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Can you use your own images ?

I would like to have insects crawling across the screen….

This script implements algorithm falling flakes. You can do the falling insects if draw or find pictures of insects in the Internet :)

<<< very nice :)

Thanx! :)

I purchased this plugin because I was specifically looking for the option of “falling leaves” as clearly indicated in the item preview. However, only one snowflake was included with the plugin. This product and what is included with the product is not being represented accurately…disappointed with this purchase.

Sorry, but I’m selling an algorithm with the possibility of substitution of images in the shape of leaves, snow, and much more … images are not included since they are not my ownership and sell them, I have no right. But since they can be distributed free of charge will give you this link:


Upload them to WordPress in media files and specify the settings Smakflakes direct link (this is important) to image. Thank you! And do not worry anymore! :)


Is it possible to have the Plugin work for about 10 second on the site on first load, and then stop ?

Thank you

<script type=”text/javascript”> jQuery(document).ready(function(){ setTimeout(function(){jQuery(‘body’).smakflakes(‘stopFalling’);}, 10000); }); </script>

try this use single and double quotes in code. Envato replaces them in the comments. :(

Thank you it worked!!

no problems! :)


I would like to know if the flakes could go from the bottom up and if they could disappear after a while.

Thank you!

Hi! In the script has a function flakes shutdown dynamically using Javascript (eg using setTimeout). And get them to fly upward, you can use CSS trick :) ( rotate (-180deg); ) I checked works fine!

Good! :) Thank you very much!

hey! I just dowload the zip but he don’t work when i upload it on my wodpress …

Hello. Strange that you can not. You need to unzip the zip file. And copy the folder “smakflakes” to the folder on your site “wp-content/plugins”. Next activate the “Smakflakes” plugin on your “Plugins” page in the WordPress dashboard.

Hey thks for your answer so we can’t install it directly in the dashboard if i upload the zip?

it’s ok i success! thks!!

Hi, you mentioned it works on IE 11+, so how will it look on lower version of IE, or is it disabled on lower versions?

Hi! In near future i will add disable for IE browsers below 11 version.

I love your plugin and I’ve bought. In the control panel of wordpress says through a checkbox that the icon is displayed in the main menu. I have a custom index and perhaps for that reason the effect of the icons are not displayed. How could show the effect in my home?

Hi! Hmm… menu should be added down. Try to set the position, find the file ”.php plug-line “add_menu_page” and add the last parameter, separated by commas position e.g.: add_menu_page(...icon.png’ , 999);

I’m hoping that you can select which page or pages to show this one… is this correct? or will it show on every page when activated?

on every page

Too bad; an option to select a page or pages would be a huge improvement… please consider – and thanks for the update

Thanks for the plugin…looks great! Is there a possibility to let the flakes go only over the background image…not over the content?

It is theoretically possible, if your WordPress template to have the content and background each in its own z-index then you can improve the code Smakflakes z-index so he was at the front background but behind content.

Does this put snow on the entire website or on a single post or page?

Hi, it seems the random option, on/off option and show icon option are not working. If I turn them off or on and hit save it just turns them back on again so I can’t remove the icon. I can’t turn the plugin OFF and I can’t select equal size for the flakes.

Why is this?

Hello! Perhaps the problem of access rights? I installed the plugin now on the local machine from scratch, with a new WordPress… and has no problems, operate all options and are saved correctly!

Very nice plugin! Do you plan on adding the feature to be able to select a specific page or pages for the snow to appear on? ... instead of only appearing on every page. That would be a great feature, as others have mentioned. :)

Hi, just bought you plugin. I uploaded into wordpresscontent/plugin directory the folder smakflakes. It appears on dashboard within wordpress 4.22 avada. But there is no function at all. What is to do? Kind regards

- Upload the 'smakflakes' folder to your WordPress 'wp-content/plugins' directory.
- Activate the 'Smakflakes' plugin on your 'Plugins' page in the WordPress dashboard.
- Go to menu 'Settings > Smakflakes' and set the options you need.

Hi again! I tried my utmost, but – still no result. In the folder wp content resides smakflakes folder containing itself the folder assets and the smakflakes.php file. I can see the plugin in the dashboard. As I altered the settings nothing happens – not for varicolored mode, nor with your supplied flake inside the smakflakes directory or with an uploaded 16×16 png by standard wordpress path. I use wordpress 4.4.2. Any help ist appreciated. If needed I can supply full access.

With access would be easier of course.

I’m going to ask for a refund because I assumed we would be able to choose which pages this effect displayed on. I think a minority of people would want this to show on every single page on their website, seems like a very odd decision – having this display on every page including a users blog sound like bad design to me. Nothing against you or the way you designed your plugin, just some feedback. I’ll be checking in again in three months to see if this has changed and hope to purchase it again.

Hi, is it possible just to use the plugin to place confetti on the website without having it falling down? And: Is it possible to choose on which pages the confetti should appear?

Hi there!! Great nice sweet plugin! I just bought it, only, I was in the impression I could add my own images and let them drop down from the screen. But don’t see where to add my own images, (or select the leaves from the demo for that matter), could you please advice on this :D ?!

I’m interested in purchasing this plugin. Is there an option to only show the falling flakes on specific pages or does it have to be shown site-wide?

I agree about only having this on one page – is that a feature that you will add? Also – it would be nice to be able to add a start and stop date for the effect. Is that possible?

PRE-SALE QUESTION: is this mobile responsive?