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Hello, I got some questions before I buy the plugin.

1) Does this Plugin use lossy or losseless compression? 2) Do you have examples of before and after compression – like 800kb turns to 200kb with example image to see the quality change? 3) My site has around 35k posts and I dont know how many images inside the media library…. can the bulk function compress all images at once or do I have to select+click inside the media library per page (which would take ages this way)?

Thanks for the help in advance!

Regards John


If there are plenty of images in media that means it occupies lot of space and if you try buik compression may be it will take very very long.

I would suggest you use single image compression in each media.

Just test your site on gtmatrix or pingdom tool and compress only those image which are suggested.

If you compress single image you will be see its quality after compression if compression ratio is around 40 to 50 than image will not loose quality.

Check this video:

If you need more help than skype or email me



please dont be mad, but I would like to have my questions cleared in public / so Envato can see that I asked for these things before I bought your Plugin :)

Ok, according to the compression in your video it is lossy compression, which is what I want. Most free plugins compress with with losseless compression, which is not enough for SEO.

Last question: Do images get compressed automatic when they get uploaded? This is a vital function for me, since it takes too much time to manually compress them for every upload.

Hello, pre sales question. After compressing the images, if you disable the plug in will the images stay compressed?

Once you apply compression, it will replace your original image with compressed one, so once you compress images you can disable or remove plugin if you want.

No demo site to test your plugin. Please provide.

HI Sorry, But i have no admin demo where i can give you link but you can reffer this video, Hope it helps.Let me know if any other query.

Hello, does this plugins work with latest wordpress version?, does it require an external api service to work?

Yes it works with latest version and no API required Refer This video for more help

“Total Size Of Large Media images: 0 MB” What does this mean?

Hi, how are you ?

I’m looking for a plugin to optimize the images of my sites.

I would like to know if the plugin of yours complies with this proposal.

I’m waiting to close the purchase. Thank you !

Yes it does optimize image, and single image compression does well. You can contact me if you need help to compress image and if you want to optimize page speed as well.

We need a plugin that makes image optimizations for our site.

I will be very happy if your guys perform these optimizations in a practical way.

Can I make the purchase?

Is it possible to do mass image optimization too?

In the video you only have the option to optimize 1 at a time …