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Far from it. My is a full featured plugin with controls over popup position, overlay, size, style, auto open and close, functions and callbacks, logic to limit number of times popup is displayed to every user and much more. Check out the demo video to see more of the plugin.

Regards, Milan

Nice Plugin. GLWS!


Looks very nice! :-)

Any chance to use it in WP?

Thanks, Bernhard


I don’t have any immediate plans to create WordPress plugin, but this is jQuery plugin, it can be integrated into WordPress with some custom coding. It will not have WordPress built in controls, but it is possible to use it (like any jQuery plugin).


Is it really responsive? The width of the pop-up does not change even if I narrow down the width of the browser. And it would be good if you can display videos from sites like YouTube.

Yes they are responsive. But, each popup can be given minimal width, and if that is set, popup can’t be smaller than that. Demo page now has 500px as minimal width, I will update it to set to smaller value.

You can embed Youtube videos in the popup. But, if the user starts video, and than closes popup, video will continue playing, since plugin can’t know what is inside or how to control it. But, you can add your own JavaScript code to attach to the plugin and if the popup is closed you can run your code to stop the video or control whatever is inside the popup.


Looking good!

Good luck with the sales :)


really useful stuff, good job ! :)


Hi, I bought this application, but none of the examples works in Safari 5.1.7. Is there any solution?

Safari is for MacOS X, and plugin works fine with Safari 7 and 8. Safari for Windows is not the same as Safari for MacOS X and as I noted previously, Safari 5 is long since abandoned and broken for years.


Ok, Your comment is a relief!.
I want to make sure that Mac users can access my pages and see the popup effect smoothly.
I like this application and have chosen among others I’ve used.

Thank You

Yes, plugin works with MacOSX and iOS 7/8 (iPad, iPhone, iPod) Safari and Chrome, all transitions and animations work.


I need to buy your item, but with a bit customization: - the popup should has a registration fields and button - the popup show an image or video (able to show the both) - the popup is full of screen with X sign to close

what does it cost ?


You can add anything you want into popup, no need to make customization for that. Problem can be video: it can be added, but closing the popup doesn’t close the video, since that depends on the video that is embedded and it will require logic to hook into popup on close event. This depends on the video source, it can’t be done universally.

But, I don’t have any free time for custom development right now (I am booked pretty much for the next 6-7 months).

Regards, Milan

Just purchased, nice script. Anyway to have a popup display on site launch?

Thanks! Yes, and you should check out examples and documentation, it has example to show popup on load with optional delay.

I see it…it was the first thing that popped up. lol Thanks!

HI, I purchased your code not a couple months ago. I would like to configure the popup to work from image-thumbnails. Is this possible? If so, can you please help.

I tried adding an image to the <input.. script line on demo #04 and did not have any luck.

Popup needs a button to activate and content element. They can be anything. But, if you want to make classic lightbox popup (thumbnail opens larger image), it can’t be done directly. I will try to find some free time in the next few days to make an example on how to do it.

That would be awesome. Thanks for looking into this for me and good job with the app… works great!

HI, a friend of mine helped me with the image button.

< a href=”#” >< img src=”images/thumbnail1.jpg” alt=”img01” id=”snap-open-popup” />


New question:

How can I add two different popups on the same page?

You can have as many as you want, you just need elements you want to put into popup, and call plugin for each element use element ID or class to target it. If you want same settings on multiple elements, give them same class, and call popup on that class.


Last question…

I am trying to use your Smart Animated popup code with the following site code:

Any advice on finding and resolving the errors I’m getting?

I am getting an error message (with firefox debug) saying:

“ReferenceError: jQuery is not defined”


“TypeError: jQuery(...).smartAniPopup is not a function”

I tried removing thier jquery line and vice versa removing yours, and no luck.

Thank you kindly,

My plugin doesn’t have such behavior set. I am not sure why it happens, I would need to see the page live where that happens to investigate using browser debugger.

I found the issue. I was < a href=”#” > . To fix it, I simply put in the id location for that area of the site which was < a href=”#menu-port” > . The # sign as you know is no different from “home” or index.html.

I appreciate all the support. I just made a couple purchases and also left five-star / positive feedback on both.

Please keep up the good work.


Thanks! Let me know if you need more help.

Hi, I am just wondering if with your plugin i will be able to get modals like here:

Like what, I don’t see any popups on that page?

Hi there

Pre-purchase query: Popup to auto-launch on timer or page load. I cannot see this in action (although you have confirmed it in a comment above). Then, is it possible to place a long html page of info – will it scroll? I see only short page demos. Also, to place a form in this space?

Thanks in advance


The Popup can be limited in size, but the content inside will be scroll-able. And, you can put into the popup the form or anything else. The only limitations is related to placing videos in popup – the video works, but closing the popup will not stop the video (you will need to add your own code that will stop the video on popup close).

As for activation, the demos included with the plugin include both on load and on timer activation.

Regards, Milan