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Good fun but it’s spoilt by the high payouts, every $1 spin wins $500 or more, it needs to be more realistic in that respect, I know it’s a fun game, but people will want to see more realistic payouts :)

This slot is easy to let user see all symbols combo. If you need a more difficult slot, just can change payout win in the appropriate js file

Looks fun! Is it possible to change the graphics for example into player pictures or the background?

sure, you can integrate your game url into an iframe

bought! like it! any chance to change the font in the game to “Open Sans Condensed” which I use on the page?

You can change game font coding some stuff in game. First you have to use an online webfont generator to create all font format like .eot,.woff, .ttf and add font info in main.css…Then you have to substitute all “Arial” string with your new font. If you are not familiar with the code please contact us at http://codecanyon.net/user/codethislab

Not loading past 96% when uploaded online!

Thank you CodeThis, works a treat now. (I wanted a link above it, but it threw out the full screen, is there any way to get links or share buttons within the game area please?)

You should move your designed div above the game setting position:fixed in CSS and tune the top or bottom values

Thank you so much!

Hi is there a way of scraping their scores, for instance I would love this to be on my personal website which gives my users the chance to compete for the high score table.

Also what kind of usage will this drain from a server?

Is the load on this high or not?


the logic runs into the client in js, so except the file transfer the load for the server is very low.

To save scores you have to customize the js script, or you can hire us to execute the work.

Hi, Where i can change payout win

Payout can be changed in _initSymbolWin function in CSlotSettings.js file.

Can you convert it to iOS?

Hi, in near future we’re planning to port our all games into native mobile technologies. Actually you could use a framework like phonegap to help you for this conversion.


I want to modificate the graphics of the game. Can you provide .psd files?

Thank you.

please send all your request to info@codethislab.com

In what software did you use to create it ?

no software…as stated in the documentation this game was developed with js and third-party library Easeljs

hi..can i use cocoon.jsfor convert to android

Some people used cocoon or phonegap to convert our games to android, I think yes.

I cannot find the WP plugin in the folder

Hi! Slot Machine Ultimate Soccer is now compatible with CTL Arcade ;)

You guys are great thanks!