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Nice work GLWS :)

Thanks You :D

Nice! Would like a PHP script to use it with Mobile APPs

PHP script need more time.

Thanks you.

Hi there,

Nice idea and plugin.

One question please, what does it mean “Description auto detect” & “Tags auto detect”?

For example, we have few images with people and faces inside a post, where do this auto detected Description and Tags will appear?



Hello Bestigore.
Auto detected Description in alt, title and after images. Can you view live demo.

Are you able to use the separate auto detectors individually or will it apply all of them to each image the script is run on? For example, can I use the adult image detection without the age detection?


Hello o0elvis0o
Can you disable age detection.

Wish I can use this plugin unfortunately my site is focuses on anime characters. If i ever have another website that focuses on people, I will consider buying in future. great concept btw

is it possible to educate this script to auto detect on another (ex Deutsch) language ?

Hello tm199
This plugin only supports English.

is it hard to translate to understand other languages?

Yes, it only supports English.

Will the script work outside of Wordpress?

The scrip work inside of wordpress.

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Hello foxscripts
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Hey is this a joke ? you ask for millions and cant even show a basic demo. You are also using opensource libraries for these supposed features. I think I’ll ask the staff to remove this product. Be more serious mate, if you ant to be a “millionaire”then go find investors… remove this from codecanyon. Cheers


How much is it? What are applications for this?

Hello netgain4020
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WTF is the price real???

Hello menj
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i gonna buy dozen of this plugin with extended support LoL

Hello hamidsajjadi
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It cost 1 million dollars Why this value?

Hello renatopasquini
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Let’s hope some mentally unbalanced buy your script. Good luck brother!

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