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Nice work GLWS :)

Thank you sir

fantastic work ! Very good :)

Thank you sir

Is there any reporting or output of data?

Yes there are few reports and we are adding graphs too. Plus you can export data into CSV. We are lunching new release in 1 week which will have all these features.

Hi, We have recently updated our application, it have new feature of data export to CSV and couple of new reports. Please take a look on the demo


have an version in portuguese?

Sorry unfortunately currently support MySQL only

good job, i wish you all the best for your sales

can you import csv or xls files for viewing in this ?

Yes we can do that

i bought your application, uploaded it to my public_html inserted all necessary data, but when i click on “Install” it loads and keep me on the same page without installing, please how can this issue be resolved. thank you.

Hi, Thank you for your purchase, can you please tell me your server environment, what is your Apache and PHP version. Also please send me screenshot where the installation is stuck. We will help you for sure.


for screenshot please see link PHP Version: 5.6 allow_url_fopen On display_errors On error_reporting E_ALL file_uploads On include_path .:/opt/alt/php56/usr/share/pear:/opt/alt/php56/usr/share/php log_errors On mail.force_extra_parameters no value max_execution_time 300 max_input_time 600 memory_limit 512M open_basedir no value post_max_size 128M session.save_path /tmp short_open_tag On upload_max_filesize 1G

Please provide me with your private email if possible to send you the Database name, username and password

Thanks for details please send me here

please how do i change the currency… this is very important.. i look forward to hearing from you soon

Currently SEK support USD only, we will be developing multi currency feature in next release.

Please permit me, i have to seek for refund because i am in Nigeria and we use Naira and not US Dollar… thank you for your understanding.. please accept the refund so that i can purchase another item. thank you

author i have applied for refund and you have refused to approve it.. please i beg you to approve it, you product is a new one and new in the market, do not spoil the reputation of your product…. i can not use your product if i can not change currency.. it is not possible.. do you want me to loose money… please i beg you… i will appreciate if you refund me back my money, . please do not make me regret purchasing it… i am running behind time because i have a deadline to deliver my product.. thank you

Dear Customer, We have refund you, cheers

thank you very much for your understanding.. your product is wonderful just that my only problem was the currency change.. please do work on doing that. i will encourage anybody trading in Dollars to buy your application because it is super good and i will also rate it… thank you

Hi, We have updated multi currency features, now you can have different currency for each company.