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I am very new to Wordpress and all this stuff, so I have some stupid questions and ask for your patience:

1) I have searched theme forest for a theme that will help me build an international multi-level, multi-category, multi-location, multi-language, and multi-currency classified ads website, but have been unable to find any such theme in spite of my very extensive search. So I purchased a 5-star Directory theme but it turns out that it does not have these capabilities and will require customization.

1a – Will this plugin let me add categories, sub-categories, and sub-sub-categories? For example, MOTORS > Autos > Sedans > > Fuel Type > Brand > Year of Manufacture > Mileage Range > Price Range

1b – Will this plugin let me add multi-level locations? For example: COUNTRY > Canada > Ontrario > Greater Toronto Area > Toronto > Markham > Lower Kalm, etc. ?

1c – will this plugin let me add a drop-down field where users can choose their preferred language, and another drop-down field where admin and users can choose their preferred currency?

thank you in advance.


My plugin is used to create breadcrumbs navigation element based on your content. I am not sure what these questions have to do with the plugin. This plugin has settings how to control some of the breadcrumb elements, but your questions are not relevant to this plugin.

Please, check out demo video and screenshots, read description about the plugin first.

Regards, Milan

Hello, I would like to buy the plugin but i don’t like the design, would it be possible to have just a simple plain design like this one that fits with simple themes?

All that is done through plugin settings on the Styling tab.

Styling done, just need help for just show the navigation menu in woocommerce single products page and no other places, i opnened a ticket on the forum. hope you please can help me to finish it thanks a lot!!


I have replied in the forum, and you have code snippet there.

Regards, Milan

Hi, I can’t find a way/plugin that will show multiple breadcrumbs for a (custom) Post (like amazon does)

Does this do it ?

WordPress can have only one url for a post, so plugin can’t build alternative breadcrumbs on it’s own. But, you can have more than one breadcrumb on the page, but you need to create list of crumbs for plugin to use.


It would be great if there was a “RTL” version :)

Something like <?php snb_breadcrumbs (‘rtl’); ?>


One of the future versions will be able to use WordPress is_rtl() function to modify the breadcrumbs to RTL, right now problems are animations to open/close the collapsed crumbs.


Is this plugin supported and updated still?

Yes it is. Last update was in March. All my plugins on CodeCanyon are fully supported and updated when needed or when new features are added.

Hi there,

I’m looking for a solution to address this Woocommerce breadcrumbs issue. Not sure if your plugin does this or not.

Assume a product appears in Category X, Category Y and Category Z. If a customer find the product in Category Z and clicks on it, Woocommerce shows Category X in the breadcrumb.

Would this plugin fix this and show Category Z in the breadcrumb?


There is no way to do this directly. If product has multiple categories, when you query to get one of theme, you either need to know which to get or you get first one. To know which one to get, you need to track user behavior (in your case). My plugin can’t do that, but if you write your own tracking, my plugin allows overrides to any crumbs list generated.


Hello, would you be so kind to let me know if this plugin works with WooCommerce stores out of the box, or do I have to add some coding to WooCommerce to make it work? I’m not a programmer. Thank you!

Best Regards,



Plugin works with WooCommerce. There are few settings related to products, but they are explained in documentation, and I can help you set them. There is no need for coding.

But, you need to add a piece of code for plugin to show breadcrumbs into the theme, and there is no way around it, since all themes are different and placement of the breadcrumbs are different.


hi, a serious buyer question:

can your plugin do this?

home > a page > child page > sub child page > a POST parented to a page

Basically the last one is blog-post parented to a certain page. Please advice

Not directly, because WordPress doesn’t support such hierarchy on its own.

Plugin has custom hierarchy widget that can be used as a base to build any type of hierarchy, but that widget requires additional coding to provide widget with data.

Just wondering if this plugin is still supported/maintained before I make a purchase. Thanks.

Yes it is, maintained and supported.

Hi Just to know if there is any chance to try the plugin b4 buy… Its say that works with custom post types and taxonomies but .. I had tried same before that say that and then don’t work… Definably I need something Works.. thanks

Plugin is 100% compatible with custom post types and custom taxonomies. From the start it was developed to work that way, and I use it on my websites and all of them rely heavily on custom post types. Only rule is that custom post type is set as public (WP generates URL for them and they can be accessed from front end).

Hi there, just a pre-sales question—is it possible to use the plugin on only a specific set of pages eg. enabled only for Woocommerce category/product pages?

Kind regards Francois Wessels

Thank you, so if the theme supplies custom templates for WooCommerce, we can insert the plugin code only on those templates? Would you be able to assist if we need to do some conditionals? Kind regards Francois

It depends on theme, and where you want the breadcrumbs to appear. So, for WooCommerce, it is safe to assume that only WooCommerce template should include it. Also, many themes implement only woocommerce.php template for all WooCommerce pages, and then it should go into that one too.

If you need assistance with the code, best place is official support forum:


Presales question, please. Do you know if this plugin is compatible with the Layers Theme? Thanks!

I have no idea to be honest. It can be integrated into any theme that allows you to either add function call in template, or you can add PHP content block (for builders) with function call.

O.k. thanks. Guess there’s one way to find out since the price is so reasonable.


Presales question… I never use breadcrumb and I would like to interesting where can I place your breadcrumb? Because my content block is narrow and I think something full width widget block above my content block. Or I can make other types of block…


You can place it anywhere you want. Integration is done directly in the theme, there is a function you need to add to the theme wherever you want breadcrumbs to appear.

Thank you….

Can I read about the custom hierarchy widget somewhere? I’m afraid your plugin will not understand the correct hierarchy of my site without some customization, and I’m hoping that wouldn’t be too difficult of a task.

You have confused two of my plugins, your initial question is for Smart Navigation Widgets plugin, and not this one for breadcrumbs. I don’t understand if you need widgets plugin or the breadcrumbs one, they are quite different.

I’m interested in the breadcrumbs one.

OK. Plugin has filters for modifying the list of breadcrumbs before they are generated, and after they are generated, so you can build your own list of crumbs.

Does this plugin work for Woocommerce Products that exist in multiple categories? Looking for a plugin which will display a breadcrumb showing the category through which the product was accessed. Thanks! Ryan

It works with WooCommerce, but breadcrumbs can be generated for one category only, and based on WordPress function to list categories belonging to a post/product, it is usually first one.

Hi, I created a support ticket on your site, any chance you could have a look please?

I have responded in the forum.

Hi, I’d like to use your plugin to create a series of breadcrumbs that display information for 6 hierarchical taxonomies on my single product page. Is this possible with your plugin?

No. But, I have other breadcrumbs plugin (not on CodeCanyon) with such feature:

I am looking for a “post Navigator” that will work with the listings in the popular

Sorry, I have no idea if it will work, I have never used that plugin.