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I recently purchased this set and am wanting to make some small modifications to assets. I realized the PSD files are not in this download. Were they supposed to be included with this set? Please advise. Thanks!

Hi! We replied to your pm, please check your inbox ;)

Hi there,

We have bought this game to test it out, can you reply my email about the integration part to secure this game in server side php script? Your prompt response is very much appreciated, thank you!

hi! we have replied to your pm

Bug with Bonus Pay, The bonus is doubly payed when show the bonus add the wheel prize after again add the quantity prize

I have already informed the tech dept, and they are checking the game. In case we met the same issue we’ll fix the game we’ll upload a new version asap.

The MIN_WIN is not used with the SLOT_CASH

We replied to your pm, please check your inbox

Hello such, I found another bug in the game “Arabian Slot” . You will see after leaving the bonus I played a larger amount , the value of cash slot was negative and had to spend a few minutes to turn them positive . I believe that falling bonus should not exceed the cash slot . I hope you can support me solving this problem.

Thank you

could you please give us more details about “free entry to games and within the same free win more games , these are not added to which I remaining”?

Not problem with the last comment, sorry

I’ve another problem, after the wheel bonus my prize was 1,000 and checking the console in the web browser the value for cash is negative, if i play more, no win ultil my cash is positive.

The bonus prize could be minor than cash value


How difficult is it to figure out where to place (replace) the graphics? I’m an artist, not engineer. =\

Thank you

You can easily change all the game graphic, replacing all the file you need in the ”/sprites” folder. Just respect file format (.png or .jpg) and size if you don’t want to change any code line. You’ll find more info in the documentation attached: http://showcase.codethislab.com/games/slot_arabian/readme/

Will this be easy to connect with my Database, Mysrl… And this is not for WP right.

you need some development skill in php,js,mysql

can the amounts on the spin wheel be changed?

hi, do you mean the amounts on the wheel of fortune bonus game?

I can integrate this game in a Wordpress or a mobile App?

if you want to embed the game in a WordPress website the easiest way is using our plugin CTL Arcade https://codecanyon.net/item/ctl-arcade-wordpress-plugin/13856421 With this plugin you can also add a LeaderBoard, Social Sharing Buttons, Ads, and a rating system.

If you want to create an app you could use tools like PhoneGap, Cordova or Iudei. But since is something we don’t deal with, we can’t offer support for eventual issues met during the porting operation.

Hi, you can control the % of payout? Thanks.

You can set the win occurrence in the index.html file. Please note that this version of the game is conceived to be played for fun, so all the logics like win occurrence are placed in the client side.

i want use my user and user realmoney.. can you edit it? DB is postgresql. Please let me know how much it costs.

hi, for games customization please write at support@codethislab.com