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i can change more chance score?

sorry, what do you mean exactly? If you mean the win occurrence you can change it modifying the index.html file

If i purchase, could you send me a copy of a PHP version so i can integrate It with my website’s database?

hi, can you please send an email at support@codethislab.com with this question?


Hi, two questions, please. First, do I need CTL Arcade Plugin too to make this game start? And then, do you support myCRED? Thanks, Anne

Hi! No, you can use CTL Arcade if you want to easily embed the game into a WordPress website adding LeaderBoard, Rating System, Social Sharing Buttons and Advertising; but is not mandatory. Currently the game as it is doesn’t support myCred.

How do i add Google Adsense on the game?

the easiest way to add advertising in our games is using our plugin CTL Arcade https://codecanyon.net/item/ctl-arcade-wordpress-plugin/13856421

Otherwise, you have to change the game’s code.

Do you have integration with paypal, for example? So that the user really earns money?

Hi, currently our games are conceived to be played only for fun, not with real money. But we are developing a WordPress Plugin to create a casino with our games. If you are interested, write us at support@codethislab.com and we’ll add your email to the list.

If it were possible it would also be very interesting, to be added affiliate system with payment … What date would be available? .po and .mo files?

We’re making a new product that meets your requirements, so follow us!

How can I remove X button near Sound (on/off) button?

I try to disable X button by editing this code in CGame.js this.onExit = function(){ this.unload(); $(s_oMain).trigger(“end_session”); $(s_oMain).trigger(“share_event”, _iMoney);


and change to // this.unload(); // $(s_oMain).trigger(“end_session”); // $(s_oMain).trigger(“share_event”, _iMoney);


Hi, to remove the X button we have to customize the game’s code. We’ve already replied to your pm with a quotation

Thank you very much.

This code is open source? could i modify it without problems?

hi, yes, if you buy the game you’ll get the full source code, and you can modify it as you want.

hi – i want to buy the game but i need clear answer before i do – is there any way to charge users to refill their credits? im not planning on having a site with millions of daily views to earn enough from ads – so is there a simple way to change the code or intergrate it with a 3rd party plugin to charge users whenever they wish to buy more credits?

hi, please write us at support@codethislab.com