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Nice Work, Good Luck With Selling! :)

thz Prescrptz

Nice Work,

Congratulations! Good Luck With Sale :grin:


Great Work, Congratulations GLWS :)


Great work! I wish you big sales! :-)


1. multiple domains mean i can point and to same script? 2. anything i need to change in cpanel or just install and go? 3. i have shared hosting, will this script work on that?

Hi, 1. yes multiple domains only one script 2. point your domain name server to the hosting that contain the script (same folder). 3. yes it work on share hosting

hello.. GLWS.. you have greats products :):)

your admin demo doesn’t work, nice looking system though

hi, That is a demo so all functions are disabled.


dandon Purchased

Hi great job … but how can i install it on localhost i’m getting error and taking long time without finishing installation

Hi, you could use built in web server the file located in folder “files”

Seems someone destroyed your demo logins…

demo not working?

I have not installed the script yet.

My questions:

1 – Do you plan to modify the scripts which would have table prefix to be used?

Was just checking the sql file and found that all tables DOES_NOT_USE any table prefix. This is a major drawback for me because I have some other tables in the database to integrate the scripts into it.

2 – Do you plan to release similar scripts which could have such multisite mapping of domains? I am looking for something like this for other functions.

3 – I am also missing a feature that normal users could register and login, who may not be authors. Do you plan to implement this in the future?

4 – I am also missing country/state/cities fields in the registration. Do you plan to implement this?

I had problems to implement table prefix. For some reasons it is not working. I had to stop working on my project because of it.

Do you plan to implement this function?

This script is not Joomla module so if you want it to work with Joomla you need to customize it but I didn’t recommend to do it since Joomla is a framework itself there might be a conflict. I already return your money. Be sure to ask before purchase product if you are not sure.

During the launch of the admin app.php I had two errors.

1. It was looking for app/app/config directory instead of app/config. I did not want to wait to find out which script was throwing this error. So I copied the config dir (leaving the original) to where it was searching. Then I got a second error.

2. The second error is as follows:

Twig_Error_Runtime: Key “analytics_client_key” for array with keys “blog_title, blog_logo, blog_slogan, auto_feature, allow_comment, home_page, language, use_page_home, page, sitemap_priority_post, sitemap_changefreq_post, sitemap_priority_page, sitemap_changefreq_page, blog_theme, blog_icon, blog_pagination” does not exist. at app/Resources/views/admin/dashboard.html.twig:113

The reason why this error was thrown was because analytics_client_key is not defined.

I removed all references of analytics_client_key from dashboard.html.twig,, setting.html.twig and BlogOption.php. Then I could login for the first time.

While my installation is working, others could follow the above temporary solution until the bugs are removed.


Thanks. I think it was showing that there is a problem with routing.yml file. May be this value was missing or the error was from something else. (I am using it on Centos 7).

Hi, I think you need to redefine in AppKernel.php the function getCacheDir and getLogDir for finding paths with dirname(DIR. When I moved the sm-multisite-script dir outside public_html dir, I had problems. I had openbase_restriction error thrown. So I am now using it under public_html. I must say here that I am unsure of this suggestion as I have NOT trested enough. When and if I find something better or a solution, I will let you know.

Man that was Symfony framework you could send email it to symfony website for complain.


The coding is nice and functions in your script are excellent. I really like your work, although there are some features missing, which I require.

I am missing some features, which – I think – some other clients may also need it.

1. SUB-CATEGORY FUNCTION -> Very important! In the Posts, there is a function of Main Category for blog posts mapped to domains/subdomains. However, there is no function to make Sub-categories under a Main Category. This function cannot be very difficult to implement and could be used by everyone.

2. CATEGORY in Module Blog/Post for all Domains One feature request from me is to have an additional feature to configure main categories to map to all domains in the database. Thus, all posts under that category will be shown on all domains.

3. DEMO DATA loaded during installation. I suggest that you provide a demo data to be loaded during an installation. If it is there, then one could learn from the ready made data and change it.

4. MULTI-AUTHOR FUNCTION and Homepage Currently, I can se there the function for multiple authors can be used. So, if a user is in this group, he will be able to post blogs. a. There is no function to review such a post by an author through the Administrator. This is very important because the Admin is legally liable for publication of blog posts. He should be able to review every publication. b. There is no Homepage where an author could check his own posting. Thus, a profile page is necessary for an author to have an overview his blog posting. I may have made a mistake of this feature is already in there.

Do you plan to implement above features?


On your demo installation, you have presented blog pages only. Further, certain functions in demo are deactivated. It does not give a buyer an opportunity to understand many functions of the scripts. Thus, a buyer does not get full impression of how to use certain functions.

The concept of the script is to have one installation and database to generate independent and fully separated display of data for different domains. Here, there should be more options for configuration of domains and data to be offered for a global use. This is missing.

After installation, I began to play with for my understanding of your work. Following are functions or problems I found:

1. All posts and pages are saved in the same table “blog_post” and its configuration is saved in “blog_options”. Here, you are not separating tables, which should be different, like “blog_post”, “blog_options”, “pages” and “pages_options”.

This creates a disadvantage because both functions have different fields, requirements and functions that should be saved separately in the tables.

2. There is no possibility to have a header and footer menu with global options in the sidebar configuration. Had it been there, one could use it to generate a global design of header/footer for all domains managed with this script.

