Slot Machine Ultimate Soccer - HTML5 Casino Game

Slot Machine Ultimate Soccer - HTML5 Casino Game

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Slot Machine – Ultimate Soccer is a HTML5 casino game. Enjoy this coloroued slot machine with soccer symbols!

This game has been developed in HTML5/js and third-party library CreateJs – (not Construct2 or other framework).
The ZIP package contains the game with 1024×768 resolution that scales to fit current screen device.
Please note that for very wide screens, the game may not be perfectly full screen.
The game is fully compatible with all most common mobile devices.


  • Sounds are DISABLED on mobile to avoid compatibility issues, but they can be easily enabled (read Enable Sound section in readme file). But we can’t grant full compatibility on all mobile devices if this feature is enabled.
    For more info, read the documentation
  • Sounds can’t be enabled for Windows Phone as this kind of device have unsolvable issues with <audio> and <video> tag.
  • If you want to make an app out of this game, we suggest you to reskin or at least rebrand it
  • We can’t be held responsible and offer support for eventual issues met during the use of the game in third party software (i.e. PhoneGap, Cordova, Iudei).

Game Screenshot === Even if we do our best to minimise any inconvenience, we can’t ensure the full compatibility of all our games on every device and every operating system update.
Thank you for the understanding. ===

27/11/2014: Bug fixed: win was not calculated correctly in CGame.js file
11/12/2014: Bug Fixed: user could make the first spin with 0$
Minor bug fixed: now game works locally with all the browser
Assets folder included
Sounds disabled on Windows Phone
28/04/2016:- Full Screen feature added
- Added Event handler for WordPress plugin CTL Arcade:
- Customizable paytable parameters added
- Credits Panel added with show/hide features
- Orientation alert added
- Button fullscreen added


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