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Hello. I’ve seen that AMP is not out of box. Also I didn’t get any support from you guys. I’ve contacted with Ash on skype but still didn’t get any reply.

hello is this app sending push up on publishing the post?

Hi tayeb_meftah, yes this app sends push notification on publishing a post. You also have the option to switch it on or off while publishing the post.

@tayeb_meftah No, This is buggy. You can try demo. Please read this https://codecanyon.net/comments/15994926

Which contain images and proof that this software is buggy and seller is Indian Scammer.

There is also a big security hole in this script which allow full access to database and server.

Don’t believe on me, Provide your installation URL and I will give your server login details. You can PM me. I will show you security hole in this software.

in demo admin, in RSS chanel when click in get the feed error “Whoops, looks like something went wrong.” why?

and “Bonus: Comes with iOS and Android apps source code” when purchated this pack Smart Mobile News CMS – PointBlankNews for $24 you send me by email the pack for anroid and IOS free?


Hi cristianarenal, we were updating the application and the demo was non functional in that period of time. It has been sorted out now.

Yes we do provide the mobile source code for free both android and ios once you purchase and verify your purchase by sending a mail to info@appoets.com

Is this project dead? I want my support. Still no reply in Skype or anything else. Also webscript has security hole!!!

Hi raftelagency, we apologize for the delay in communications. What would you like to have our support on?

As I see AMP has some errors, and I’ve asked about push notification on mobile and also asked custom advertisement module for freelance work, still no replies

You talked about the update in the comments.. When do you plan to post the update in codecanyon and what are new features innit. Thanks

Hi Takidabadoo,

We’ve concentrated mostly on bugfixes and have upgraded the RSS feature.

You can see the changelog once the update is released.


Hi cristianarenal, Sorry about the delay in response. We’ve gone through the support request and see that your server had PHP version 5.5 which is incompatible with our application. Please upgrade it to the latest version and the issue will be sorted out.

Sorry, but in https://appoets.com/support/pbn#!/server_requirements server requeriment you say php version 5.4 +. I have php 5.5 this is ok!!! So????

We’re sorry for the misunderstanding, but the document is outdated and we’ll make sure it’s updated asap.

If your server is a cpanel, you might have the option to change the php version in the settings or if it’s a vps server, please upgrade to php version 5.6 or higher.

Please reply my email. Thanks

I have a error. In view channels RSS > click in “get the feed” > Whoops, looks like something went wrong.


naveenedi Author Team

Hi Cristianarenal,

Looks like the RSS feed that you tried might not be in the correct format, please try an rss feed like theverge.com or mashable.com and it will work.

6b6aa1d9-9171-45d1-974c-3b28649d26fa – 26 May 2017 I cannot login to the admin area using your credentials in your instructions. I sent you a direct support request and have not heard from you. In fact, I cannot even find my request under the comments area??? I have read many comments on here that people are having problems getting support, so, if I can’t get help: I would request please simply you refund my money and we both move on! Thanks,

Can anyone help me figure out how to login to the admin area after install? I can’t get the developer to give aid and help! It only goes to a 404 error page when trying to admin login. Actually there is no admin folder as well. If anyone can help I would appreciate it. myislandsas@gmail.com Scott

naveenedi Author Team

Hi Scott,

It seems like the php rewrite module might not be enabled on your servers. Please recheck and enable the module if not enabled and the application will start working.

I add https://www.theverge.com/google/rss/index.xml and http://mashable.com/category/rss/ but when “get the feed” error: Whoops, looks like something went wrong.

I already send you username and password of the site by email to verify.


naveenedi Author Team

Sure we have responsed to your mail .Thank you

hi, i want to buy this script ,please confirm that after purchase I will get full package i.e. android, ios app, CMS and web front as mention in your description


naveenedi Author Team

Hi Amit,

Yes, once you buy this application we will provide the source code for android and ios after you send us the purchase id to info@appoets.com

If you have any doubts we will help you.

Just want to know, Can i also place advertisement in the both app or website version?

I mean I also want to place advertisement on the app as like inshorts.

We do not have ads in the application natively. You can customize it to integrate any ad platform as per your requirement.


finnmadej Purchased

Hi, I emailed to get the source code for Android/iOS Apps. Still waiting for a reply. Thanks for the support!

we have sent to your mail.Hope you have happy with our response.

Plannin to buy But No Updates!! When you update this script? and what is the new Version Coming