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appoets supports this item


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Change Log ?

Change Log : - Sitemap added - Google AMP integration added (configuration steps in documentation) - Facebook Instant Article integration added (configuration steps in documentation) - Post title field character limit restricted to 80 - Auth Bug Fixed


i am trying to install it again after the update, am getting the below error even after entering right info.

SQLSTATEHY000 Access denied for user ’’@’localhost’ (using password: NO) (SQL: select * from information_schema.tables where table_schema = and table_name = migrations)

Any update for me ?

do you think add an option to more photos or video to post?

Hi I have bought the app but as i have read before that the installation is not working and on live server … even after changing the folder permission the same msg is showing “The requested URL /install was not found on this server.” pls help to resolve this and install this.


webteknos Purchased


I have updated PBN2.1 Version from codecanyon . Previously i have installed your PBN 1.1 Version easily. But I find it very difficult to install the new version.It has errors kindly Provide support to install it

Hello Webteknos, please shoot an email to info@appoets.com and we shall help you install it in a jiffy! The 2.1 has plenty of awesome features which you will love. The installation procedure is changed. Not to worry, you’ll be up and running in no time :)


I am facing the same issue of installation of this version… please help and guide us about the process of installation. also i have not got android and iphone app version.. or is it like we get only web version in the package.

Pls reply as i mailed you also and requested here also but no reply.

Hi Author, i have mailed couple of times and requested here also about my installation issues as your script is full of junk and not at all easy to install and what is best that you people are not bother… to help.. please guide us to install or please refund my money…

Hi, i can add adsense in web mobile and admob in app android?

Yes you can , If you would like to do it for you please drop a customization request to info@appoets.com