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hello everything is up and working as expected should you help me setting up cron job? i dont see any doc about it please i enable it for rss channel but its not updating, so i guess it’ll need some setup service starting tomorrow… please.

hello just discovered that sadly the rss feeds with arabic content wont work!!!!!!!!

http://alarab.qa/rss :(

hello, that’s wrong

IE read it perfectly

there’s another rss that dnt also work:



Hi Tayeb, if you have a look at the RSS feed URL’s it’s of this format.


which cannot be interpreted as a proper link and hence the product isn’t accepting the feed.

Please have a look at these feeds which are of proper format and you can see that they parse properly in the application


It’s advised to use feedburner links for all websites to maintain compatibility.

hello bro.

i trusted your product so please try to be helpfull, at the issue isn't in the app but in the backend itself

the laravel package used for rss parcing isn’t accepting the link with UTF8 encoding, but everywhere else is accepted can i expect a fix please? the issue isn’t t(he mobile at all

Hello appoets. I have purchased this script and send the email to get source code of the apps. When will I get it?


naveenedi Author Team

Hi Kishoresingh, we have sent to your mail.Hope you have happy with our response. Thanks.


t3hn00b Purchased

Hey.. Any news about the next update?

Hi. I have some pre purchase quick questions: 1. Can we upload any news without url? 2. If I purchase the script, will I be getting source code of Android and IOS? And does code contain the details of redlining? 3. Your demo script is not sync with the app that is available on Playstore? 4. And the app that is available on Playstore has different layout than the web script. It doesn’t have instant sharing with Facebook, Tweater and a sound option to read news headline. Please revert with these quarries. Your reply shall be highly appreciated. Thanks.

Reskining (Typing error)


iOS has been updated please update.

Hi. How can add advertisement in app Android ? i would to purchase but how to implement advertisement

Hello,do you please send me the iOS and Android apps source code. I send you an email. Regards.

Hello, I sent a 3 email to info@appoets.com and I have not received any response until now. I need the IOS an Android source code. Still waiting for a reply. Thanks for the support.


naveenedi Author Team

we have sent to your mail.Hope you have happy with our response.

I have sent some questions so please reply so let me buy it.

Is my site work as same your website: PointBlank.News? Are you providing source code?

Source code of apps? otherwise apk is not useful for us!

how to manage Android and IOS applications?

Hello, How do I implement push? I asked it long back via email about it., but haven’t got a response yet.


naveenedi Author Team

Hi xxmayankxx , We have sent to your mail. Hope you have happy with our response. Thanks.

Hi Naveen, I haven’t got any mail. Can you email me instructions on how to setup push notifications to mayank.almighty (at) gmail.com?


naveenedi Author Team

For Ref : -

Hi xxmayankxx,

To implement push , In Firebase create an project with package name successfully . Now you can find the cloud messaging tab in which you can get the required details (Project Credentials) for Push Implementation .


Does it includes android + iOS app also?

Is the script updated ? and is it stable with AMP support out of the boox?

Hello Sumank, Yes :) The product is stable and we are planning a massive update in January, which will be available to all customers. It already has both Facebook Instant Articles and Google Amp support out of the box.

Hi. Will I be getting Source code of Android and IOS after purchase? And does that also include the documentation on how to Re-skin the app. Please reply back for the quick purchase.

Hello Sun4, the source code and basic documentation for iOS and Android source codes are sent as bonus material. If you are familiar with both environments, you will be able to reskin, recompile and launch both iOS and Android apps all by yourself. We are coming up with an update that is going to make this more Flipboardesque. Good luck with your project.

Thanks for reply!

Will the coming update make my this purchase eligible for free update?

in this script including android + iOS app also right ?

please send ios & android app source code, I send mail to info@appoets.com, but stil i did not get any reply :(

We have sent to your mail.Hope you have happy with our response.

hello, i send a mail to u, pls check & reply on that mail.

Send me the latest mobile code to manovee@gmail.com

Do not buy, code any problem, he will not provide a solution. And he wants help, will ask you to buy 500 $ package. Want to refund, what to do?

Hello, do you have a document for Mobile App? I need to setup push notification, I can’t find any documentation for that. I send mail to info@appoets.com, but i did not get any reply :(