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good job ! wish you big sales ;)

hello is it possible to reskin in eclipse thanks

Nice One OLDenWeb, GLWS

I’m really interested in this template but demo is running very slow on Samsung S6. Will this be fixed?

Is the developer alive ?

Hallo my brother, I have changed everything, but I have a problem in ADMOB When I run the application in the phone did not show ads with the knowledge that I added code ADMOB

help pls

set “show_admob” to “true” in strings.xml and write your admob ID

Can I edit in android studio?

Ok cool. Before I purchase, Will I be able to speed up the slot spin?

Can the results of the slots I specify?

And how?

Hi , i want buy this app but i want try demo apk first

Is it possible to set user as never win?

Is it possible to get the log of every combo in a database and award prize to people that get the combo of a particular fruit? Also, I would like to download an apk sample of this app to display to my clients.

hello, do you give reskin instructions document any chance after payment please ?