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I need to know how to simply replace USD price with a currency of my choice without using autodetect or tooltips.

Excuse me. I bought “Smart Currency Converter for WordPress” from you. Now its not working anymore. NOw I see you deleted it¨WHY

there is a woocommerce plugin for it

i bought already wordpress and this one!!! what do you expect me to do!!?? U just delete all my purchase and you expect to buy more of you!!! are in in good helth…?

and with https its anyway not working!

I am using smart currency converter jquery plugin, my portal items are basically stored in INR , I configured the plugin as follows

$(’.pricetag’).currencyConverter({ replaceOriginalPrice: true, // use any option, like these targets: [“autodetect”], baseCurrency:”INR” }); but the problem is I can’t see the INR symbol before the price, but I can see the no valid target currencies messages in console, if I change baseCurrency to some thing else like JPY it is working fine but I can see the INR converted into JPY though I am from india and I have to see the currency in INR is this a bug ? or some thing issue from my side

Can you reply?

Sorry Sit for late reply, I was Sick ,anyways , is your problem solved or its till happening? Can u send me your site link at ?

Does it work on https? seems like we have issues in Production. Do you have any alternatives? or any changes i have to do?

We’re facing issues using this script on https. As far as I can see other users have been facing the same problem. Did you get the solution?

Any news regarding the HTTPS issues? Thanks in advance.

Hi, did you ever fix the https:// issue? i just bought the smart currency converter jQuery plugin and i really didn´t see it comming that it would not work on https://. If you have a solution please advise, if not, is it possible to get a refund?

In this plugin, can we able to convert multiple currency to single currency. if so, can you provide sample code for this.