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Fix the fact that tooltips run off the screen in low resolutions, and you will have another sale.


Well, it works well for the most part, but it requires some tweaks and that will happen in future versions: in some cases position recalculation fails if image is not fuly loaded, and if the positioning is on the limit. But, it will be optimized. I plan updated versio in about a week or so.


This is optimized in 1.1 version.

On iPad the background container does not extend with the image, it looks more like a top fat border with the image appearing in front of it.

This is due to slow image loading, calculations for container are done before image is loaded. I am looking for a way to solve this.

This is fixed in 1.1 version.

There wordpress version of it?

No, and currently there are no plans to make WordPress version.

But, it is used in my WordPress plugin called: Smart Market Widgets:


Dear friend , i need your plugin for another purpose too…

pls see image… i need when the mouse is over a link, i mean when someone hoes the mose to an item from the index to open the picture of the feature image, is it possible? Can you help me do it, i can purchase it 2-3 times for the effort.

Kindest regards, xrisxal2000

Plugin can be used that way, it is made so that target for hover is anything you need. But, this is not WordPress plugin, and you need to implement this on your own according to the documentation and examples that come with the plugin.


if i need help, can you help me with setup, it’s a big site and i don’t want to mess up thinks.If you help me install it i can purchase it twice for the help

Kindest regards, xrisxal2000

Sorry, right now I don’t have any free time for custom work (I am not available for custom work until December). I can give you support if you have some problems with integration, but I can’t do more at this time. Plugin documentation and examples contain everything you need to do the integration.


Sorry. I need to know to install Small Image Tooltip.I have unzipped the installation files and I copied the folder smart-image-toolpit in \ wp-content \ plugin \ but I can not activate the plugin from the wordpress admin panel because the plugin does not appear. I need a quick answer. Thank you very much for your help

I’m in love with this effect and honestly I have searched a lot but have not found any plugin. I congratulate him on his development. I have applied the procedure and I think it is very clear but it has not worked. It is a love imposible.Yo appreciate your support and I ask that if you have any new contact me.

Sir Milan. I want to explain to you the procedure followed quickly

I added this block

if( !is_admin()){ wp_deregister_script(‘jquery’); wp_register_script(‘jquery’, (“”), false, ‘1.3.2’); wp_enqueue_script(‘jquery’); }

in my functions.php file to always work with the latest version of jquery

I have copied the file imagetooltip.core.js to the js folder of my theme (folder: / wp-content/themes/directory/design/js).

Next I added the header.php file of my theme the call command

type=”text/javascript” src=”<?php bloginfo(‘template_directory’); ?>/js/ imagetooltip.core.js ”></script>

I have added to style.css the imagetooltip.core content

I have created a new page from my Wordpress Admin Panel with the following html code (Extracted from his example):

Smart CRON Tools - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

but only logo appears without the effect

You know where is the problem?

Thank you.

You need to follow instructions for the plugin, since you need to include it’s files and to run the script also so it will know what images will be used to apply tooltip. Also, image must have proper data added for plugin too use, and examples also include that.


Thank you very much for your quick response. Buff! . I have a few (or no) knowledge of how to integrate a javascript plugin on a wordpress theme. You know where I can extract the information? Any tutorial or guide? I await your response. Thank you very much. Rafael López

Sincerely Jquery plugin implementation is a complicated process. I am a advanced programmer in Fortran, Pascal, FoxPro, dBase, Clipper, etc. .. for DOS environment but I abandoned developments for over 15 years and everything has progressed very fast. It’s hard for me not to make its implementation. Would be great if you could develop a more automatic method that was all. Do you have some support services (of pay) to perform these adaptations?

Unfortunatly, I can’t explain it any easier that it already is examples and documentation. But, any jQuery plugin requires some basic knowledge on jQuery and JavaScript.

I currently have no free time for any custom work, and I doubt I will have any time before middle of January. But, and WordPress/jQuery developer will be able to integrate that for you.


Thank you for your unconditional support. I am very pleased with the service received.

hi, is it possible to create product information text when hovering on image. example: thanks.

