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Hi, is there a way to limit the amount of posts? For example, I just want to show the latest three posts on my homepage with no load more button.

Hello @ElaraWeb,

Yes, it is possible. While adding post listing element, you need to select “Show all” instead of “load more button”. After that, you can limit the amount of posts from the “items on single load” field. Please let us know if you need any further assistance:

Kind Regards.

Hello. Do you provide shortcode or widget for the filters to add the Woocommerce Product’s variation form to show up in listing? So the user can choose the attributes for example, color/size before adding it to cart? Thank you.

Hello @newsprince,

Unfortunately there is no filtering option by color/size. You can only filter posts/products by their taxonomies such as category.

Kind Regards.

No i mean like this a widget to add to the grid elements

Check the screenshot

Hello @newsprince, thank you for your message. Unfortunately it is not possible. Thanks & Regards.

Please update this plugin to be compatible with the latest version on WP Bakery. It is currently not recognising the the shortcode with the latest version.

Hello @salkaawan, I’d like to ask, did you download the latest version of Smart Grid Builder? If you did so, please open a ticket from our support portal and we’ll be happy to solve your issue.


buro86 Purchased

I just bought this and tried to activate this but I’m gettin this error:

Warning: require_once(/data/sites/web/adxneurosciencescom5417/www/wp-content/plugins/visucom-smart-grid-builder/includes/demo-importer/src/wp-php-compat-check/wp-php-compat-check.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /data/sites/web/adxneurosciencescom5417/www/wp-content/plugins/visucom-smart-grid-builder/includes/demo-importer/gusta-demo.php on line 24

Fatal error: require_once(): Failed opening required ’/data/sites/web/adxneurosciencescom5417/www/wp-content/plugins/visucom-smart-grid-builder/includes/demo-importer/src/wp-php-compat-check/wp-php-compat-check.php’ (include_path=’.’) in /data/sites/web/adxneurosciencescom5417/www/wp-content/plugins/visucom-smart-grid-builder/includes/demo-importer/gusta-demo.php on line 24

Hello @buro86,

Sorry that you are experiencing problems using our plugin. Could you please open a ticket with your login credentials from our Support Portal, and we will look into it right away:

Kind Regards.


buro86 Purchased

No problem, it can happen, hope you will be able to solve it soon! It’s quite urgent, thanks!

Hello there. Have recently setup grids that include images with a social sharing box, consistent with the demo import of “Card Design – Flat 1”.

The grids have displayed perfectly for the last few weeks, but when I checked our website today, the social sharing boxes appear as empty square boxes and do not have the social icon displayed.

Is there any reason this would have occurred?

The URL is and the grids on the home page should be displaying the social icons but currently do not.

Hello @twofortheworld, thank you for your comment. This happens when you theme is using a version of the Font Awesome icon font which is newer than the latest version loaded in WPBakery PAge Builder.

One way to get around this issue is to edit the vc_elements/gusta_social_sharing_box.php to enter the correct new classes that the new version uses.

If you could open a ticket from our support portal, we’ll be happy to help you solve this issue.

Hey there, thanks for the reply.

Unfortunately my support period has ran out so I can’t lodge a ticket, however, having purchased the plugin in good faith I would really appreciate any assistance in resolving this.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

Hello @twofortheworld,

Can you please send us an e-mail from our profile page?

Kind Regards,


wavi Purchased

Hi i think use this for product grid, my ask : is possible at the end of grid create one post ( post or product or..? ) that open a new grid with other product ? in other word i have a grid with product sale all year , but now i have some other product/categories only sale in Xmas , and want one ( post or product or..? ) ox Xmas that open new grid with all xmas. thankyou++

Hello Wavi, thank you for your message. We have an advanced “Data” tab where you can filter your posts with different taxonomies. If you create a taxonomy such as “Sale Period” etc and add such as “Only sale in Xmas”, “Sale all year”, you can select in your post listing data accordingly. I hope it makes sense.


wavi Purchased

yes, but customer want all normal sale in one grid and at final of this grid one image/post/product that open a new page with grid of xmas ( not two separate grid )

I am not really sure if I understand your question but here is a link to our Knowledge Base videos, especially the one related to the “Data” tab. Maybe you can find the answer here:

Hi, I display the Post Listing Filter element on my page along with the Post Listing Element. In the Post Listing Element, I have it set so that the posts are ordered by date in ascending order.

