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Can this plugin be used to compare videos, or just images?

Hi! Only images, sorry.

Hi, Could you please demo the admin panel?

Do we create before/after photos using only tags in the post?

Hi! You only add two images to post content as usual via WordPress media. Then you wrap them with [before-after] and [/before-after] shortcodes and that’s it.

Also you can use a simple shortcode generator when editing post to set shortcode parameters.

We plan to add a demo video soon, but there is no anyat the moment, sorry.


Thank you for the answer. Does it mean I need to create same before/after image multiple times if I need to use it in multiple places?

Yes. The easiest way is to switch to “Text” editor tab and copy everything starts with [before-after] and ends with [/before-after], then paste it to any other post also using “Text” tab.

Hello, is it compatible with php 7?

Hi! We didn’t make any tests with PHP7, but it should work fine. Cheers!

Does this work as a slider, with multiple sets of before/after images? Thanks!

Hi! No, it doesn’t work as a slider of multiple before/after images. Cheers!

Hi, am I able to add lazy load to the shortcode? I have a php script and this code added to the image source to load lazy load (per wp rocket – since not all photos were utilizing lazy load);

img src=”” data-lazy-

It works on all my photos except those in “the other” before/after plugin. So, I was hoping your plugin would be able to work, with the data-lazy load code. Please let me know. Thanks, Chris

P.S. I’m currently using another before/after plugin and can’t add the data-lazy load code in the shortcode (the images will not show. This is what the code would look like.

[othershortcodeplugin] title=”photo provided by Ashlee Nicole Photography”]

Hi Chris! Our plugin does not support lazy load, sorry.


Can you help me out all the images load with extra blank space at the bottom of all of them, why is this?



Hi! Please contact us about your issue via this page: https://codecanyon.net/item/smart-before-after-viewer/7672815/support Cheers!

Hi, where can I translate the words before and after?

Hi there! You can use shortcode parameters for this.

[before-after label_one="Before" label_two="After"]

Love it. Thank you.

Help me please, the plug-in don’t work well, do you know why ? Look at http://www.vuparici.fr/patrimoine-rural-marlenheim-hier-aujourdhui/

Hi there! What exactly don’t work well? As we can see everything is working fine.

Oh excuses, the problem is resolved. It’s cache problem. Your plug-in is very good !

Hi, I am having trouble using this with enfold, I added the before/after tags within a text block as shown. and added the two images in between but i’m getting a blank section when i view the site. Any idea why?

We are glad you have figured this out. Cheers!

i figured it out, thanks

Bought it today. Can only use the basic idea of Before-After ? Two slides with overlay. Thats what they all do, even the free ones. I bought this to make use of extra’s like the BEFORE and AFTER text on the slider and the hoover and wiggle options. Well they don’t work sadly. The generated code does not seem to do what it is supposed to do. [before-after viewer_position=”center” move_on_hover=”true” is_wiggle=”true” label_one=”BEFORE” label_two=”AFTER” label_position=”two”] and ending with [/before-after] doesn’t do anything more then the basic command ?

Hi there!

The overlay with before/after labels is not available with move on hover feature. It is visible in plain mode on image hover and hides when you move the handle. With move_on_hover=true it is always moves and the overlay is hidden.

Wiggle feature should work fine with any other options. If you send us a URL link to the demo page we can try to find the reason and fix the issue.


Well NOT working, also extremely slow building the composition compared to others. Use three others all working and bought this for special animation, well NOT working for us then…..So not showing text BEFORE-AFTER

If you are not satisfied with plugin you can ask for refund to find a better fit.

hi! what about WP 4.7? is this plugin compatible? thanks

Hi! Yes, it is compatible. Sorry for the late reply. Cheers!

Before purchased, i want to ask?

- Support API? to embed in APPS like phonegap/ionic/cordova

I decided to buy, hope this plugin is great! :D

Hi there! There is no API with our plugin. Don’t hesitate to contact us vis this page is you will have any questions. Cheers!

Tried including through visualcomposer as a text item, it works but takes over 30 seconds to load the slider, is there a setting i’m missing, is there a faster way to implement?

Hi there! It shouldn’t take so long to load. You can send us a URL demo link to support@topdevs.net so we can check. Cheers!

Hello, I am having problems with the plugin not loading on this page http://stratumstone.com/advantages/

We always have to refresh the page so it loads. I am guessing the plugin is causing a conflict in the Javascript. Please let me know how we can fix this.



Hi Celia! We have answered to your support ticket from March, 1st. Pleae check your spam folder as well.

It is working just fine for us from the first time. We have tested Chrome, FireFox, Edge and Android browsers. Can you please tell what browser and OS you are using when experience this issue? Can please send us email to support@topdevs.net to keep comments short and clean? Thanks!

Hi, I have just purchased the plugin and added in our blog. However, the images look blurry. Here is the post: http://www.ingenstudio.com/blog/2016/12/10/product-photography-beginners-guide. The images dimension are 760×507

What could be the reason?

Hi there! In WordPress when adding images to the content there is an option to choose the image size. Usually it is Medium, Large and Full. As we can see it from your website it is set to Medium. The image file is 0M3A06651-BEFORE-300×200.jpg. Go to edit post screen, click on the image, then click Edit icon, then set size to Full and click Update. Cheers!

Thanks. Its working just fine now.

Thos works with non wordpress? any suggestions?

Hi there! This is only for WordPress, sorry. Check out the original script by ZURB to use on other platforms. Cheers!


lukecd Purchased

Hi … I have a strange usage issue, hopefully easy to fix. In posts like this where we use the slide effect


it works fine on DESKTOP, but on MOBILE when trying to slide the slider it also slides the full page which makes it kinda strange to use.

Any idea why?


Hi there! There is a Facebook widget in the footer that is wider then viewport on mobile. It goes outside the main wrap and add a horizontal scroll. Cheers!

Hi, A pre sale question: Could you please let me know if this plugins works correctly with enfold theme? As >Enfold has his own page builder. Thanks !

Hi there! Enfold builder, as many other builders, should have a block or element with default WP editor where you can add you before after images and then wrap them with [before-after] shortcode. Cheers!

Hey! Can i use your plugin in product gallery in WOocommerce? thanks!

Hi there! You can’t use it on WooCommerce gallery, sorry.