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Sorry but i thought customers will be able to pay via currency that will show on product page.

LIke default is in GBP and i want users to see USD when they open site from USA and also pay in USD

If its not possible, i dont need this plugin, can u pls advise


Do you have indian currency feature Rs

Hi, can the widget currency switcher work without the SAVE button? So once a currency is selected, the page reloads automatically. Also, is there any php code to embed in theme files directly? Cheers

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I have installed and activated the plugin, however it does not work at all. Nothing shows up on my woocommerce store.
Greetings. I have purchased your currency plugin and i am getting this kind of errors after installation. Can you please assist me, thanks.

Hoi, when will https be supported? We are interested in the Plugin Smart Currency Converter for WooCommerce but we need SSL. IS there a possibility to test your plugin? Thx, BR Stefan


1) Does your Currency Converter allow a super clean integration as part of the main menu in form of a dropdown menu? NOTE: We’re not talking about “Widgets” here but actual elements of the main menu. Your shortcode, etc. should easily be put in via the official “Appearance” —> “Menus” —> “Custom Links”.

After all, the main menu on the homepage i.e. could look like this:

Home – My Account – Shop – Currency

If you hover over “Currency” with your mouse, all currencies (i.e. USD, EUR, GBP, CHF, etc.) should appear accordingly.

Does your plugin offer this feature?

2) Is your plugin fully compatible with the following plugins?:

Thank you for getting back to me on this asap.

Kind regards, Patrick

please check my site the plugin is not working properly, some price changed some not, and sometimes it work and sometimes cannot work.

Hi, this plugin detect the country´s currency using an IP or language browser configuration?

How do I set the start currency. All my prices are added to the site in GBP but it is converting the GBP price. Price should be £93.33 but with the converter it is showing as £134.39. It seems to think the initial price is in USD

plug-in does not change the prices in the variability of the product if you go to a variation of how to fix?

I bought this plugin and the ultimate multi convert one because you told me it’s better , now the latest one which was more expensive has been removed . are you still supporting and standing behind your products ?

never might , please disregard my previous message , I found your other one . thank you !

This is easily fixed, I found 3 http:// references then amended them, gimme a shout ( anyone stuck with this issue. Change these to // or https:// problem solved, SSL links work just fine free or paid or


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Cheers for working on the site with me papshivo and nice fix, didn’t want to have to change out the plugin as has been solid until now, long may it continue!


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Because a lot of SSL websites and CDNs do not allow for mixed content (http:// and https://) some connections that this plugin attempts will be blocked.

The simplest way to fix this is to open up js/jquery.scc.js inside the plugin directory. Once you have done this find all http and replace with https. Like @papashivo mentioned, you will be able to use // as well.

When complete, save the file, clear any CDN cache and your plugin should now be working.

Hey guys, Thank you for great plugin!

My website was built with WordPress 3.9.1 I need the older version of the plugin. Could you send to me? br Dusko

It seems this plugin is calling 3 external files, insecurely. I’m using an SSL certificate on the site and it’s flagging up as insecure due to these 3 files not being called over https.

Is there a fix?

Scrap that, just read comments above :)

demo down!