Slot Car Challenge - HTML5 Game

Slot Car Challenge - HTML5 Game

Slot Car Challenge is a HTML5 game where users can take a slotcar for a spin around a track to score the best lap time.

The ZIP package contains the game with 1024×768 resolution that scales proportionally to fit current screen device.

How To Play:
1. Pressing the controller to accelerates the car, releasing decelerates the car
2. If the car go too fast around the corners will spin off the track
3. Beat the time or finished the first position to win the game

Build-in edit tools to build your own track:


This game is compatible with Scoreboard for HTML5 Games, it is a add-ons page where user can submit score and view top 10 leaderboard. You can get it here.

  • Complete customization (Text, Car Settings, Images)
  • Complete tracks customization (Versus Mode, Time Challenge, Speed)
  • Add new track and easily customize bezier path with build-in edit tools
  • Share Score (Facebook, Twitter, Google)
  • High Definition (1024×768)
  • Auto-Resize (Responsive)
  • Mouse and Touch Controls
  • Run in all platforms (Mobile, PC, etc.)
  • Browser not support page
  • Mobile rotate instruction (For Landscape Only)
  • Make with CreateJS
Version 1.8:
  • Fixed iOS Safari fullscreen

  • Version 1.7:
  • Fixed Facebook share issue

  • Version 1.6:
  • Fixed result second position

  • Version 1.5:
  • Fixed social share score

  • Version 1.4:
  • Updated CreateJS

  • Version 1.3:
  • Fixed iOS Safari share button

  • Version 1.2:
  • Fixed social share score

  • Version 1.1:
  • Fixed select track thumbnail background

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