Discussion on Slot Machine Space Adventure - HTML5 Casino game

Discussion on Slot Machine Space Adventure - HTML5 Casino game

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can the game code allow me to modify to connect with database?

You’ll get the full source code in clear, if you have good coding skills you can connect it to your database

Good luck with your sales

thank you very much!

thank you! (we have 320 items published on Envato, do you want to comment all of them? LOL XD )

hi. for the slot machine, can you help me with

$(oMain).on("save_score", function (evt, iMoney) {
                   if(getParamValue('ctl-arcade') === "true"){
                   //...ADD YOUR CODE HERE EVENTUALLY
<?php $this->query("UPDATE table_users SET credits=credits+iMoney WHERE id=$uid"); ?>

what PHP code should i put to save the credits?

we replied to your pm

i have a pre sales question >> is it possible to load the spin-result from a server ?? instead of random results from the javascript ?

Hi, There is any way to align the same symbol in a row for a winning combinaison ? Like 7 7 7 or somethng similar ?

Do you want to replace symbols with numbers? Do you want to remove two reels?

no. I want to be able to show the same symbol on the rows like jackpot. In classic casino if you got 7 7 7 in the same row ( you got the jackpot

I have done a reskin for this game! You can get the graphics here:

well done! :D we like it! Have you ever thought to create a skin with a new theme? Let your imagination run free! :)

hi, any news on converting your slot html5 games to c2?

hi, for the moment we are not going to build Slot Machines in C2. I’m sorry

hi. i just bought this game and i want to integrate it with my website’s credits system. is there a section where i can connect it to DB?

Hi, please write us at

hi, I am interested in buying this game. What exactly do I get when I purchase it? ( extended license)

“live demo” contains the minified version of the code, the one that should be uploaded on your server. “Game” folder contains the version in clear of the code that you can modify if you have some coding skills. As for the score, you need a database to do it or you can use our CTL Arcade

I modified the graphics for the game, but now when I try to load the index page, it shows 98% and never moves forward, what wrong could have gone?

Hi! send us the link to your game at and we’ll take a look, maybe the problem is related to some missing sprite

Hi, The scoreboard did not seem to be updated. Only show first score Furthermore, the score remained the same. I’ve been doing a refresh but the score remained the same.

Hi Sorry, that’s my bad, the scoreboard it’s only record highest score. I realized after playing a few times. Forget my previous stupid comment. :D

How to hide or remove the popup that displays text “Saving Score” but the score still recorded?

Hi! to do that we can customize our CTL Arcade. For further info, write at support@codethislab.coom

are you have construct version?

not yet, but we have already planned to convert some of our slots in C2. Stay tuned ;)

Hi, quick presales question. I am planning to embed a slot game on this site My main question is that is it possible to iframe the game form an external source?

Yes, it’s possible. Slot Machine Space Adventure and all our casino games will be compatible with our Wordpress plugin shortly :)

Hi, before I buy this item, I would like to know if it’s possible to change the dimension of the game? Now it’s in 4:3 format and I would like to change it to 16:9. This would mean I would have to change the position of some elements (buttons).


Hi! Please send an email at

Can set the focus on only one line and do not display the other options? Can change the bet to be between $1 and $50?

Please send us an email with a detailed list of the feature you need at

May I load the initial Credit in other file or database?

This game doesn’t contains any credit panel. What are you meaning exactly?

Love this, thanks. Just one question. Is there an easy way to change the bet size? So instead of $0.05 to $0.50 I’d rather it be for example $5 to $50. Thanks.

Currently coin increases by 0.05. You should change this value in function changeCoinBet() in CGame.js file.

Thanks a lot. Question. Where or how can I change the “win” text position. Right now it shows up where the reel button is, How can I move it so it’s at the top beside the score?

It should be in the CInterface.js file. Check for money variable.

You mention in the description that this is “highly customizable.” Are we able to edit the images (or replace them with our own)? Are the graphic source files included to use as a reference?

You can easily custom the slot replacing images in the sprites folder, just be careful to respect the file format ( .jpg or .png) and size.

What is the payout if you have 5 wildcards in a row on your win line?

There is no payout for wild symbols…they are always combined with another symbol

Can Ads be integrated on Mobile Devices

Also does it mean the games should run without sound. Is this for Apple or android.

If you want to add ads in the game, a special customization is now available. Write at for further info :)

What is regular or extended license mean. Please give details as details given do not explain too well

If you are willing to offer a paid product or that involves costs for the end user, you have to pay the extended license


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