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Nice job, looks great! :)

Thanks man :)

good work ! :) i wish you all the best for your sale ;)

Thanks, appropriate that :)

Hi, Smart Accordion conflicts with Visual Composer. Please can you solve this?

Sure. Let us investigate and I’ll get back to you.

We already pushed an update and still waiting for to publish.

Installed the new version, still not working.

This is wired! We tested with VC and it works fine on our end. My guess, its other plugin causing this problem.

Would you please send your site access details to support at so we can check?

Fixed! Plugin Chrome menu fix plugin was giving problems. I did uninstaal this plugin and now it works. Thanks for you support~!

Glad to hear that :)

Can i change colors of the background and how?

I’m afraid, you can’t do this through the visual editor. You have to add some css code in your themes. Please contact our support and we’ll give you the code.

Have installed this and tried it on two sites. One, the builder window sits way off to the left edge of the screen only half visible, and the second, the builder window doesn’t appear at all when pressing the button.

Would you please send image or site access details to support at so we can look at ?

Can you use the accordion to replace the default display of the Description, Short Description, Additional Info and Review tabs from WooCommerce Product page.

Sorry I didn’t get your question! Please explain more.


It’s possible to close their accordions automatically if you open another item (even if not the same accordion). My idea is to put 3 different accordions on the same page.


Yeah possible(technically) but you have to do custom coding for that. I’m afraid that not comes with general support policy. You have to pay extra for that. If you are interested please send an email to support at

The plug-in was great until I updated to WP 4.5… now the interface in the visual editor is not working properly. Cannot enter any information or insert into post. I have turned off all plug-ins, and tried a base theme to no avail. It has something to do with WP 4.5 new jquery bundles.

We’ll push an update as fast as possible.

Hate to be a pest but do you have an idea when that update will roll out? Got a client that is using the plugin… we’re wanting to launch the site soon but don’t want the client to have issues with the GUI piece that the new WP 4.5 broke. Thanks in advance!

New version submitted with all this fix. you will get notification when it approved.

Same issue as cornerstoneadgroup. Updated to WP 4.5 and now my visual editor breaks with the Smart Accordion plug-in activated. I deactivate it and all works perfect again.

We’ll push an update as soon as possible.

hello, I regularly installed wp accordion on Wordpress 4.5.1.. When I select the button, however, this does not open the window for insert content. It’s my problem or a small bag of plugin in WP 4.5.1.? Thanks in advance. Riccardo

I do not need more help. thanks.

new version uploaded and you will notify when it get approved.

I was wondering how far you can modify the HTML which builds the accordion itself. Im looking for a accordion which can:

1) Hold the schema code for questions, which means i need to wrap the title section and content in the accordion in divs which has the right attributes.

2) Hold the relevant h-tag (h2, h3) tag in the title that i assign to it.

This seems like a great plugin, and i think ill buy it if the things i wrote above is possible to do. I also have the schema code for the author if my explenation of the above sucks ;)



When you build the accordion you can’t write any html code there. But, once you finish and insert it to editor, you can do what ever you want.

does the content accept text code like the text block in visual composer?

I’m afraid, no

congratulations ;)


Can these be nested?

Hi, looks good, how many depths are possible?

Also, is it possible to edit a already made list?

Only one depth is possible.