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for Customer Support

Though we paid extra for the customization. it was not delivered on time and quality. No phone number to call or talk

for Feature Availability

This script is very comprehensive, but its not usable. None of the fields are linked so for every module have to re-enter all data again for customer, medicine etc.
It has capability to be really something useful but right now it cant be useful to any medical line.
I hope developer takes this feedback and tries to link up the modules one day so that this script can be used by clinics and hospitals.

I would like to summarise the ratings that i have given previously with an un-biased review:-

Bugs - 5 stars (
I do see some enhancements can be done but no bugs found so far. If you face any module issue it could be due to some settings not configured for your hosting provider)

Feature availability - 5 stars
(Nice features as compared to other 17 products I evaluated. However, inbuilt bio metric/RFID integration with take this product to a next level.)

Code Quality, Customizability & Document quality - 5 Star
(Better that any other products I evaluated, however videos, known issues troubleshooting of Knowledge base site would add a charm)

Flexibility - 5 stars
(multilingual support, flexible front CMS modules are good)

Support - 5 Stars but read the comment below
(Support team you do not have to ask for 5 stars from customer they would definitely give you since you guys are fantastic and technically good where a person does not have to ask you twice.
I personally believe you are A-stars as per all the support that i have received so far.
Keep up the good work and look forward to expect same support in future.

Enhancement suggestions:-
I would be integrating your system with Newest technologies like Bio-metric & RFID integration to mark attendance, Amazon Alexa integration to add customer experience, Android + iPhone + Windows app to improve mobile experience, Auto taxation module for filing returns, basic Token service for front office with name calling feature and various other enhancements for future.

Reach out to me at if you are interested to add more enhancements.

Thank you for your wonderful support.

for Flexibility

That really Good system it can help me much on my business. Recommend for other too.

for Code Quality

I think this is one of the best hospital management application.

Support is pathetic
not able to install , i have bought a lot of product from codecanon and this is the worse , i will recommend not to buy


Author response

We didn't recognize your support ticket. If you have already posted support ticket then give us your support ticket number so we can reply on it at priority basis.

for Feature Availability

full of feature, it considered the most complete and effective software suitable for any kind of hospital or clinic

for Customer Support

After initial hiccup of no response now the response is very good. Thank you for the same. The software do need major modifications for the performance front. Talking to the team and hopefully they resolve the issues faces quickly. If that happens 5 stars on the way :-)

for Bugs

there is some bugs and miss features, but the otheres things is all right. I would like to see this problem solved in the next upadate.