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Good work, fine design of interface, I suggest to add more modules for that kind of work, like: - stock - H.R - Accountant and make it as full saas application that cover: small company & startup. thank you.


is this HMVC coded?

Its based on the CodeIgniter framework and yes its MVC. thanks

Have tried this with 2 host’s and will not install, Direct and Sub, WASTED 2 HRS

No, I have not mailed you. If there is a tech problem it should be sorted on here. I have uploaded the folder. invoice and it will not install. All mysql up to date and PHP 5.5 and higher on 2 Domains. Ive tried to install in public_html and a sub folder. Altered .htaccess to suit. So what could i be missing?

Comment section is for pre sale query and discussion. Sorry, We don’t provide any support from the comment section. Surely we’ll see what kind of issues you are having. Send us details. Thanks

Details are Above, Where does it State. pre sale query and discussion ONLY?. Ive Panned it now. As far as issues Go, I do not have any more issues. You have made your support very clear, Although the discussion part does not work. Thanks for your time and GLWS :)

Hey what ar you doing ? I had purchased this item from you from here http://codecanyon.net/item/smart-invoice/12241036 witch This item is no longer available and you reposted to buy it again ? How is this come ?

You can get service with your purchase code. The item was deleted accidentally. Just send me email if need help. Thanks

Hy i got some ideas :D and is truly nice if you cand do it.

1. On the menu when you click Invoices to shows you the last invoices made not the first ones, sort by invoice no why ? after you make an invoice it takes you to the Invoices page and you have to go to the last page to see the invoice and print it.

2. Print button on the invoice pages next to the other ones, view, download ….etc

3. When creating an invoice to select the custommer to be with autofill, like searching it and if exist to display it and select it.

4. The same for the Products when creating invoice when writing if the product exist to be able to select it.

5. On the settings page, to be able to set another email where the invoices after you create them to be sended why ? I got an printer with ePrint so after i create the invoice to be sended to the printer email and ower printer it prints it, so we dont have to go to invoice, download it, print it. And i think loots of ppl wold love it. To add one button when creating the invoice next to the one: Send to client No Yes, but sopting like, Send To You/Printer No Yes. Somtimes i create the invoices from home where i dont have a printer and after secand day or when i go to office i have to download them all and print it with is paint …

Is verry bad and hard when i create invoices by clicking the product scroll and search the product it takes time loot of time, imagine i got not 5 10 products more then 100 the same with the custommers is verry pain searching the custommer by scrolling.

Hello i have problem with the permissions of files at install the aplication. default all have 777 but with this i give error 500.. i tried to change to 755 and open de install but i cant finish the install. Can you give me the correct permissions of the files and folders??

Thank you! im starting to use the application but now when i clic on dashboard the screen shows all white. :( I think that this is a little issue. Can you check that? the anothers pages works fine only the dashboard dont works…

This problem only appears when you create an invioce… If you dont create any invoice the dashboard works fine..

Your server running older version of PHP. Upgrade PHP to 5.5 or greater.

CodeIgniter 2 or CodeIgniter 3 ? ( sorry my english is not well )

add multiple languages

No. Need to translate all the views file to translate the script. thanks


drum Purchased

Dear ahkmunna,

The Advanced version has included with this script? It’s possible to add payment information inside sales invoices? It’s possible to add online payment with button like PayPal inside sales invoices? It’s possible to recurring invoices, sales and purchases, for example for montly maintenance? It’s possible to add pop-up advanced calculator with %?

Regards and thank’s



drum Purchased

Yes I misunderstood! how much the advanced version?

Send an email for the price. I’ll give you a discount for incident.


drum Purchased

Ok thank’s

Hi i need your help for the instalation sorry for my English lol

Its live now. Thanks

hi I have problem “The requested URL /login.php was not found on this server.”

Additionally, a 500 Internal Server Error error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

For item support please send email to support. Thanks

Hi, just a question. I wish to disable the required fields into the form (such as Phone and email fields) . Is it possible? Can you show me how? Thanks for the answer, Gherardo

please send an email to item support. Thanks

can change the template?

Yes you can.

hey guyz can you build invoice software like this, please mail me on this email id fo r further discussion kishore.bhosle@gmail.com https://gst.cleartax.in/invoices/e54d2542-9770-482c-a7e7-f168c1d328b6/sales/create 1 july gst launch in india, so it create a big sale you also contact for next

Hello, i got a question/problem, just like theat widouth making any changes to the script or to the server where we host it, when we try to download the invoice or send it to customer/email we get blank white page, inrest the script works like normal, any ideas why we get this problem ? no error_log no nothink

Send an email to support with the detail of the issue and also include the purchase code. Thanks