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Works perfectly. Thanks.

Glad to hear it. Thank you!

Thanks, you too

hi how it works with woocommerce or edd ? thanks


Oh I used it It was some confused but now I can find it and use it completely It is good but your manual is very hard to find, Please use pictures and examples to helping better understanding specially for non-English persons. It’s need to support Unicode for middle east

thank you very much It is #1 in security links

Hello, the manual is in the purchased files you`ve downloaded from Envato – with pictures, besides, you can find it here http://codecanyon.net/item/slylinks-for-wordpress/full_screen_preview/14521642 (in the left menu – “A quick start guide”). What exactly is hard to understand for you? Please, ask.

hi dear, I need a plugin for protect links. I want if, only logged person can download my files. If this link was copied on another site, it cannot works. Yout product do it?

Hi, yes, it does exatly what you need.

Hi pre-purchase question,

My site works with s2member plugin for WordPress and BuddyPress. S2member protects areas managed by BuddyPress very well.

Unfortunately when I uploaded e.g. a pdf or jpg file and anyone knows the direct url like http:///www.mysite.com/wp-content/uploads/protectplease/myfile.pdf, file is accessable.

Is it possible with your plugin to protect restricted uri parts? If a link has included “protectplease” everything is only accessable if a user is logged in, using s2member levels?

And what happen if I`m working with a CDN and the file is located on http:///www.myCDN.com/wp-content/uploads/protectplease/myfile.pdf but the rest of the structure is the same? The logged person should have access, but not the user who accesses the CDN directly.

Thanks for answering my questions.

Regret that my plugin was not helpful for you. I appreciate your rating and you might have given me an idea of how to extend the functionality of the plugin for the cases you`ve described. Thanks, it was nice to meet you, and here is your link for requesting refund: https://codecanyon.net/refund_requests/new

Refund request sent! Thank you again for your refund offer (5 stars!)

It would be great if you could offer the idea I gave to you. For many WP admins is a secure link within WP important because they want to build e.g. social networks (as I do). Many users upload images in a WP/Buddypress environment and uploaded image links should only be accessable if the user is online on the site; is to be interpreted as other plugins should be work with it (e.g. famous galleries). If a link e.g. mydomain.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/images/image1.jpg is accessable for everyone because someone copied elsewhere, it could be a policy issue.

But don`t forget. If you develop such a feature all images uploded as featured images for example, should be accessable for the public if the admin plans to spread posts and pages over other social networks. Same for links if cdn`s work on the site or links to YouTube. I think that facebook handles this in a great way.

I would pay $50 or more if the plugin would do this in a secure way with https:// and very flexible. Think about it and if you need someone for testing with great feedback, please let me know ;-)

I appreciate it, thanks.

Presales-Question: Can this be used to mask media-files links who are embedded in galleries / posts etc. as well, so it´s not possible to identify the real url?

Hello, you can mask any links with the proviso that no one knows in advance where your files are located – that`s why it is possible to define any directory to operate with files in it (and do not show it to public).


Your plugin is fine but I need your help. I would lead with pass through to .pdf but it does not work. Problem with application data pdf. Do you have an idea ?

Iframe would work but for me the url to remain hidden.

Hello, for pdf it can work as a download – use “link type – file”, “download mode – give files” and if you host your file where your site is, turn the “Downloading local files via” option to Nginx mode.

Hello, my problem is not download. I want open view the pdf with url pass-through. Thank you for your response.

Unfortunately it is not possible for viewing in a browser in such a mode.

Really beautiful :)

pre-sales question: does it work in non-wordpress site or pages?

Links created with the plugin works on any sites and pages – you can use them everywhere. But shortcodes works only on site where the plugin installed.

I’m interested in the plugin it looks awesome.

You are still giving support for this product.

Hi friend this is what I wanted to say about the meta-box was about the button. I express myself wrong, I’m sorry.

Recapping when I use the plugin button that is located on the post creation page the plugin creates a link or it creates codes! For me it is useful if you already create links as I showed you in the screencast.

About the facebook script I think I could not express myself well in my explanation. I’ll try to be clearer now.

There are some plugins that have the ability to add the remarketing pixel of facebook before the visitor reaches the page of the product that I am divulging. And that I do not have access to put a code because it does not belong to me.

For example: My site is teste.com I create a link in my post for zero.com using the plugin redirect.

And between the click on the link within my post and the product page that I’m posting I put a remarketing pixel.

That way I can remarket to affiliate products for all those people who clicked on my affiliate link and visited the product page.

Here’s an example: https://www.screencast.com/t/oCyYzDT01

I hope I’ve been able to explain better now.

Hi, sorry for the delay with my response. I see now what you mean about FP pixel – that`s a good idea and I`ve put it in my “to do” list.

Hi pre-purchase question, don t have domain name yet, can i use it on localhost? after with domain name, can i use it on sub domain off my primary domain? like i see for regular license with other product sell on codecanyon. thank

Hello, I am not sure it will work on a localhost – I think not. Subdomains are independent domains in terms of licensing.

hi tried to reach your Quick Start Guide.. but reach adult website “fling” can you see thank

Hi, sorry, it was a wrong domain in the link in the plugin description. The link is fixed and now works correctly – thanks for your help.

concerning cloaking, if I publish post to fcb, is it possible cloak? authorised users reach my landing page, but unauthoriseds reach another page thank

Yes, it is possible. Cloaking works from anywhere.

Hi. I like this your plugin but I see it is updated up to WordPress 4.7.x. Are you planning to update it to wp version 4.8 soon?

Hi, thanks, it works well at wp 4.8.1 too.