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Very nice and useful application dude.

Thanks John! I’m glad you like it! :)

This is a very nice app. I ran it on all my JS files and it reduced the combined size by 67%. Love the interface, it is easy and sleek just like the mac OS. I have run into one problem, there is one file that I can’t get the app to minify. It does not have a .min suffix, and I don’t even have that checkbox checked. When I drop the file into the app, the app does everything like normal except the file never shows up in Finder. I have tried having it saved in the same location, and a separate folder – neither worked. It worked fine on all my other files though.

Thanks for such a good application!

Hi keyroche1,

One great feature of Smaller is that:

If your file contains syntax error, Smaller will not minify it, which can ensure you always publish correct file.

Check that file, it must contains syntax error. :)

After you fixed the syntax error in that file, then Smaller can minify it successfully! And you get a correct file!

Hope this helps.


Interesting feature. That is not good news for the plugin creator though, because it is not my file, its just a jQuery plugin. :) Good to know the program is doing what it is supposed to!

I’m so surprised this hasn’t sold once it’s a fantastic application!!

There’s 1 sale now, a good beginning. :)

Anything for PC?

Nope, it’s for Mac. :)

Smaller’s upcoming Combine [Concatenate] feature –

Was this programmed in objective -c dude?

Yes, Objective-C, Cocoa. :)

Concatenate[Combine several files into one] feature is done!

Smaller 1.1.5 with the new Concatenate feature is now in private beta(for customers only).

If you already bought Smaller, simply drop me an email then I’ll send you the beta app.

Is Smaller the first Mac app offers Concatenate feature?



Smaller 1.1.5 just released! With Concatenate feature! It’s now possible to combine several CSS or JS files into one via the right-click menu.

Existing customers can update via the menu “Smaller” – “Check for Updates…”

A feature of minifying HTML files would be amazing. As would it be to optimize images.

I know there’s apps out there like “ImageOptim” but an app where you can drop a folder and it minifes/combines js, css, html, images in a single step would be astonishing.

Thanks for your suggestion!

Is this the source code you can open in Xcode?

No source code, just the app.

Does it play nice with PHP files? I have alot of .php files that contain both js, html and php content inside them, do you think that will minimise them correctly?

You can download the 30 days full feature free trial from to test to see if it fit your needs.

I’m looking into buying this. Does this play nice with CSS that has comments and such? Because I’ve tried sites like before but when I minify my CSS or JS, it always breaks the code because it doesn’t handle things like comments and such well. Does your app fix those issues and run properly for any code? Any constraints I should know about?

You can download the 30 days full feature free trial from to test to see if it fit your needs.

Very Nice APP ! But it don’t support HTML ?! Why? :|

Make sure you’ve checked “Enable HTML /PHTML/PHP compression feature” option in Preferences.

Thanx! It works very fine :-)

Works great, I have tried other tools that always broke my CSS .

One question im getting a trial message on my app?


Simply double click on your license file “Key.smallerlic” to register Smaller :)

Hi, I interested to buy this great app. Before that, I want to ask: how many mac user can use it?

Nice app! It says in the description that it obfuscates and minifies the code…How can I get it to obfuscate my code? The minify functionality seems to work great, but my code is still plainly readable.

Hi, I downloaded your free trial. When I run it I get this “To use the “java” command-line tool you need to install a JDK.” The more info doesn’t take me to any downloads, but takes me here:

Any ideas what the issue is?



Hi, to further this, it turns out Apple would rather not install Java in the latest release of OS X El Capitan. And that is why the error. Its a shame because it looked to be what I was after regarding how ‘Smaller’ worked. Would there be a way round it without installing Java at all? Thanks