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Can I use this with ARforms plugin too?

I don’t have any experience with ARforms, I see it’s a WordPress plugin, I suspect it would require some serious modification of the backend code.

Is it possible or will it be possible in near future to “crop” image with ability to exceed one of original image dimension? I will give an example. Right now users can upload images with ratio set to “3:2”. However sometimes they need to upload posters that are longer than wider (ratio 1:2) for example 1000×2000 px. What I need is to allow the user to select an area of 1500:1000 (3:2 ratio). As a result I want to receive a resized image 1000×666. As I exceeded a selection width by extra 500px, there have to be added extra background to final resized image. So as a result I will get a canvas with size: 1000×666 created from: 666px of original image and extra white background of 166px size from both side. I need this because sometimes I have to present more content regardless of the cos of reducing the image size.

If it’s not possible by Slim I can do all resizing things in PHP, but I need at least the option that cropper allows user exceeding one dimension. My licence has already expired, so I do not ask for a solution, but information whether or not is such a thing possible and easy to implement. If yes I will extend support licence and we can think about that. But if not I can still use my version and try to find workaround on myself.

Hi, unfortunately this is not possible with Slim, the crop always happens inside the image. It won’t arrive in the future as feature development on Slim has halted, note that we do still fix bugs.

An alternative solution would be Doka Image Editor which is a product we are actively developing and which does support cropping outside of the image bounds (and a whole lot more).

I LOVE your script since the moment I purchased it a while ago… Now I wish to add it to my Firebase Hosting Page… Do you have a sample available that shows how to upload an image after editing it to Firebase Storage? Thanks

Glad to hear that! I don’t have an example available but I guess configuring CORS correctly should allow it to work?

Well, Firebase works using file[i] as the file object and has an empty action URL in the form when you press submit … How can I do that with your script instead of using PHP to upload a file… Is there a way? Thanks

I guess you’d have to implement a custom service function to upload the image. I suspect there will be some data in the Firebase file object, maybe a URL, which you can then pass to Slim using the API.

Where can i find release notes about slim ? can’t find anything on the web. i wanna know the differences ie. 5.3.0 or 5.3.1 before updating.

You can find them on the CodeCanyon product page and in the zip file you download.

Thanks for keeping it updated!! Good work ;)

Thanks : )


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Is there any way to integrate with dropbox to store the uploaded files?

You’d have to set a custom function to the service method and upload the file to Dropbox there (with custom code).

Hi, does this plugin support Vue 2.6 and will it work with Nuxt.Js, I just want to make sure before buy, thank you

Yes, should work on Vue 2.6 and Nuxt.

Hi, the rotate button not show text, it’s correct?

It’s a hidden label (the button uses an icon), the label will show as title.

Hi! Firefox non show jpg in folder, .jfif – problem. TRY FIREFOX BROWSER: 1. Click the “Add files” button. 2. Browse to the location of the files on my hard drive. 3. No files appear in the window. It’s like they don’t exist. 4. For some reason, JPG is not included in the list of supported file types. I see file supported: (image/jpg (.j.jfif ). Why? I try your demo, same problem. Another file like: .png, gif i can see on folder. I’ve been reading more in various forums, and apparently this is a known issue with Firefox. On Chrome work fine. Some one resolve this problem?

Aha, in that case you can simply add “jfif” to the allowed image formats setting.

Work! You saved my live! Thank you for help!

Most welcome! Have a great weekend!

Is the crop result format png? Or is it in blob format?

I am using vue. i can transfer file to axios not blob?

good thank you

When we try to crop and save an image uploaded the server goes in crash. And cannot connect til changing ip. What could it be ? we have no firewall on plesk server

Are you uploading asynchronous (data-service) or synchronous?

Problem Solved. Plesk was blacklisting our IP

Cannot upload and edit in latest IOS version. Can you please check ?


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Can i use it on admin panels for our clients when they upload images to their projects ?


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construction area Belgium


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i see now – Use in a free end product (more than one end user allowed)


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thank you


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Hello, can I integrate Slim to a symfony project ? Thanks


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Hi, I don’t have any experience with symphony but I guess that should work as it’s php as well?

Hello, there is a demo to see in action multiple files upload?


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Hi, Slim only handles one image at a time. As an alternative you can generate multiple slim instances.