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hello, I’m not familiar with cocos2d is this easy to reksin? change graphics and all?

Hi staticpages
It’s easy to reskin
Just replace the old graphics with yours
Kind regards

is it easy to edit this to have 5 reels rather than 3?

Hi . I need to get some changes done in this basic game you have made. Are you available via skype or some other way to discuss ? I will purchase this via cdecanyon and then you can work on additional thing .. Kindly let me know your details .

Do this source code has in-app purchase? How do we get profit on buying this source code after submitting it to the app store? can we integrate ad banners without blocking images in the slot machine?

Hi can send demo?

Hi \Does it work in ios 7.x ? support 4 inch screen ?

Hi LauroSousa

hi, is this code 64 bit ready and optimized for iphone6 so far?

are you avialable for custom work in to this .. I would love to make … in-app “buy more credits” version !

My first purchase and trying it in Xcode didn’t realize it’s not for iPad. (I’m an Xcode noob). Is there an easy way to make it iPad-friendly?


well done! GLWS ; )


Nathjyo Purchased

Any chance of an update, I keep getting unsupported processor error