Discussion on Smart Hospital Android App - Mobile Application for Smart Hospital

Discussion on Smart Hospital Android App - Mobile Application for Smart Hospital

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Please explain. Who owns the app and pays playstore? This means patient will have to search for your name on the play store and not the name of my clinic right and then insert my link?

After purchase you own Smart Hospital Android App and if you want you can upload Smart Hospital Android App under your own playstore account. Please check there are two ways to distribute Smart Hospital Android App to your patient users -

1. Just upload smart-hospital-android-app-2.0.apk file on your Smart Hospital hosting directory and give direct link to your patient users . It will no require to make any changes or rebuild of smart-hospital-android-app-2.0.apk file.

2. Rebuild Smart Hospital Android App with your Hospital name , Google firebase id and package name then upload it on Google Paly Store and tell your patient users to download your Hospital name android app from Google Play Store . But this will require to make change in Smart Hospital Android App code and rebuild it on Android Studio . For this you can hire any Android developer or you can hire us but it will be chargeable.

When will you release ios?


kmonsur Purchased

Kindly respond to ticket no #2808.

We have replied on your support ticket.

Not able to book appointment in your mobile application, login as patient????

is multi-branch supports ?

Sorry but Smart Hospital and Smart Hospital Android App is built for managing single hospital/branch and doesn’t support multi-branch feature. However you can purchase Smart Hospital and Smart Hospital extended license and customize it as multi branch hospital.

Admin login is there? where admin can check what is happening, instead of web mode, he can check in his mobile?

Currently Smart Hospital Android App only have option for patient login, however in future updates we will release a separate app for admin/staff login.

Hopefully they will soon launch the IOS version to be able to buy both products, in fact I am going to buy Android in advance to support the team and encourage them to develop IOS

Kindly add the QR code option for the “hospital URL” for as to configure easily

is this supported in tablet??

is staff app release or not?

Yes Smart Hospital android app have support for for tablet. Staff app will take time.

Is Android app all module working with smart hospital 4.0?

Yes Smart Hospital android app supports almost all module present in Smart Hospital except chat module. Currently Smart Hospital android app have only patient login and for staff login we will release separate app for it.

which framework was used in the application?

Smart Hospital and Smart Hospital android app api is built on php codeigniter and Smart Hospital android app is native Android application built on java language.

Hello, sorry post in wrong please, delete it please

When we expect the update in this product ? It’s already 1 year

We are working on it and soon will release Smart Hospital version 4.0 compatible android app.

Just an advice to increase sales for this iterm android app. And it will be great. Your smart hospital is great but you be aware that very few hospitals that enable patient login also most patients are from interior sites. I mean very local villages who dont know most of the things about how hospitals operates, they just go to hospital for treatment and go. So this you have put doctor login or create an android app with doctor login. For this, this iterm may have similar sales to smart hospital. In most hospitals if you have 100 patients a day then only less than 10 or less than 4 or none may visit your hospital website.

Thanks for your feedback. Patient android app main purpose is online appointment and appointment payment which is useful in urban area hospitals which have added in upcoming version of Smart Hospital android app. However soon we will release separate app for staff user like admin, doctor etc. login.

Any new update soon???

Yes soon we will release Smart Hospital Android App version 2.0 for Smart Hospital version 4.0 compatible features. We are trying to release it with Smart Hospital 4.0 release otherwise it will be release around next month.

When do you expect to have the iOS version ready?

It will take time because currently its development is not scheduled. But we are planning to release it around this year end.

Can we add multiple hospital option in it or If I need then what I need to do?

Smart Hospital and Smart Hospital android app does not support multiple hospital feature even its licensing terms does allow to add multiple hospital feature through customization.

Do i need a website for hosting this?

Smart Hospital Android App is mobile device app for Smart Hospital so to use Smart Hospital Android App you must have running Smart Hospital here you all patient and hospital data will be save. Smart Hospital is web version where Smart Hospital Android App is android mobile device client.

Which file is to be skipped/deleted and where the URL is to be inserted so that entering Hospital url screen can be skipped

We provide customer support through our support portal please open support ticket for your issue our technical support team will help you. Thanks for your cooperation.

Hello , i already have the smart hospital web app please let me know if i buy the android app can i customise it to have the doctors login also? is the api ready for it?

With android app purchase you will get complete source code so you can customize it as per your requirement but for doctor login you have to code yourself because android app api currently doesn’t have doctor panel api.


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