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I need to know how to simply replace USD price with a currency of my choice without using autodetect or tooltips.

Excuse me. I bought “Smart Currency Converter for WordPress” from you. Now its not working anymore. NOw I see you deleted it¨WHY

there is a woocommerce plugin for it

i bought already wordpress and this one!!! what do you expect me to do!!?? U just delete all my purchase and you expect to buy more of you!!! are in in good helth…?

and with https its anyway not working!

I am using smart currency converter jquery plugin, my portal items are basically stored in INR , I configured the plugin as follows

$(’.pricetag’).currencyConverter({ replaceOriginalPrice: true, // use any option, like these targets: [“autodetect”], baseCurrency:”INR” }); but the problem is I can’t see the INR symbol before the price, but I can see the no valid target currencies messages in console, if I change baseCurrency to some thing else like JPY it is working fine but I can see the INR converted into JPY though I am from india and I have to see the currency in INR is this a bug ? or some thing issue from my side

Can you reply?

Sorry Sit for late reply, I was Sick ,anyways , is your problem solved or its till happening? Can u send me your site link at ?

Does it work on https? seems like we have issues in Production. Do you have any alternatives? or any changes i have to do?

We’re facing issues using this script on https. As far as I can see other users have been facing the same problem. Did you get the solution?

Any news regarding the HTTPS issues? Thanks in advance.