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your demo has a database mistake. show broken database in yii:


CDbCommand failed to execute the SQL statement: SQLSTATE[42S02]: Base table or view not found: 1146 Table ‘sca.dictionary’ doesn’t exist

Thank you for info, it works again

can not login….

Hi, look and feel is not working properly in the demo, can you please confirm that is going to work ok in the purchase version? Right now there are too many overlapping frames (calendar, menu, etc). Thanks

Hi, in current version there are some layout issues on smaller resolution screens. I wanted to fix that issue but currently I am very busy with other projects. I will be fixed in future but I am not able to predict when It will be released. So buy it only if you are satisfied enough with current state

I am looking to create a timesheet/payroll system.

is there anyway you would expand your system to collect time by the day instead of only adding hours per month, this really only works if you are getting paid monthly, where as most people get paid weekly or bi-weekly.

Hello, have the same error as 2 year bevor (see comments), – Error 500 strtotime(): have changed error_handling, – unsuccessful :(

resolved, set the timezone, thanks

The script does not let me login,

I enter the credentials and it does not do anything….Please help or refund me.

Same issue…..doh! should’ve read above ^^ buyer beware.

error 500 to use anther Language???

Can this be customized easily at all. Logo, colours etc? Would this need to be coded

demo password not working/ it is an yii 2 or 1?


demo password not working/ it is an yii 2 or 1?


demo password not working/ it is an yii 2 or 1?


am having an issue with the script i have installed it on 3 different servers and getting the same error. Error 500 Use of undefined constant php – assumed ‘php’ does any one know what this can be and any fix?

also cannot change language and cannot see no settings: Error 500 Undefined variable: dict

Nothing is working cannot see settings cannot do nothing seems everything is broken. any one having this problem also? before i request a refund. Selling a broken script this needs to be pulled from codecanyon before someone else buy it.

to all who having problems with error 500 user of ….. edit the index.php in sca folder and add the following above the require_once($yii); as shown below this is a temporary fix author should fix this before selling a broken script.

error_reporting(E_ERROR | E_WARNING | E_PARSE | E_NOTICE | E_STRICT | E_DEPRECATED); error_reporting(E_ALL ^ E_NOTICE);

require_once($yii); Yii::createWebApplication($config)->run();

another pile of sh** on envato…wow

I’m needing a software that a manager can use to input his employees time on a daily basis. Then we want to be able to export this out to excel. Will this work for those needs?

Hi there,

I am thinking to buy ‘Smart company application’ script

The script says ‘no support provided’.

Does this application works ?

Any answer would be highly appreciated.

Many thanks in advance.


Installation was fine, config changed and worked but I have the same issue – I have followed the fixes but each gives same errors as vikram1248 to which I do not see any response. Initial install is at: with default logins. FTP available if required but documented fix preferred. Thanks (refused refund on basis that it works so happy to see the fix first)...

Is the author of script still around? Is there a way a user can ask for 2 week holiday without filling in 14 separate days?

is it possibile to add geo location tracking. cuz it would be amazing