If you need help setting it up check out examples included, and use official support forums or comments here. I will be happy to help.


one more question. i’m going to use this tool tip plugin for your GD PRODUCTS CENTER PRO products images. Actually my requirement is when user hovers on product thumbnail it should display some product info.and few links like spec page , add to compare button, prices page and the user should in a position to click that links which are in hover state. But i think it is not possible with this or am i wrong?. to explain you clearly, in you tube when you are watching a video from any channel that you are not subscribed , when you hover mouse on channel image it will show you links like subscribe, g+ etc like that. thanks

You can display different things, but tooltip is displayed when you hover over image, and it will be gone as soon as the cursor is out of the image, so in 99% of the cases when you try to hover over tooltip while it is open, tooltip will close, and you can’t click on anything inside.

But, Smart Image Tooltip can work on click, so it requires click to open and click to close, and in that case you can click on some links (this is not tested, since the goal was not to make something like that).

Regards, Milan

Hi, is it possible to avoid that the image is cut off at the bottom of the page, maybe to insert margins automatically…(or the window will automatically reposition)



Whenever is possible, plugin calculates position to avoid image shown off screen based on the current cursor position, but in some cases it is not possible to avoid, since it needs to take into account cursor position and not to get under it.



How can I change the size of a shown picture? My problem is, that they have the size of a full screen.


Plugin has options for image size and scaling. Check out PDF documentation for all plugin options. Also, demos included use those options too. PDF file is in the docs folder in plugin package.

Regards, Milan

I litle speak english.

Why not work this code?

<script type=”text/javascript”> jQuery(document).ready(function() { jQuery(“a.sit­preview”).smartImageTooltip({previewTemplate: “caption”, imageWidth: “150px”, fadeEffect: false}); }); </script>


Are you sure you have loaded files needed by the plugin? If yes, most likely your A tags (a.sit-preview) are not formatted properly. You have many examples in the plugin package on how the HTML for images should look like and you have PDF user guide too. Check it out. If you still have problems, I can take a look, and you need to send me URL where I can check out what you did.


Hello Support.

A pre-sales question:

On that site the tooltip is text/HTML/CSS and not an image.

I know that you have Envato-type tooltip but that is mostly an image with some parameters to display some text in pre-defined spots on the tooltip.

I am looking for a tooltip that can display text that is formatted with CSS and also has images.

Is this possible with your script…??

Thanx in advance.


Goal of this script is to show image inside the tooltip with some extra simple elements added to format it (all passed as part of the element used for tooltip). This is not meant as full HTML tooltip. For full HTML tooltip better use something like qTip2.


Thank you for the quick response and the tip…[:0)

Anyway to get this updated to be compatible with IE11? This script no longer works!

Here is the plugin demo on my website: check it out in IE11, it works fine.

It doesn’t have to be something blocking jQuery, it can be some other jQuery plugin that has bugs and throws errors and that breaks every other jQuery code after.

Use some JavaScript debugger (IE has one too) to determine if you have jQuery errors or other general JavaScript errors.


Ya, the demo link you sent over does not work within our Citrix environment. It works fine outside of it.

Sorry, I am not sure what can be causing that, you need to check for errors in JavaScript to determine why that happens.


thank you for awesome plugin!

could you please tell…is it possible to show video in preview? thank you!


Sorry, but no. Plugin is designed to show images as tooltips.


is it possible to create your own templates other than ‘envato’, ‘preview’, ‘simple’??

Plugin source JS has a list of templates that can be expanded with more templates.

is there a tutorial on how to create new one?

No, this is more of a developer feature, and any JS developer will be able to do it by copying the default template. Plugin has no end user option to add templates, they are added into plugin main source.

Nice Work. Good Luck With Sale

Good afternoon. It is possible that you can help me with this support: What adjustments must be made to the code, to use the plugin on html dynamically generated, where the structure is created after loading the page, in addition to being located in a popup. Attached image.

Thank you very much.


I am not sure if that an be done. Plugin uses predefined templates to generate popup, and it is made for images, not something else, so without substantial changes to the code, I doubt it can do what you want here.