Support for Smart Currency Converter for WooCommerce


CodeHound does not currently provide support for this item.

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Can the visitor checkout with his/her local currency?

No. The visitor would have to pay in store’s base currency. The converted prices are meant to give him/her a feel of how expensive a product is.

Can I use currency symbols (like $,€) instead of currency codes (like USD, GBP)?

No. The reason is – different currencies often use the same symbol. For example USD (US Dollar) and AUD (Australian Dollar) both use the same symbol $. So showing only the symbol can be misleading to some visitor.

What currencies are supported?

Total 157 currencies are supported. See the full list here.

In the live preview site, I see the screen flicker when the tooltips are appearing. Is this glitch going to show in my website too, if I use the plugin?

The glitch is not from our plugin. It is caused by the codecanyon frame that is wrapping our website.

Try viewing the demo site without the codecanyon frame (Click “Remove Frame” at the top left corner). Or directly visit the demo site: .

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