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ok your plugin is good. but can i choose which page it run on ? (no need to show all page)

oh great ! it work perfectly on selected page.

if i want to change icon of on-off effect button ?

From the settings menu, you do not! But if you know the “CSS”, you can modify the file “main.css” located in the folder plugin.

yes i can upload new image replace the old one, but i would like to know the exactly location of icon image file.

How can I remove the on/off button for the plugin on the page? The function inside the plugin for this (I’m assuming its the first one that says ON/OFF) isn’t working. When I toggle it to OFF and save it, it toggles itself back to ON. If this can’t be fixed I need a refund. The button displaying on the frontend of the site is highly un-needed for us. Thanks.

There are no functions for disabling the button through the administrator menu. But you can find and edit ‘main.css’ (in folder ‘wp-content\plugins\smakflakes\assets\css’) the file as follows: Simply you need change lines ‘opacity: 0.3;’ and ‘opacity: 1;’ to ‘opacity: 0;’ (set opacity to 0 for button states)

This plugin isn’t working for me. When I install it says: Unpacking the package…

Installing the plugin…

The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

Plugin install failed.

Upload the ‘smakflakes’ folder (from archive) to your WordPress ‘wp-content / plugins’ directory. Activate the ‘Smakflakes’ plugin on your ‘Plugins’ page in the WordPress dashboard. Go to menu ‘Settings> Smakflakes’ and set the options you need.