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I can’t find in the backend how to connect with Facebook

Hi isbkch, for facebook instant articles, all that needs to be done is configure your application on facebook, other than that everything else is taken care of by the application.

Is there a way to easily change the layout to look like Flipboard ?

Which platform would you like to change the layout of ? Web / Android / iOS

We’ve build the application from ground up with just one theme, the layouts need to be completely changed to make it look like Flipboard. if you’d like to have it changed we’ve got a customization package where we will redesign the application as per your preference.

Please send a mail to info@appoets.com if you’re interested in customizing the application along with your complete requirements.

Thank you :)

In Android App, “About us” page show 404 error. From where I need to create this page? (From webserver script or from Android Studio)

Can you provide details on “About us” page so I can fix this because its show 404 error in application.

Hi Kunnusingh, we’ve sent you a response by mail. Hope your queries were resolved.

Thank you

Can we Integrate Google Admob Ads in The Applications Provided ?

We do not have Advertisement in the application by default. If you would like to have it integrated by us we could do it for a small fee, please send a mail to info@appoets.com if you’d like to proceed with the integration by us. Thank you.

Need Guide on How to Host IOS App

Hello, do you have a document for Mobile App? I need to setup push notification, I can’t find any documentation for that.


tjappoets Author Team

Hi, Please shoot a mail to info@appoets.com, we will help you in setting up the push notification.

Hello, do you have a document for Mobile App? I need to setup push notification, I can’t find any documentation for that.

Hi may buy script but interested in the shop or buy now feature as seen in sports demo can I easily edit script to change buy now button


tjappoets Author Team

Hello Garrytodd, this comes under small customisation, if you want shoot a mail to us info@appoets.com

I pay for custom modification and even after 1 month I did not receive file. Don’t do business with this guys or you will be scammed by him.


Hi Kunnu, I wouldn’t say these guys are scammers. Even I purchased this app and so far they have provided everything I’ve asked for.. I did some modifications on the app and its working fine for me.


ruvasta Purchased

Dear Admin..please solve this error

It shows..

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ’.’, expecting ‘&’ or variable (T_VARIABLE) in /home4/xxxxx/public_html/xxxxxx/base/vendor/laravel/framework/src/Illuminate/Foundation/helpers.php on line 476


ruvasta Purchased

my php ver is 5.6..


ruvasta Purchased

php ver 5.6 but..problem still occurs

This issue comes only because of incorrect php version or file corruption during upload to server. Please send us a mail with phpinfo of your server and we’ll raise a support ticket for your issue.


kiziel Purchased

Is this version of app included https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.appoets.pbnpro – tge PBN pro?

Yes this is the app. But remember, It’s not included in the codecanyon package. After buying the package from codecanyon send us a mail to info@appoets.com with the purchase id and we’ll send you the mobile app source codes for free.


ruvasta Purchased

can’t login as admin (after first login i can’t login again).. admin page redirected to 404..try http://telugunestham.com/news/admin

To log in you need to admin, you need to use this url http://telugunestham.com/news/admin/login

Is promo still going? iOS and Android source for free?

Yes the promo is still valid, we’ll provide the mobile apps source code for Free!

I have contacted you through email, phone, skype…. and told you everytime that notifications are not working, you said I need to configure but didn’t tell what I need to configure. I am highly disappointed with your support.

Hi infocomsolutions,

We’ve replied to your queries and hope you’re satisfied with our support.

Thank you.

Hello, You can send me app mobile to email: mrgeno@inbox.lv Thanks.

Hi dklman346,

We’ve sent you the download link.

the news are they posted automatically?

Hi ibietela,

The posts need to be created manually, but they can be scheduled to post automatically.

Alright thanks

Hello please send me app source codes & documentations to raftel.amgaa@gmail.com thanks!!!

Need some technical support, how to get support?

Please mail us at info@appoets.com

Email sent, please reply ASAP


rajpss Purchased

I sent you an email for app source code on 7 march and then requested the same through support tab on 8 march but did not get any response. Please send me app source code and documentation on rkarya@perfectsoftwareservices.com


tjappoets Author Team

This issue comes only because of incorrect PHP version or file corruption during upload to the server. Please Check your PHP version >= 5.6.

Your PHP Version is 5.3.28.


rajpss Purchased

I have moved the website to another server which is linux based and has correct PHP version. Now it started working fine but my hosting provider blocked the website by saying that /home/anant2hs/public_html/base/vendor/phpunit/phpunit/src/Util/PHP/eval-stdin.php file is malicious.


rajpss Purchased

I have purchased another hosting but new hosting provider is also blocking it by saying it has got virus. Earlier hosting was with whois.com and new hosting is with GoDaddy. Both have blocked my websites by saying that this software has got virus.

Is it complete with Android, iOS and PHP with source code ??

The package on CodeCanyon just contains php source code. We give the buyers here the Android and iOS source code for Free once you send a mail to info@appoets.com with your order id.


This seller is a scammer and I am attaching a proof which show that he is a scammer.

About script: You can contact me at dewlance@gmail.com and I can give you review. This is rubbish. I will post screenshot.. Script is not working properly and you will only WASTE YOUR Money.

I will take legal action against this Indian scammer of Codecanyou.net.

Here is screenshot of conversation and you can see response time by date, He toot 1 or 2 month or maybe 3 month to resolve my issue and now not refunding my hard earned money.

Small size screenshot: 1 (Agree to refund) – http://zeromb.com/image/di-OM5V.jpg 2. (This Fraud disagree to refund after 2 month) – http://zeromb.com/image/di-TT4Z.jpg

Full email conversation: (Image size 2.4MB) – http://zeromb.com/scammer-on-codecanyou-.jpg