The only work around would be to insert header/footer design in twig templates. Here, it would be better to offer a configuration possibility through a web interface.

3. There is a ZERO change to have network categories and its data displayed on other domains, although the scripts offers an option to configure. For example:

While working with admin section of in the sidebar menu, it offers a possibility to configure “Theme: Home Widget” (or elsewhere too). When I map this widget to, for e.g., footer1, it generates a list of categories from the database. All categories – for e.g. from – from addition domains in the database are generated here. If I chose a category mapped to, then that category of will not be shown on the pages of

There are two options: Either show network categories or do not show. Either the network categories should be shown, which will be useful, or they should be deactivated i.e. not listed on that domain at all.


4. If I change the title of a blog page or pages, the slug in permalink does not get automatically updates or changed.

5. The register/login links gets lost and do not appear if I configure any link in menus. May be I am wrong here. I had to manually configure it.

6. There should be a possibility to have certain things globally, like links, modules and pages.

7. There should be a possibility to clone layouts configured on one domain into other domains for a ready start. Otherwise one must spend a lot of time to do each and every part of payout in repetition.

8. Global options for global widgets, links, etc. are required.

In the sidebar for Mobile width for smartphones, there is no back link to go back to the homepage or a menu before. One needs to do it manually.

Please do not misunderstand me. I really like the concept of the script and your work. It is beautifully implemented. I only want more features and have certain basics enhanced, as I believe they will help everyone on a long term.

Mmm so many of your comment,

1. I don’t why you are question my model data entry? seriously do I need to explain everything? The post and page are mostly the same, page has no category or tag Why would they need to has separate table? too many relationship will slow down the performance.

2. There is no global options for menu or footer even if you are using WP Multisite there is no global options.

3. Yes why would you need to show others categories on others domains? you could use network post if you are on others domain.

4. There is a option for change permalink (edit permalink). Who want to change their URL automatics when updated title that is a suicide. It is related to google search if you change url after change title then you are fucked.

5. Register or link can be config in options setting.

6,7,8 It is a first version so it is depend on sale.


I needed to use it with Joomla database. As this did not work, the author has given me a refund. Because I really liked the concept of your work, I would very much like to support you by giving my opinion for feature request and support further.

1. Conceptually, one only requires ONE FIELD in ONE TABLE for everything. To have more table and fields gives better handling and convenience. The need and requirement on handling blogs and pages is totally different. Pages could focus more on layouts than blogs and could have more fields instead of saving everything in a text field with JSON {””, ””, etc}. Thus, these options becomes independent elements with an individual field.

There is ZERO change of any performance issue here. Joomla queries thirty tables for one page. Here, we are talking about two or three table queries, tiny ones. The advantage of better handling this table wins.

2. Every CMS like Joomla, WP, etc have embedded headers and footers in there. They themselves becomes global options. In your case, you have it too, as header ad footer1, footer2, footer3 and footer4. There is no common footer option. A common option is necessary for many reasons: One could have the same info in header/footer for all domains and subdomains, just the way it is in Joomla/WP. In Admin, you provide individual option for designing individual header/footer for separate domain, which is very good. But at the same time, one may also want this to be a global.

3. Showing other categories on other domains helps increasing Pagerank in Google as they are independent domains bearing links to the main article. Pagerank works based on other domains and subdomains linking on the main article. More the links better the pagerank is.

4. Change of a permalink is necessary for many reasons. One could change it to have a better SEO. But if it remains hidden, like now, then one may not notice and only title changes but not in the SEO. So either one makes it visible or change ti automatically.

6. In every Twig layout design module, there should be a possibility to save fixed URLs in the database. For e.g., if I want to have in footer4 a manually saved link list, it is not in there now.

8. The scripts generates views from the same database with the same codebase owned by the same person. For e.g., what about “About us”, etc. common pages? If one has 30 domains, one has to generate 30 “About us” pages independently for each domain, the way how your current code base works. Or one makes static pages. Or copy that page 30 times on 30 domains manually!

Instead, the best would be to offer a global page option that is not mapped to child_domain_id, or this remains empty or equal to zero. When the var child_domain_id == “0”, then it should understand as global option. Then the page will appear on all domains and subdomains, where it is linked.

I liked your work as it is very high quality. KEEP IT UP AND I WOULD RECOMMEND EVERYONE TO BUY THIS SCRIPT! This work is very good…


Did you making checks of registration and login before releasing your script? It does not look like that. Or is this error due to my specific configuration? After registering one new user, I immediately got the following error:

Symfony\Component\Security\Core\Exception\ AccessDeniedException

Access denied.

//$kernel = new AppCache($kernel);
// When using the HttpCache, you need to call the method in your front controller instead of relying on the configuration parameter
$request = Request::createFromGlobals();
$response = $kernel->handle($request);
$kernel->terminate($request, $response);

In Settings—->Memberships, I have email “verify”=yes and allow user to “register as member”=yes. The new user was added in the database table and the verify email was sent out by the system. After clicking on verify email, there was again access denied error from the Kernel.

Please let me know if this is a bug and how long you may require it to eradicate it.

Is there anyway to add dates to the permanent link on htaccess?

I messaged you privately earlier

is this SaaS

Hi ! It seems you’ve done a nice job, reading theses comments. I have just one question, which version of Symfony do you use for your app ?