Discussion on Smart Audio Playlists - Plugin for WordPress playlists management

Discussion on Smart Audio Playlists - Plugin for WordPress playlists management

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Hi, is there a way to have the audio playing in the background on mobile when the browser is closed like bandcamp and other audio players? I believe Web audio api allows this to happen. Is it possible to implement it to this plugin? Thanks


My plugin doesn’t have this feature. Plugin uses MediaElements library, and it can’t do that.


Hi. I wonder if on a page with registered users and profiles (ultimate member), users could create separate own playlist to other users.

Thank you,

No, playlists need to be created from the admin interface.

Hi, Does this have an option to use jplayer if not would it be hard to integrate it in place of the mediaelement?

There is no way to do that, plugin is made around MediaElement.



I already have created multiple playlists already using the native wordpress options available in the media manager. (featured image,detailed description,author,album, etc.) I HAVE even added categories.

My question is will I need to re-enter all of this data again into your plugin? I’m impress so far but was burned on a previous similar plugin. I sure hope not. I’d love to try this.

Thank you, Brent

WordPress can create playlists as shortcodes only, so my plugin can’t use these playlists.

But, if you want to create new detailed list with my plugin, by importing existing audio files, my plugin will use all the meta data you added to individual tracks, because it is getting data from WordPress. This includes: image, author, album and other things.


Are available download button and google adsense support?

Each file in the playlist has a download button (optional). I don’t understand what you mean by ‘adsense support’, please explain better.

I mean. Does using this plugin google adsense will reject?

I don’t understand, reject what?

Hi GDragoN,

How can I change the title of Artist to Teacher? Please help. I want to use Smart Audio Playlists for teaching purposes.

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Okay Thanks, I sent you message on Facebook with more information earlier. But , I will open new topic too. Thanks :)

I do no use Facebook for support, please post in the forum.

official support forum is opened looking forward to get help

Are you going to do some security so you do not know the source links? This is unlucky for me.

Sorry, but that is not planned. Plugin depends on WordPress media library, and Library has no features that will protect files real source. Also, to play something in browser player, you need to provide the URL to it, so basically there is no way to secure video/audio files at all.

Hello you did a great job, I would like to know Is there any possibility of this plugin working with youtube?

You can see this feature working here:

No, it doesn’t work with YouTube, it requires audio files to be uploaded, or linked directly.

Hello, it possible to search box?

2. Can album be put as list or grid for better layout

3. Can we add play button next to an album

4. Can we add buy, download and lyrics buttons next to each track?

5. can we display track only without album?


1. Plugin currently doesn’t have own search. But, with some customizations WP search can be used. 2. Everything is displayed using templates, so you can override the templates to change how it is rendered. 3. Same as 2. 4. Download option exists. Buy and Lyrics are not part of the plugin, and in theory can be done, but would require customizations. 5. No.

Regards, Milan

Hello, I can’t access to the contact forum (I didn’t receive the confirmation link). I have some problems with the player, the timeline, volume and play button are incorrectly positioned and the width of the timeline is just a small part of the available space. Thanks.


This is most likely caused by either the theme styling (I can’t do anything about that, some themes have very aggressive styling that can cause all sorts of issues), or you are loading some other version of MediaElement library (player) that overrides styling of the version included in my plugin. Only one MediaLibrary version can be loaded at the page to avoid conflicts.


Hello, I disabled your plugin styling from settings and now it’s working fine. However, I can’t edit with Elementor the pages where there is a Playlist widget. I just created a ticket in your forum. Thanks.

I have responded in the forum, and update for the plugin will be released very soon. it possible to have search box on top where we can find album, track or artist?

2. Can album be put as list or grid for better layout

3. Can we add play button next to an album so that if clicked can play all tracks inside that album

4. Can we add lyrics buttons next to each track? so that it shows opens song lyrics texts.

5. can we display track only without album?

Sir, I sent email and tried my best to get support but nothing is coming back. So I am getting tired of this plugin and may have to buy a different as you seem not to provide support

Sorry, I have not received notifications last few weeks from Envato.

Documentation includes themes-guide file that includes information on how to make the templates for your theme, based on the examples provided in the plugin.

The plugin doesn’t include shortcodes for rendering content, it require theme templates for that.

And, yes, playlist is meant to be an album.


Can you help to fix as I did everything I could not working.

I emailed you login details

hi , you plugins will work on WordPress 5.4.1



olehmx Purchased

Good Morning. Does this beautiful plugin work with wordpress v5.6? Thank you.

I have not tested with stable 5.6, but it was fine with beta versions. I will update requirements when Envato adds new WordPress 5.6 to the list.

The plugin would be perfect if it had the option to automatically hide the audio source being played to avoid downloading audio and in the remote files to allow files hosted on GOOGLE DRIVE and YOUTUBE. Do you think these options are possible in the future?

If the browser can play something, it can be downloaded, and you can’t use YouTube or Google Drive to protect files in this way. There is a DRM protection available, but it requires licensed DRM enabled server, and JavaScript player with DRM support. I have no plans in changing how the plugin works.