again. Today I found that the widget shows the message “There are no results for current widget settings.” when all categories are empty. The sidebar then appears only to show that message useless for users. It would be by far better to hide the whole widget, if it can’t show anything.

(I’ll try to translate the message to something more useful for users until this is fixed.)

Reply below to your recent answer “If the WordPress generated URL contains query element, that’s OK, but if you need custom links, use filters for WordPress functions to modify links.”

I’ve implemented a filter for term_link now. It works properly, with the following limitation. The SNWs use AJAX to open submenus. In that case the links seem to be created out of context. To decide how to adjust the links, my hook uses get_queried_object() + the URL. At least one of these seems to be not available, so that it’s not possible to adjust them properly.

I wished there was an option to disable the AJAX behavior or to disable the inner levels. Setting inner level option to 0 will show all inner levels. An intuitive way would be to allow setting it to -1 to disable inner levels.

I will consider including option to have no inner levels.

Hi, i used the form on your website to request a demo for the smart Smart Navigation Widgets please can u give me access? i need to evaluate if it can help me

Demo is now created, and you will get email soon.

Updating to php 7 got the following issues:



 566 | ERROR | ‘clone’ is a reserved keyword introduced in PHP version 5.0 and cannot be invoked as a function (T_CLONE)  641 | ERROR | ‘clone’ is a reserved keyword introduced in PHP version 5.0 and cannot be invoked as a function (T_CLONE)  682 | ERROR | ‘clone’ is a reserved keyword introduced in PHP version 5.0 and cannot be invoked as a function (T_CLONE)

Thanks for reporting, but I have not see these errors, and my servers all use PHP 7 or 7.1. In anycase, I will investigate and fix if needed.

Hi, i bought your plugin but i was really surprised that it has not the features to list post in the tree but just to count total post thast belong to a categories. Is not possible to list post title? Also, is scheduled some features that will allow to create a date group by under each category? thanks

That is not supported, and I do have in plans to implement it, but, right now, I am not sure when it will happen. Some of the queries needed for such trees are very, very complex and plugin would require powerful cache layer to be able to make it work fast enough.

Hi, I am having troubles with your plugin. What I want is to show only the subpages of a page with the parent page above. I used the Hierarchy Content widget. Set it to ‘based on current post’ said yes to show parent post on top but it is not working like i thought it would be. The subpages needs to be like a listing under the parent page. And the arrow to the previous page is confusing.

Is there a way to get it like i want? So only the parent page without a arrow and the subpages of that page with bullets under it.

Thnx in advanced.

No, it is not made to work that way, but this is interesting idea. If you can send me the mockup of what exactly you would like to see, you can upload the mockup in the official support forum, and I can check it out.


Is this plugin PHP 7 and latest WordPress 4.9.1. compatible? We need to have a simple widget for a custom menu with expandable list of parent elements without the ajax loading. Can we disable the AJAX function?


Plugin is PHP 7/7.1 compatible and 4.9.x compatible. Plugin is built around AJAX, it can’t work any other way.