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Awesome game! Very nice design run smoothly on all device :D I’m addicted to this :D

Happy you like it!


If I wrap this code with Coconjs (a wrapper for ios and android to make it a mobile app) would it be posible to enable the sound?

You can enable sounds but we can’t grant that audio will work well on all devices.

Does it have a multiplayer option.

No, this is a single player slot.


Great game!

But I’ve found an issue. The bonus game does not allow you to choose the same chicken, so after the third time you go to that scene / view, you are unable to get back to the main view. Not sure if it resets if you’ve hit 4 chickens, and 4 to choose from.

What editor dit you use for the javascript and what editor for the sprite animations?


Thanks for noticing this issue…we’ll check this asap. The game is developed in pure JS and with third-party library EaselJS.

How can i change the math in this game where can i find settings? Also can you send me the psd files i want to chnage the psd.

What kind of software i need to develop this for apps ?. Cocos2dx or ?. Sorry for the noob question

If you want to get an android or IOS app, you should use some framework like PhoneGap.

language issue: for Simplified Chinese “Hold” = “??” in the clang.js file, changing to chinese word, it will not show the right wording in the game. how does it support chinese language?

chinese word wont show here.

You should change font inside the game…maybe the current font doesn’t support chinese.

I love what you’ve build, but… ...i miss PSD files. Can you update these package? That would be sooooo nice!

Tnx! We don’t include the psd files in this package but we sold it separately. If you are interested please contact us at http://codecanyon.net/user/codethislab#contact

With your latest update the game folder is empty, in both the zipped and unzipped folder. Mr Chicken\ctl_arcade_wp_plugin\ctl-slot-mr-chicken\game

Hi! We are uploading the game once again. We are sorry for the inconvenience

Hi, How easy is this to localise the game?

Hi! As written in the documentation:http://showcase.codethislab.com/games/slot_mr_chicken/readme/ You can easily localise, changing string in CLang.js

Hello. Apparently in the demo, maybe there is a problem with the script . When I select first line and do Hold the first three columns without combos, script can not generate Winning patern and page hangs

Hi, let me check

I’m right?)))))))))))

Honestly can’t find the issue. Please send us an email at support@codethislab.com with a detailed list of steps so we can reproduce it. Tnx.

how the bonus game work? i win the bonus game 5x, but seems it does not add into my credit.. by the way,i found how it work already, just updated my message here