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Nice work, GLWS! :)

Thank you!

Very useful GLWS iamMakep 8-)

Thank you!

Hello, i really want to buy this, but i need first to know if i can use this in my adobe muse site. If i could, i will purchase right now.

Hi! If you can provide me a link to your site. I can help you to insert the script!


Checked works well. You need to add the script calls after the line ”<! – Other scripts ->” page source code. No in section <head>.

Sweet!! I was looking for something that could add a little fall flavor to my site. I was able to get it working on a WordPress site with leaves as well. Thank you iamMakep!!

I’m glad! :)

can i use it with adobe edge?

Sorry I have not worked with this product and can’t give a competent answer. But if there is an option to run the jQuery plugins, I think will work.

How do I get the leaves instead of the flakes?

Don’t I need to upload the leaves to my serve to and what do I write after flakefile?

EDIT: Never mind I figured it out!

@ iamMakep can you please give an example to show how to use a png file such as leaves.png ?

Hj! $(‘body’).smakflakes({ flakescount: 100, flakesfile: ‘leaves.png’ });

@ iamMakep ok thanks I was just missing the quote marks on leaves.png – now working = awesome!

Is there a way of positioning the flakes within a div? Having issues with smakflakes sitting on to of all other content preventing links from being clicked as its position:fixed;z-index:99999;

Hi! Should work correctly on all modern browsers, using ‘pointer-events’ set in ‘none’. She skips the mouse event by itself. What browser do you use?

I am trying to use this on a Drupal site. Drupal (drupal.org) sites use jQuery v1.4.4 not jQuery v1.11.1 – will smakflakes work with jQuery v1.4.4 ?

Unfortunately with version jquery 1.4.4 script does not work :(

is jQuery 1.10 ok or does it need jQuery 1.11?

With jQuery 1.10, works fine! :)


In Internet Explorer the links are not clickable! :(

A solution? Thanks! Mick

I added functionality to disable plugin in browsers IE10- but has not been able to test on IE11+. Temporary solution until the updated script:

if (!document.all) { $(‘body’).smakflakes(); }

Thanks ! :)

This trick added in new version 1.2!

Excelent work, just one important question. How do i trigger the on/off with code? There’s a way to destroy the ” $(‘body’).smakflakes(); ” after being created?

Just call:



How can I increase the rotation speed please?

Hello! In the source code has a parameter with which you can experiment.

Could you tell me where please?

158 line. variable imgangle_spch.

Hi there,
Only works this

<script type=”text/javascript”>

If i add other than above nothing works

Hello! Did not understand you. Could you show a piece of code that do not work?

What im tried to say is if i add the leaf image (download itfrom your google drive) and replace the line – $(‘body’).smakflakes({ flakescount: 100, flakesfile: ‘leaves.png’ });

and it doesn’t work

could you please send me the mail id i will send you the website details

‘leaves.png’ must be in the same place where ’*.htm’ file with a code.

Can you please help me. This plugin won’t install. I am uploading it as a zipped file as it was downloaded and the install fails.

Ann ann@ionnetworking.com

Hi! Please read instruction in help file (inside archive)!

Hello, I used the script last year and everything went great. Unfortunately this year it does not work anymore in IE11, do you have any ideas?