Discussion on Smart Grid Builder - WPBakery Page Builder Add-on

Discussion on Smart Grid Builder - WPBakery Page Builder Add-on

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Presale question: does it work with Divi theme?

Hello Digittao, sure it works in all modern themes.

Hi, Quick presale question. Can I set up a custom link on the button rather than going to the post?

Hello Steve, yes you definitely can. You can enter custom URL or setup a custom field to enter URL’s.

Pre sales question: We see that it has not been updated for some time, have you tested if it is compatible with the latest versions of VC etc?

Thanks in advance

Hello Nextweb-g, it is compatible with the latest version of WPBakery Page Builder (not Visual Composer). Only that, we are currently working on PHP 8.

PHP 8.0 issues Warning: The magic method OCDI\OneClickDemoImport::__wakeup() must have public visibility in /public_www/wp-content/plugins/visucom-ss-grid-builder/one-click-demo-import/inc/OneClickDemoImport.php on line 128

Hello Wayne, sorry it took a little long to update this, we are still working on it. For a quick solution, please try disabling the demo importer by removing or commenting the following code on line 63 inside init.php file:

include( SMART_SECTIONS_PLUGIN_PATH . ‘includes/one-click-demo-import/one-click-demo-import.php’);


We have also sent a new update yesterday, please try and let us know.

Hello. It seems that your plugin doens’t match with PHP8. Are you planning an uptade for your clients ?

Hello Olivier, we haven’t tested it out with PHP8 yet but we’ll be doing that in the near future.

Any chance this supports MP4 video on hover for featured image?

Hello @upthree, perhaps you can use the OEmbed feature of the ACF plugin to use it inside your Smart Sections card (or some other plugin that supports dynamic shortcodes) but Smart Sections does not have a built in video uploader or player.

Is there a way to control the speed of the carousel? Not the intervals but the speed in which the carousel slides.

Hello @covaun,

Thank you for your message. Unfortunately, we do not have a setting to change the slider speed. However, it may be possible to do this by editing the codes. Could you please submit a ticket at the URL below?

Hi there,

Can I use it to create blog posts, like on the page:

Can I then also create extra fields with ACF?

Sure! We have an element to display custom fields created with ACF within the card design.

I would like to buy your plugin, I have some questions:
1 – Is it possible to adjust the length of the Excerpt?
2 – Is it possible to indicate that the articles that are shown in one module must not repeat themselves in other modules?
In fact, it often happens that the articles are repeated within the different modules of different shapes inserted according to the layout of the page.
3 – My theme allows you to show an icon on the thumbnails of the image articles, whether it is gallery or video based on the article. Can you keep this?


Hello @WOODYP,

Thank you for your message.

1- You can take a look at Smart Sections, our plug-in which you can edit the archive pages and many other website parts. Smart Sections has all the features of Smart Grid Builder and more.

2- Our plug-ins do not cause any slowdown on your site. We will also support you in case of any technical conflict.

3- While listing the posts, you can assign different names and featured images to access them easily. While adding our “post listing” element in WPBakery, you can choose the “card design” you want from the list. You can be sure that the experience here is as smooth as possible.

Kind regards.

I’ve seen Smart Sections Theme Builder it looks very complete, sure it won’t cause any problems, conflicts or slowdowns, since the theme already foresees the modification of many of these things?
Thank you

Hello Woodyp, you can use Smart Sections wherever you like, and it won’t cause any problems in the site, even if you don’t use it. If you feel it does, please send us a ticket and we’ll help you right away.

Hello. In the listing, if I select the mode load more button, the new articles will be showed as masonry and not grid layout. Why? thank you.

Hello Alex, thank you for your comment. Could you please send us a ticket for this problem? Let us check and help you:


Is it possible to build a grid to show Product Attributes taxonomies (Woocommerce)?

I would like to create a “Brands” page using our pa_brand taxonomy and to show their image, name and description and including url.


Hello @x2408, yes! You can definitely do that. Please check this video:

I like the look of this, its a presales question… does this work for posts and on ListingPro Theme?

Hello @pantsman28, Smart Sections grid works with every kind of post type.

I created a custom taxonomy called “resource type” that I would like to display on my blog cards in addition to category. Is this possible. Also is it possible for the blog excerpt to pull from the visual composer “text block” instead of the default classic editor?

Hello @fiscalnot, yes #1 is possible. For #2 it is possible but not recommended. We recommend using custom fields (with the power of ACF Pro included in our plugin). Once you make the purchase, please open a ticket from our support portal if you need any assistance.

after the latest WordPress update there was an issue with jQuery. We currently have bypassed the issue by downloading the plugin ‘Enable jQuery Migrate Helper’ and switching the setting to jQuery Version Legacy 1.12.4-wp, however WordPress 5.7 will not allow the use of JQuery 1.12.4, so I am wondering if there is an update that will be released soon to address this issue. Thanks!

Hello @asandage, we have replied to your ticket.

I can’t access my ticket now to reply

I feel let down by this plugin that was running over 75 post on my site, after updating to wp5.6, the plugin does not work. Can you tell me when this would be updated. I currently have 1.27 installed

Hey @julientpitter,

Thank you for your message. We have tested our plug-in with the latest version of WordPress. It seems to be working fine on our end. Please download and try Smart Grid Builder v1.2.8.

If you need any further assistance, please open a ticket on our support system:

By the way, It looks like you haven’t bought the plug-in yet. Did you buy it from another account?

Kind regards.

Hello, this plugin needs an urgent update with the latest WP version 5.6 and also please check compatibility with Salient WP Bakery page builder, the padding and vertical aligning have a big conflict! I hope for a new release urgent! thx!

Hello @buro86, we have just released an update. Please check if it works fine for you. If not, please open a support ticket from our support portal. You’ll probably receive an email regarding the update soon. Thanks…

Hello thanks for the quick fix! Seems to work good with latest WP version, however the compatibility with Salient theme is something you can check please? In their version of WP Bakery Page builder, you have conflicts with vertical align content in the middle ( full height row )... i hope you can test it out on this theme. thx!

Hello @buro86, please send us an email and let us check.

Hello @haitireps,

You are welcome. Adding labels to the cards is possible. When it comes to star ratings;

- If you want to display ratings that come from WooCommerce, it is possible with Smart Sections, another of our plug-ins.

- You can also display star ratings with custom HTML code or an image for each post. It is possible again with the Custom Fields.

Kind regards.

how can i add custom button to grid with this plugin? Like this:

Hello @haitireps, yes, definitely!

Thank you for you fast reply. one more question. What about adding STAR RATING REVIEWS and LABELS to post grid ? ie:

Hello @haitireps,

You are welcome. Adding labels to the cards is possible. When it comes to star ratings;

- If you want to display ratings that come from WooCommerce, it is possible with Smart Sections, another of our plug-ins.

- You can also display star ratings with custom HTML code or an image for each post. It is possible again with the Custom Fields.

Kind regards.

Uh, I downloaded this and every time I try to Import a demo it says an error occured.

Hello @maroutedits, thanks for your comment. We replied to your ticket.

Hello – is it possible to add aria-label support for links? For example, my featured image links to the single post but this is flagged in Google Lighthouse for “Links do not have a discernible name”.

Hello ElaraWeb,

Sorry that you are experiencing a problem using our plug-in. As far as we can see, this warning is about accessibility when a link (“a” tag) does not have an anchor text inside of it.

We will of course consider improving this issue in our next updates. Which elements exactly do you get this error on?

Kind regards.


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