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I would like to add this button to a persons profile is that possible. also they add the page they want liked in their profile page.

Yes where is item id you must put user id and all will work

Thanks for a good script! Tell me how i can implement two buttons: To be Like and Dislike e.x.: | Like (44) | Dislike (-56) | And if the user has already put dislike could change it to Like? Thank U!

Please write the answer to Thanks!

I am willing to pay for this implementation. It is waiting for a response to my email

Check your email

Hey, is it possible to use more then one button on a page?
Do i just need to change the “item_id”? for each one?

Yes u must changr value of item id

Hi, I’ve just bought the script and tried it out, it’s working great. Just two questions: - is it possible to deactivate the IP limitation? (in our company all employees have one IP adress) - how can I “influence” the counter so that it doesn’t start from zero but e.g. from 50 likes? thanks!

? Yes doesn’t answer my question “which variable would define the user id?”

Replace $_server… With user id

Is it possible to place a like button in a template php file where it can generate the unique id automatically? I want the like buttons to appear every time a new blog post is posted. I don’t want to manually create the buttons. Thanks!

Yes it can be integrated message me to help u

Hi, I just bought and installed your script. Everything is working great but it is not recognizing my unique item ids. Is there something I should check?

Is there an email I am supposed to use other than the one in your documentation?

Hello i reply on your emails sorry for delay techical problem with my server.

Thanks but this project was time sensitive so I found someone else to help me with the issue with the code. The problem was with the sql.sql file.

Hello,is there a way which i could change the IP check for my own users ID? I have a users database with session running and i want them to like some pages or posts, BUT, instead of check if them liked or not something by the IP, the script would recognize the like checking the users id… Is dificult to customizing the script into this? If there’s a solution to this issue, it’s a certain purchase. Thanks in advance.

can the posts be sorted like They have it sorted by popularity. Most popular one top

Yes but nees to be modified

oh awesome. what needs to be done to modify it? can you show me example? that will be amazing

Contact us via email to explain u

Great script but my server keeps saying I need to update this to msqli – how easily is this done please?

Yes give us access via email and will fix it

Your demo link doesn’t seem to have any “like” buttons on it. Can you send a page that shows the functionality?