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Is It possible to close example 2 (a link to close)?

Thanks !


not yet, but i can add it, as a future update if you want..

as a future update if you want..

Yes, and I will buy your script!



an update has been pushed Mick_ , fulfilling your request..

I have html pages on my site that when launced from a link open in a pop up window. I’m wondering if this product can be used to accomplish the same thing so the page content loads in a lightbox rather than separae browser window?

Not yet ddartman7.. Im rewritting the script from scratch to increase performance, ease of use and (for the future) make it extensible.

I will let you know when it is available.

Outstanding. If you need someone to help testing, I’ve become quite proficient at breaking things.. ask any of the other devs on here that I’ve purchased from :p

I have messaged you regarding the request to beta test. Please reply by email so that i can keep the comment section exclusively to bugs and reviews.

Yours, var

what will happen if there is html tag. will it truncate before the html tag.

hello smartdatasoft,

I didnt really understand your question. Can you explain ?

Yours, Michael Schinis

suppose there is some html text, lots of div inside there and we will truncate word and want to use readmore .. then will it truncate inside the html tag. ex : < div class=”1”> < divclass=”1> < divclass=”1> I didnt really understand your question. Can you explain ?...... < /div> < /div> < /div>

and we want to add more link after quesion. is the before and end div tag will remain same without the other word.

All HTML code will not be truncated. Only the text will be truncated..

hi great code but i am having one issue in it. when i put the code the all of the text is appearing maximized with both buttons “read more” and read less visible and it doesn’t start with the default size 60 words even though its definitely more than 60 .

PS. the text is in utf-8 encoding if it maters

Dear zeinsystems, thank you for your purchase. Please contact me at Please tell me your website for further assistance.

Yours, var

I was wondering if the first option can only hold those few lines of text – I’m creating a website that has a few menus, what I would like to do is to have a button that when clicked displays the menus – so inside the lightbox would be a table that would need to scroll – is this possible with this code.

Thank you for your time.

Hello bazikG, I’m afraid that this is not possible with this plugin. Thank you very much for your interest.

Yours, Var

Hello .. this looks interesting. I have been looking for something that will open up a lightbox with the hidden text. Will it work in wordpress? or do you have a WP plugin?