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Great Script! I’m using it to replace traditional input fields in a form i’m creating. The implementation has been a breeze! I’m trying to go one step further and get the sliders to be relative to each other as they slide though. For instance, I have up to 5 sliders and the total of all the sliders must equal 100. I’m currently generating the number of sliders based on a php For Loop. While I can keep track of the values of each slider individually in real time, I can’t seem to add the moveCallBack: values of all the sliders to calculate the total value of all of the sliders at any given moment. I tried assigning a relative global variable in the loop, but since the script uses ajax calls, I can only access the variable within that function. I can set the .html() of a div or the .attr(“value”, value); but I can’t seem to add the values of those “divs” or “values” together using the .val() or .html() functions later on because there isn’t actually html or values in the source code. I’m sorry this is so confusing, I just figured maybe you had an idea of how I can utilize this fabulous script you have to do what I’m trying to. The script is great and I really appreciate it!!

Hey Bryan, Thank you for buying it ;)! Give me your email ;), i will send updated version ;)! I’m happy to help you!

Hi, i need your email ;)! Send me an email when you got a chance my friend!

Thanks so much! I was out of town for a week but I would really appreciate the help! My email is bjenkins32@gmail.com.

Got it! I’m away from my laptop since it’s weekend here! Will send you update version in next 24hours when i got home!

Thanks so much!

How can I make the script updating a counter in the database field after user has made the selection?

You can use callback function! This callback function will made a request to save value into database!

How to do that?

How to do that?

You use finishedCallback! With the value is current value to sync it to your database! Sth similar this: option = { finishedCallback: function (value) { $.post(ajaxUrl, {value: value}, function (data) { alert(‘Data updated’); }) } }

for example… if i have a custom field called “rating” created in Wordpress’s blog post… how to update the field?

What’s $.post? and what’s ajaxUrl?... could you elaborate more or perhaps create an example?..


Hey wll6558, This plugin is supposed you should have some JavaScript knowledge to implement it! Look at your comment, I think you have very little JavaScript, jQuery knowledge! Without knowledge about JavaScript (just a little) and jQuery! You could not use it!

To update a WordPress field(I assue me it’s a meta post value) you must do two parts: 1.front-end Call back function to send XHR request to WordPress 2.You then implement a handle function to handle that Ajax request on WordPress! You then can update meta data of a post to store voting result of post or page or sth else… It could not just show you an example how to finished it!

Below is some more information about WordPress Ajax Handle: http://codex.wordpress.org/AJAX_in_Plugins

If you need to do it, please contact me so we can figure out a price for it! Thanks!


I sent you an email response on Aprill 11th and I have not had your reply yet

Looks great! I’ve been looking for something like this for a while and could not find it.

One question…

Is it possible to make the slider like you see on this page: http://wistia.com/pricing

Youll notice if you click on a position on the slider bar it will jump to the position you click on. This one does not seem to do that. I think it becomes much more easier to use this way.


Hi kureikain,

very nice script. I have sent you an e-mail, i dont know how to get rating value in a input form, in order to update it in mysql database. I am interested to buy 2 more licenses, thank you in advance for help.

I will reply u later cuz I’m on vacation (Indepent Day here)! Thanks!

Hi kureikain, have you end the vacation, please take a look if you have time. Tks.

I will look into your problem and reply you this weekend! Thanks!

I am EXTREMELY interested in this but would like to use it in Wordpress as a rating feature. Instead of rating a post using stars or something else I would like to use this and allow the user to rate a post by sliding the bar. I would then like to be able to calculate all of the ratings and output the rating. Can this be done?

This can be done but require some coding from you! If you want to do custom work, contact me for a price for it! Thank you!

Hi kureikain, How can I start the slider from ) instead of 1?

Hi kureikain, How can I start the slider from 0 instead of 1?