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I bought yestarday using google chrome, but today i tried to use in internet explorer 10 (windows 7 ) and doesn’t work, i tried in 2 computers. In internet explorer 8 ( windows XP ) works but i need use in internet explorer 10. Doesnt show anything in the search.

Thank you for your purchase. Please note that IE 10 isn’t listed as one of the compatible browsers

Is it support hebrew?

Not sure we haven’t tried

there are some errors in scripts
- print_r($result);die;—> should be removed
- $sql_data[], 9.th element (before last one, you use the word “don’t”, which the character ’ will be used for query, so this line will not be inserted
- You write
   $result[] = $ldb->db_db_query($sql_data);

should be:
   $result[] = $ldb->db_db_query($sql_data[$a]);

b) db.php:
you use :
it should be:
I hope it helps and there are not more bugs existing in other parts

UTF8 dose not work, I read here a comment that utf8 did not work and you suggested that o add in header(“Content-Type: text/html; charset=utf-8”); in related file, but he answered that this line will not work, but there was no co´mment from you more
. I have also same problem that adding this line did not work and german characters Ä, Ö, Ü will not be shown correctly. I know it is long time you implemented it but I will appreciate if you find a solution for it.

for utf8 I found a solution:
following line should be added before sql access $result_obj = $ldb->returnArray($sql);()
mysql_query(“SET NAMES ‘utf8’”);

Pre-purchased question? Does IE9 > above isn’t in list?

i’m really regretful of buying this product . i can’t use this & setup this on my wordpress like a plugin i do’nt know what meaning of these text in “how to use it” : Copy the folder ‘sc_plugin’ (Not the one inside “demo” folder) to your project directory. Copy and paste these lines before </head> on your page

plase help me to use this !