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Hi, I can’t activate getresponse


Fatal error: Call to undefined function json_last_error() in /wp-content/plugins/smart-ajax-subscribe/services/getresponse/jsonRPCClient.php on line 308

Can you help please?

Thank you it works now ! But addons still don’t. Any idea?

Warning: require_once(/wp-content/plugins/smart-ajax-subscribe/api/envato.v4.php) [function.require-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /wp-content/plugins/smart-ajax-subscribe/forms/panels/addons.php on line 19

Fatal error: require_once() [function.require]: Failed opening required '/wp-content/plugins/smart-ajax-subscribe/api/envato.v4.php' (include_path='.:/:/usr/local/php/pear5') in /wp-content/plugins/smart-ajax-subscribe/forms/panels/addons.php on line 19

Thanks for reporting, I will check that out. This panel for Addons is not a big deal, it just shows one currently available addon image, but it does not affect the plugin. If you want, here is the addon page, so check it out:

Thank you, I just thought it could somehow affect the plugin :)

I have one more problem, when opt-in checkbox enabled, the newsletter doesn’t work, it doesn’t even validate.

One more question. When form is validated, it just adds class “sas-form-validation-failed” to the input field. Is there an option to add also an error message above / below this input for example “Invalid email address”?? Or you are planning to add this?

Right now, this can’t be done, it is on the list to do, but I am not sure when this will happen.

ok, i’ll stay alert ;) and by now i’ll try to do this by myself ;)

Hello, how can I do a redirect after user opt-in? Thanks


There is no option for that at the moment. It will be added in one of the future versions.


Hi, I’ve got some prepurchase questions :

I wanna be able to manage a mailchimp subscribers list from WP backend

1/ will the new subscribers fro the site be added to my mailchimp list? 2/ will the plugin subscribers list auto populate from my mailchimp list ? 2.2/ if not is there a way to import it ? 3/ is it possible to edit the subscribers ? 4/ is it possible to show extra fields (first name / last name / contry) on the subscribers list ? can the custom fields be managed from the plugin ?


This plugin is made to be universal, so it will not get any features specific to one service only:

1. Yes, if you set the list and assign list to widget or shortcode. ach subscriber is added to plugins own database table and sent to MailChimp.

2. No.

2.2. You can export list from plugin to import in MailChimp, not the other way round.

3. No.

4. No. This is specific to MailChimp, so it is not part of the plugin, and this plugin is made for simple and universal subscribe forms that include name and email and that are only fields supported by all newsletter services.


Hi…I have sent an email, and 1 post on your forum for my problem. Can you replace me? This is the post on your forum. Thank you..!

I will need to check out if there is a problem with plugin applies translated strings. I will let you know as soon as I can about it.

Hello, Double Opt In email notification email not working when using two or more MyMail lists.

We have setup Double Opt In and we currently have the MyMail server enabled setup as well. We have two myMail subscribers lists and have created two unique Smart Ajax Subscribe forms. Each form has it correct list assigned. Example (service=”mymail” list=”2”)

1. When user subscribes to one form, we see the subscriber name in the Local database and also in the MyMail list 1. Double Opt In email notification IS sent and all is OK.

2. But, when same users subscribes to the other unique form, we see the subscriber name in the Local database but we do NOT see the subscriber name in My Mail list 2? We have checked the short code and the code is displaying the correct list ( service=”mymail” list=”2” ) – Double Opt In email notification IS NOT working and subscribers are not getting the email.

Any suggestion as to why its not working?

Thank you in advance Steve

Double Opt in is handled by the email service, in this case MyMail, my plugin has nothing to do with that. If double opt in is active, plugin is calling MyMail function with double opt in flag, but what MyMail does is beyond my plugin.


Ok, understand. But want about the subscribers name not displaying to MyMail list 2? We have check the short code and selected the correct list.

Again, I am not sure what MyMail does after my plugin sends subscriber, and I have no control over it. Code sending subscriber to one list is the same as with other list, so whatever is wrong is in MyMail.

Hi again, We have tested and tested and want to double check with you one more time. We tested MyMail List A and B without using the smart ajax subscribe form and Double Opt In email notification working for both if same user subscribes to both forms.

  • smart ajax subscribe form – is set to MyMail List B ** New Subscriber: When we use the smart ajax subscribe form and a user subscribes to List A – We checked the MyMail lists and the user is NOT listed in List B. We check the short code again and its all ok ( service=”mymail” list=”2” )

When we disable the smart ajax “Double Opt In” service setting, and tried again registering a new subscriber, the user IS listed in List B and all is OK.

This issue is when “Double Opt In” service setting is active and more than one list is created, new users that subscribes are not being placed in MyList list

Can you please double check and help.

I will be able to test this in more details over the weekend, and will let you know. But, again, my plugin doesn’t care about number of lists and other things, it sends information to MyMail in exactly the same way for each list, and it can’t do much else.

HI GDragoN, I used Mailpoet service with your plugin – was OK…. I’ve just added AWEBER – and see error – here screenshot:

Recieved email from Aweber To view and manage your connected apps, visit the My Apps page of your account.”

"You recently connected Smart AJAX Subscribe to your AWeber account.

Do you know where is problem?

What error do you get (hover over the question mark next to the Error label)?

Object: None, Name: u’subscribers’

OK, I will investigate this, and let you know what is the problem.

How do you disable the CSS output on the frontend? We’re styling in our main css file.


You can use filter ‘sas_load_css’ and return false. Something like:

add_filter(‘sas_load_css’, ‘__return_false’);