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Awesome plugin – thank you! I’m trying to include a photo caption under the slider that would look the same as other captions on my page under single photos. The photo captions that are saved with the photo in the media file don’t show up. Is there a way to do this? Thank you!

Hi there! We are currently on a vacation and will probably get to your issue by the end of the next week. Can you please send us e-mail to to create a ticket, so we don’t lose it in comments? Thanks and sorry for the inconveniences.

Hi, I’m interested in this plugin, is there a way I can load what content is displayed in the slider via thumbnails, by this I mean I want the slider, then above it or below it I can display a selection of thumbnails, when the user clicks one of the thumbnails that is the image set that is displayed in the slider.

Hi there! Unfortunately this is not possible with our plugin, sorry.

Hi, pre sales cuestion: Is it possible to use the PlugIn as a big Header on the Main Page? Thank you…

Hi there! This depends on your theme possibilities, but most likely this is not possible. If you can set a header content via default WP editor, where you can add shortcode and insert images then this may be possible. Cheers!

I’m having some problems displaying a unique before/after within different visual composer tabs. Can you help me troubleshoot or have you seen this before?

Are you aware of a tab solution that works well with this?

Hi there! This is most probably may be fixed by some custom JS code added. Please send us the demo URL to so we can check on it. Cheers!

Hey, guys. I viewed your plugin on mobile and noticed for vertical before/after images’ (most useful) orientation, the handle does not function independent of the natural scrolling of the phone screen (i.e. the image will not freeze in order to be able to “drag” the up/down (before/after) handles. Please explain? Thanks.

Hi there! We have fixed this issue in the previous version, it seems like the demo website was not updated to the latest. Please check now it is up to date. Cheers!


colorit Purchased

Is the plugin still supported and maintained?

Yes, it is. If you have any support questions please send us email to Cheers!

Hello TD team,

First of all congratulations for building such a smart plugin!

We have a few questions before we go order it:

1. It is possible to display the custom labels all the time? 2. We could use any number of your sliders on any given page, am I right? 3. Will they (dis)play nice within another slider like New RoyalSlider? 4. It is fully responsive (right?) but is it also SEO optimised?

Looking forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience. Kind regards Christophe

Hi there!

1. There is no option for this, but we can prepare a custom CSS snippet for you to achieve this. 2. Yes, you are right. 3. We have no tested it with any sliders and can’t be sure. In most cases it won’t work inside other slider. 4. Yes, it is responsive. It is not SEO optimized.



how did you add the animation movement on the example page? (it is moving from left to right for some seconds)

I did found it in the doku. I did not know that there is a doku :-)

Great you have found it. Cheers!

Hi, I’ve had trouble with slider plugin’s not working on my site in the past, is there a way to test it? If not and I have to purchase to try it, can you refund me if its not compatible as I won’t be using it?

Thanks Duncan

Hi Duncan. You have to purchase it to try, if there will be any troubles we can’t help you with you can ask for refund. Cheers!

Hi, I found what I see as a bug. When you want to use special characters for Labels, i.e. (stará verzia, nová verzia) – new version/old version, the plugin doesnt recognise them and uses some characters that (I guess) represent those characters –

Is there a fix for this please?

Hi there! We just have tested the shortcode like this

[before-after label_one="stará verzia"]

and it works just fine. Maybe there is something other involved in this issue. Can you please send us the live page URL to Cheers!

Bonjour, j’aimerai acheter ce plugin et je voudrais savoir si il est compatible avec le constructeur de page “ELEMENTOR” ?

Bonjour, ça devrait marcher avec Elementor. Si vous avez besoin d’aide sur les paramètres, veuillez nous contacter à À votre santé!

Hi, I have a problem with the slider on my website when the page is load for the first time. First, the middle slider load longer than the picture and then when you try to drag the slider the photo will disappear no longer working or the slider move but do not shows the before and after with the movement of the slider. I have screenshots if you need to see the long sliders. I tested it in Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Firefox and all of them showed this issue letting me believe that the problem is the plugin and not the browser. Please help.

Hi there! Please send us demo page URL link to so we can inspect. Cheers!

Hi, at the end I discovered that the error was caused by the jetpack plugin and not your plugin. Very sorry for the misunderstanding.

Best regards, Randy R.

No problem. We are glad you have figured this out.

Hello, please tell me if your plugin will work with a theme – Thank you!

Hi there! Sorry for a late reply. The plugin should work with any theme. Cheers!

Hi – we sent you a support email yesterday but haven’t heard back. Can you confirm you received? Thanks.

Hi there! We were on a small vacation and will start to reply to the tickets today. Sorry for any inconveniences. Cheers!

How do I get a horizontal and vertical slider on the same page?

Answered to support ticket on Sep, 18th.