Smart Font Viewer - Organizing & Previewing Fonts

Smart Font Viewer - Organizing & Previewing Fonts

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This software may you help to find font style which you love. Also Smart Font Viewer is user friendly and too easy to use. It has a lot of useful features, which is extremely easy to use. Do not spend your time looking for any of your favorite font styles. This is a very essential program for font management. The interface of this program is very attractive to see which you will be able to use. The project is written in 2010.




• Create new Custom list. 

• Add new font to Favorite list. 

• Save font list to text file. 

• Save font style as image file. 

• Export font for make archive folder. 

• Find and Go To option. 

• Search and filtering any font name. 

• Classic view window. 

• Standard view window. 

• Individual preview option. 

• Font, background color changing option. 

• Also make custom list (Like Script, Serif etc) 

• All font display and Favorite list display. 

• New font install option. 

• Word notes window.


User’s Benefits:

■ Open custom list for preview.
■ Open Not Installed fonts for preview.
■ Save font list to text file.
■ Save font style as image file.
■ Print current displayed style.
■ Export font for make archive folder.
■ Application usages history.
■ Auto saving recent list.
■ Recent list for preview and save as list.

■ Copy font name for uses.
■ Auto paste option.
■ Change Case option (Upper, Lower, Title)
■ Sort list for ascending-descending preview.
■ Find and Go To option.
■ Search and filtering any font name.

■ Classic view window.
■ Standard view window.
■ Individual preview option (Full Screen)
■ Toolbars, status bar.
■ Font name title and Number title show-hide option.
■ Full screen option.
■ Zoom in-Zoom out preview title

■ Font, background and title color changing option.
■ Reverse color and default color.
■ Alignment option (Left, Center, Right)
■ Text position (Top, Middle, Bottom)
■ Line spacing option for main title preview.

■ Can you make favorite list.
■ Also make custom list (Like Script, Serif, Sans Serif etc)
■ Load recent list for preview.

■ All font display and Favorite list display.
■ Create new custom list.
■ Add new font to Favorite list.
■ Font Library, Font name list, Current displayed list.

■ New font install option.
■ Word notes window.
■ Auto display option.
■ Run default and custom program.
■ Windows Char Map.
■ Open application folder location.




Next: Preview next 10 font styles.
Shortcut: Ctrl+Down Arow, Press Enter, Mouse Scroll Down

Previous: Preview previous 10 font styles.
Shortcut: Ctrl+Up Arow, Mouse Scroll Up

Reset: Start to at first of the list.
Shortcut: Ctrl+Home.

Refresh: Refresh form and all component of the Application, Shortcut: F5

Open: Custom list open for preview to any location.
Shortcut: Ctrl+O

Open Not Install Fonts: For preview any custom font which is not installed.

Save As Current List: Possible to share your any list which you make. The file make by text file.
Shortcut: Ctrl+S.

Save As Image: Current displayed 10 font’s style you can save to PNG file. Which you share with your friends.
Shortcut: Ctrl+Shift+S.

Print: Current displayed 10 fonts style you can simply print.
Shortcut: Ctrl+P.

Export Font: You can export any of fonts for make archive folder.
History: The application opening Date and Time, using font name, Closing Date and Time, Duration of using the application.
Recent List: Load recently using fonts name to recent list.
Exit: Close the application.


Copy: Copy the Selected Font Name.

Paste:  You can paste the Preview text to text box from the clipboard.

Auto Paste: If you select this option then applications automatically paste text from clipboard.
Shortcut: Ctrl+Shift+P.

Clear: Clear the preview text box.

Change Case: You can change the case of text to Upper, Lower, Title
    Upper Case: All text UPPER CASE. Shortcut: Shift+F3
    Lower Case: All text in lower case. Shortcut: Shift+F4
    Title Case: All text in Title Case. Shortcut: Shift+F5 

Sort: List for (A-Z) Ascending (Z-A) Descending preview.

Find: Any of font name you can find. Just type the font name.
Shortcut: Ctrl+F.

Go To: You can go to the list item number. Just type the number.
Shortcut: Ctrl+G.


Classic View: Preview the font style with classic style. You can make the custom list and add font name for make new list.
Shortcut: Ctrl+F12.

Standard View: Font name list view. You can make the custom list and add font name for make new list.
Shortcut: Ctrl+F7.

Individual Preview: Show the selected font with full screen and show it bigger. You can save the style as Image (PNG).

Toolbar: Show and hide the toolbar.

Status Bar: Show and hide the status bar.

Title Font: Show and hide the font name of style frame.
Shortcut: Ctrl+M.

Title Number: Show and hide the title number right side of style preview.
Shortcut: Ctrl+N.

Full Screen: Preview the list with full screen.

Zoom In: Show zooming in bigger.

Zoom Out: Show zooming in smaller.



Font Color: For change the displayed font color.

Background Color: For change the background color.

Title Text Color: For change the displayed frame font name text color.

Reverse Color: For Text and Background color reversed.
Shortcut: Ctrl+B

Default Color: If you select any font, background or title text color this option makes default
Black and White color.

Alignment: For change the Left, Centered and Right alignment.
Shortcut: For Left Alignment- Ctrl+L, For Centered Alignment- Ctrl+E, For Right Alignment- Ctrl+R

Text Position: For change the text position to Top Left or Middle Left or Bottom Left.

Line Spacing: Increase and Decrease the line spacing.
Shortcut: For Increase- Ctrl+Shift+OemPlus (+), For Decrease- Ctrl+Shift+OemMinus (-)


All Fonts: Select all installed font for preview. Which is default. Shortcut: Ctrl+A

Favorite: Select Favorite list for preview. Shortcut: Ctrl+T

Create Custom List: For making the new custom list. Select the option and drag and drop them to the list for add new.

Favorite List: For add font to the favorite list. Select the option and drag and drop the font name for add new.

Fonts Library: For showing the Fonts Library tab.

Font Name List: For showing the Font Name List.

Current Displayed List: For showing the last displayed 10 font name list.


New Font Install: New font installation option. Select the font folder and show. Shortcut: Ctrl+I

Notes: You can create notes using by this window. There are some options for word processing. Shortcut: F8

Auto Display: If you want to display automatically then you can use this option. Just click start. Have a option for speed.

Run Program: Add some program list; you can use this option for opening the program. Also open any exe file using the browse.

Windows Char Map: This option just run Windows Character Map.

Open Installed Font Folder: For open setup fonts folder.

Application Location: You can see the application location. If you want to open the location just click ‘Yes’ button.

Files Included:

• Software File • Information file • Read Me file • Help File (PDF)

Watch video tutorial:


If you need any help using the application or need special customizing please feel free to contact me via my codecanyon profile. If you have a moment, please rate this item, I’ll appreciate it very much!.... Regards.


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