When I then click one of the filtering options, the ordering of my posts seem to be displayed in a random order.

Hello ElaraWeb, we just tested in our test site and sorting feature works as expected at our end. Could you please open a new ticket from our support portal with your temporary admin login credentials? Let us check your issue:

Hello, this plugin gives constant errors in new Wordpress updates (Wordpress 5). I’d like to continue using it, but without an adequate update I had to disable it. Is an update in order to solve all the latest compatibility problems? Thanks

Hello @surajsingh, Sorry that you are experiencing problems using our plugin. Please open a new ticket from our support portal linking to this conversation and adding your temporary admin login credentials, then we’ll help you right away:

The tool items have disappeared

I cannot add the items of the tools. When I tried to save pages or posts it gives an error because the WP not understanding SmartGrid anymore.

When I try to re-install: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare gusta_section_columns() (previously declared in /home//public_html/wp-content/plugins/ss-grid-builder/includes/register.php:88) in /home//public_html/wp-content/plugins/ss-grid-builder/includes/register.php on line 98

Hello @lucaskime, Sorry that you are experiencing problems using our plugin. Please open a ticket from our support portal linking to this conversation and adding your temporary admin login credentials, then we’ll help you right away:

Hi, it is possible using smart grid to for search result page?

Hello SafwanRahman, it is not possible with Smart Grid Builder, but it is possible with our other product named Smart Sections (plus many more featues). Here is the link to it:

Can both can be used at the same time? Smart Grid and Smart Section?

Hello SafwanRahman, Smart Sections basically has all the features that Smart Grid Builder has, so there’s no need for Smart Grid Builder if you have Smart Sections.

For reference, if someone used Smart Grid Builder, then decides to upgrade to Smart Sections, the former “Grids” will still be usable as the name “Section” with “Post Listing Card Design” purpose.

Hi, we have a courses site, and we use wpcourseware. That plugin allow to create courses but not the grid to show them. Can i create a grid something like this one And i want to know if i can just create the grid, baut edit every “card” individually and customized fields, like if i want to use in the grid an extra field with custom text, that is no in the tags of the the course plugin. Or just create the grid, and edit everything individually. Wait for your answer. Thank you

Hello Circunloquioeditorial, thank you for your comment. You can indeed create a similar grid if your “course” post type is public and if you know all the custom fields’ slugs used by the plugin (such as course price, discounts etc).

However, the grid item card layouts (the design) can not be customized specific to a post. It may only have one card design. The data off course can be customized.

Please let us know if you have any more questions.

Hello, presale question… In your video i see there is no “order by” -> custom field.

If this is possible the plugin is really great because we can use this for events also…

Hello @maxmedia, thank you for your message. Unfortunately, we do not currently have that feature, sorry.

Hi, I am interested in this plugin, can it create something like this

Hi, thank you so much for the reply :) I think the issue I am facing with just using WPBakery is that it doesn’t seem to support nested columns with equal height. That is the main thing I am after, the ability to create a layout such that I can specify equal heights for certain elements (grids) and then make that collection of elements (eg 2 shapes on top of each other) be equal height to 1 shape next to it. The ability to have the content of the different grid sections come from different sources is also a requirement, so not just all posts, or galleries but whatever I decide each individual shape should be (text, button, pic, etc). Lastly, the layout is required to be responsive. If WPBakery handled nested columns of equal height then there would be no issue. I hope this makes sense. :) Is there anywhere I can log in and test the plugin?

Hello @noctatheme, You can easily set the height of the columns equal with WPBakery Page Builder. You can also change the number of columns on different devices. Unfortunately, we do not have an environment for demo testing. However, if you have a static design, we can specifically talk over your design.

Thanks for the reply. Yes I had set the equal height option on the nested columns but the theme is not allowing it to work, so I am in touch with the theme developer. Thanks again.

Does this plugin support pages???

Hello @outintheclouds. Sure it does!